Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Pressies Arrive - Jazzi's Gift Exchange

Our Gift Exchange Post from DeBoys

(Note:  We do want to say we are sorry it has taken so long to do our post.  It is like 99 miles long, but there is a short video clip at the end of Winston demonstrating how much he loved his new treats.)

So here we go............

Monday (12/21) while Mom was home for lunch she seen the UPS truck coming down the road and thought for sure we would get something.  But he stopped backed up and went to the house across the street.  What you are not stopping at The Hound House, there can’t be anyone else on this street that is getting mail.  Well it comes out that UPS man was just trying to fool us.  He went to Dad’s shop and dropped off our package, geez can he not read the address label.  It was clearly addressed to Cleo, Winston and Amiee.  Well Dad seen that it wasn’t his pressie and he brought it over to us, but by that time it was time for Mom to go back to work from lunch.  So we had to wait to open the pressie until she came home after work.
The wait was definitely worth it though, as we got our Christmas pressie from the Jazzi’s Gift Exchange.  This was our first year to pawticipate and we got gifts from Brutus and Tyson two very handsome Sheltie Brothers DeBoys.  We weren’t exactly sure what/who sent us this package, because it came from a place we were not sure of.  We knew that we didn’t order anything from this company and Mom was really curious, she almost thought about taking the afternoon off just to open it sooner.  She was just a little too curious about our package if you ask us.

Big Box of something

Beautiful coats, we don't have any coats.

Mom didn't have it on right of course.  I do believe Winston will be my challenge for this

Amiee seemed to like her new coat.

Cleo loves to wear coats and things

Our package #1 loot

Yum Yum treats we have never had before

Mom was just getting ready to publish the post when we notified from DeBoys that we were expecting another package on Christmas Eve Day.  So we decided to hold off on posting our goodies.  Then we go super busy with Christmas activities but wanted to make sure we got this out before the new year.

Oh, this package smells pretty yummy

Contained a very nice bag Mom plans on using over and over

The De Boys Christmas Card, don't they look sexy in the Santa Suits.

But wait, check out all these yummies

This toy ROCKS!  Check out those little squirrels in there

We have NEVER owned one of these and we are so excited to try it out

These are action shots so blurry, but as you can see we had the most fun sniffing out these little guys.

They are the perfect size for us and have the best squeakers in them.

Now for the yummies.  Now you must understand that we don't get a lot of different yummies.  Mostly Mom's homemade treats and some soft treats that we love.  So of course, Mom is always a little nervous about giving new things, but thought what the heck, it is Christmas and we will start slow.  Just to make sure we don't upset the tummies.  Well, I can tell you Mom studied these packages very closely because she said for the life of her she had never seen treats that look like that.

These are those yummies we got.  I am sure most of our blogger buddies are drooling at this screen right now.

Today we got to try the Chicken Strip things above the Dog Lovers Dog food.

Cleo was the first to try, a little tough, crunchy but oh so yummy.

As you can see Amiee was very anxious to try

He was in on the bed playing with the new toys so, I went in there.  He is more cautious on what he eats, very picky.

He would lick it and then roll all over it.

 Rolling some more.  I was ROFL laughing at this point.

But, did manage to pick myself up and turn on the video camera.  So here is a short clip of what Winston did with his new treats.

Everything we received was so pawsome.  We hope to get out with our coats but it went to 55 degrees and know we have mud mud and more mud.  Mom says we are not going anywhere right know.  We also will continue enjoy all the yummy treats we received.  Again, thanks to De Boys for all our gifts.  And a special thanks to Jazzi for organizing this whole thing.  We look forward to pawticipating again next year.

Cleo, Winston and Amiee

GABR Christmas Transport - Droopy (12-21-2010)

Through all the holiday happenings, we got the call to see if HDM would be willing to transport a basset to her fur-ever family for Christmas.  Well who the heck could pass up an opportunity like this.   Through my transports I have never done one where I am handing the basset over to their fur-ever family.  And to be able to bring this joy to someone for the Christmas Holiday was a true miracle for me.

May I introduce you to Droopy

Droopy is a 6 year old female that had never even met her fur-ever family before this day.  They finally had decided they were ready for another fur-kid after losing their basset/lab mix a year ago.  They located Droopy on the GABR website and fell in love with her.  They had already had one transport arranged, but the weather forced that one to be called off.  So everyone with GABR was doing everything they could to make sure she would get to them for Christmas.  But we were expecting another storm to come through on the new date that was made (December 21).  We all said our prayers that this could happen and everything worked out.
Droopy began her journey to her new fur-ever home around 8:00am Tuesday, December 21st.  Her Foster Mom (Cara) brought her to the first drop off point in Rockford to (Joe), who drove her 2 hours to Bloomington to meet me.  I was the last transport for her to Decatur, IL to meet her new family.  They were driving almost 4 hours from the South to meet me.
A pee stop before we started our trip to Decatur.  HDD has to meet all the transports that he is not a part of.
I know I am going somewhere very special today!

Please do not make meet my fur-ever family in this crazy Santa Hat

Okay that is better, I am ready to meet my fur-ever family

We meet at the local Petsmart parking lot to hand her to her fur-ever family.  She was very timid, but understandable.  Meeting your new human people for the first time in a strange parking lot was just a little overwhelming for her.  She really didn’t want to leave my side at first and not wanting to have a lot to do with them.  I handed the leash to her new Mom and asked her to walk her around while the new Dad went to move their car closer.  I then went to my car and got all the necessary paperwork they needed to complete.  By this time they had their car moved over near where she was walking and by the time I got back to them, she had jumped in their backseat and was looking at them, like okay I am ready to go home.
But wait, I forgot to get the new family picture for GABR……So we had to coax her back out of the car (which she was not very happy about) just to get a family picture.  But she was a queen and allowed us to do this but then right back in their car.
She had another long ride ahead of her to get home, but I am sure once she got there was spoiled to no ends.  I could definitely tell that her new pawrents were going to love her and spoil her rotten.  She just needs to get settled and realize she is in her fur-ever home. 
She was absolutely a sweetheart and to be a part of bringing a basset to their fur-ever home was Priceless.  It is a memory that I will cherish forever.  It is one more step that is preparing me to move into the fostering world one day for GABR.  Still working on the human dad that this is something I must complete for my “Bucket List” though. 
Droopy my 16th Transport for GABR for 2010

Again, I wish all the best for Droopy and her new family in the New Year.
Note from HDM:  I talked to Droopy's new family via email and they have said she is settling in very nicely.  I do believe they are going through formal training right know on how to keep everything picked up and out of her reach.  It is amazing how our fur-kids train us. :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day - Let the Festivites Begin

This is what we woked up to Christmas morning.  Five inches of fresh SNOW

These are the avalances that hang off our house and drop at a momments notice.

Christmas morning everyone was up at their normal time (5:30am) even though they were up till 1:30 in the morning supervising.  They were feed and then settled down for a morning nap before we got HDD up after they did a little exploring outside.

 Oh, Cleo I can see your butt!

And when is Dad going to make our paths again.

Mom snapped a few more pictures of some additional fur-friends that were visiting Christmas morning as well.

Also, we had to wait for the 2-legged brother to show up.  Since he lives in his own place we don’t quite have the control on when he shows up.  Mom had already told us that we could not open gifts until the 2-legged son was here.  WTF, does he not know that we celebrate Christmas at our time not his time clock.
So we waited…….

And waited…….

And waited…….

Finally he shows and then they have to eat before we can begin……..
Please can we open our pressies that we know Santa left us.  We can smell and see them hanging in the stockings and around the tree.

But why did Santa leave the rest of the pressies way up here out of sight.

Did he not see the little table under the stockings to place all our gifts.  (Note from Santa: tried this and the supervising hounds were stealing them as fast I was placing them on the table.)
Cleo is very good and knows exactly what she is to do with those wrapped packages.

Cleo and a few of her pressies
Winston does a pretty good job, but he appeared to be a little jealous of the pressies the girls got over his.

HDM trying to get Winston to play with his new rubber duck.  It quacked out its butt so that was very disturbing to him.

Winston checking out all Amiee goodies.  I think he felt their pressies were just a little better.
Amiee as you can see we could not get her to wake up and open hers.  We finally coaxed her with a treat to get up and she finally was getting the hang of it.

She finally got the hang it.

Our humans doing a little celebrating as well.
What did you get bro!

HDD and his special gift...Drag Racing Slot Car Track that was to come after Christmas
We sure can't complain on the gifts that Santa Paws left us.  We have more than enough toys to last a few days.  Winston has not ate the squeekers out of any of them yet. 
We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas....Lights Out.........

Cleo, Winston, Amiee and Family
P.S...We got our second Christmas Package from the Gift Exchange on Christmas Day Eve.  We got to open that pressie after Christmas so we are getting that post out next.
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