Monday, April 26, 2010

Amiee - Bath Time Photo Contest

Amiee is entered in the Dutchess Spring Cleaning Photo Contest.  Well see this is new for me and Mom, keep your paws crossed for us.

Mom has no idea how she is suppose to place the little logo on the sidebar so we are cheating and doing it this way just so everyone can see we are at least trying to teach an "old" human how this blogging thing works.  Step 6 told her to place this button on your blog, but we aren't doing that, as you can see.

Duchess’ Spring Cleaning Contest!!!

You can check out Duchess' Blog here 

But in the mean time here is my picture I submitted.

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Easter Egg Hunt - Basset Style

HDM has been way behind on helping us blog lately.  She has been very busy trying to complete some projects for the Basset Ball that is coming up.  She makes lots of homemade items to donate for the silent auction.  But, we finally told her that it was time to get the pictures up from our Easter Egg Hunt.  So here it is the long awaited posting from Easter.

Cleo looking for Easter Eggs

Cleo with her find, she would collect 2 or 3 eggs and hoard them tell she could crack each one open.

Amiee and her easter egg find

Don't even think about getting that treat

Back to munching up the find

Winston and his first Easter Egg find

Oh, NO Mom someone laid an egg in our yard

And another

Wasn't long and Amiee found the orange one.  Boy this one is slippery

One small little bit and it pops open!

Yum Yum, that was tasty.  We love HDM's homemade treats!

To bad HDM chopped my pretty eys out of this picture.  I guess the tongue was what she was going for.

Egg with treat beside it, guess someone over looked this one

Cleo, I have had enough of this, I am going back in for a nap.

Amiee on the prowl for more eggs

There has to be one more of them egss with treats somewhere

Sniff Sniff, here Easter Egg, here Easter Egg

Oops, sorry needed to take care of some business.  HDM thought I was doing a pose for her.  Ha Ha Gotcha!

Hey what the heck did I miss!

Okay Amiee that was my Easter Egg.  I found it first!

Sorry Winston, my egg know.  Yum Yum. :)

As you can see the Basset Hound Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success.  All the eggs were saved so this maybe a fun thing to do just on a nice Sunday afternoon.  We hope have a video posted soon, but gosh as long as it takes HDM to blog, upload pics for us I can't imagine what it will take for her to do a video.

Amiee in her first Easter Egg Hunt
Winston and Amiee in the annual Easter Egg Hunt

Hope you enjoyed our Easter Egg Hunt.

The Hounddogs,
 Cleo, Winston and Amiee (Tabby slept through it)

HSCI Newsletter Cover Girls - Cleo & Amiee

Last month I (Cleo) and Amiee had a vet appointment and HDM had to go to HSCI to make a memorial donation.  So before we went to the vet HDM decided to stop at HSCI for us to visit all our friends there.  We had so much fun running in their big open front lobby.  Then a nice lady came out that had kept Amiee as a puppy and loved on us a bunch. :)  We then had to pose for some pictures for them and next thing you know they asked HDM if they could do a small story about us for their newsletter.  HDM was very accommodating and gave them lots of stories and told them to check out the blog if they really want the truth about us. :)  Loving, Sweet, Adorable Bassets. :)

Well the next thing you know we were contacted by HDM's BFF that we were on the cover this month.  How sweet is that.  Here is a copy of the cover page that HDM scanned in on the computer.

Is this not sweet or what?

Sorry the next couple are little fuzzy because HDM was taking a picture of the article.  We just were so excited and wanted to share our news.  And they even mention our website so we are doing some serious talking to HDM to make sure she is updating our activites on a regular basis.  She has been a little laxing in this area lately, she seems to help us blog our activites but then fails to post them because.  She says that blogger sometimes gives her fits with pictures and stresses her.  Urgh......

Thanks, HSCI for making us cover girls.
Cleo and Amiee

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Adventure - The Dog Park

We are beginning our adventure to the Dog Park.

Hey, Where did you say we were going?  A dog park, what the heck is that Mom!

Oh, Winston I think you will like the Dog Park, there are lots of different dogs that will want to smell your butt.  You should fit right in Winston.

I told you Mom this really does not impress me at all.

Winston checking out all the new smells.

Winston wait for me, I don't like to be left by myself here.

This was a lab that loved to chase the ball.

Please Mom don't tell me you are taking a picture of Winston Pooping.

Cleo, just goes about her own way.  She greets everyone at the gate and makes sure she says "HI" to everyone there.  My little social butterfly at times.

Did you say we were going home?

Hey Amiee, I am going to catch you.

Winston and his new friends.

Lots of Male dogs, they all appear to hike at the same time.

More bonding with new friends.

Oh, Mom the Dog Park was so much fun.  We are so tuckered out from all this playtime.

Oh, Thank You for letting me go home.
Thanks Mom for taking us to the dog park to play.  It was so much fun and we are ready to do it again, whenever you are.  I do believe Winston was the one that enjoyed it the most.  He is my real social basset, loves everyone (dogs, people, kids). :)  Cleo, just likes to do her own thing and Amiee would just soon stay attached to my leg.

Cleo, Winston and Amiee

GABR Transport - Theo (Theodore/Teddy) 3/26/2010

GABR Transport - Theo

Last week I got the call that we needed to move a basset from a shelter in Northern Illinois to his Foster Mom in Southern Illinois.  I meet another transporter in Dwight at 10:00am to pick up Theo a 2 yr old basset boy, that was so very much full of life.  I was bringing him back to Bloomington to meet his Foster Mom who would take him about an south of Bloomington.  She is the same Foster Mom that was fostering Polly, but Polly found her forever home so she was ready to break in a new foster basset.

I think I am one of the few transporters for GABR that does it cage free.  I allow all them to sit or lay where ever they can get comfortable.  Except for the drivers seat, but have had a few that thought they needed to be the driver.  Theo had quite the sniffer on him and just couldn't seem to get enough backseat sniffs of my hounddogs.  About 1/2 way home he finally settled in on the front seat as long as his chin could rest in the palm of my hand.  If I would try to move my hand or stop rubbing his chin, he would very gently take my hand in his mouth and move it is body again.  Indicating that he needed more loving rubs, he loved to find the sun shining in the car and lay in it as well.

Theo was a joy to transport and I know I say it about all the bassets I tansport.  My transport coordinator is really worried that one day she will get a call that the transporter has kidnapped a basset. :)

In the mean time enjoy some pictures of Theo and check his BIO out on the GABR Website

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