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Friday, March 25, 2011

What We Been Up To - We are behind

So much was going on last week in blogville with all our fundraisers we were having, the Earthquake in Japan.  What we were doing really seemed minor compared to all that, but we decided to give some updates on what we have been up to the last week and so.

Community Sale
On Saturday, March 12th we packed up Cleo and headed to the Mackinaw Community Sale.  If you have never been to a Community Sale, it is where people place all their stuff (treasures) on the curb on the main street of the small town.  Then all the stuff (treasures) our auctioned off.  Sometimes you can find some really good stuff and then other times some not so really good stuff.  We didn’t find anything of interest to us, but Cleo and I enjoyed the day together and she got lots of hugs/pets.  The weather was a little cool but just so nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  She was totally exhausted when we got home but went for a walk with her fur-siblings.  They had to stay home to tend to the yard and things.
Cleo getting her first ride in the new BUV
Cleo taking a break from all the walking for a snack 

These are some pictures of all the junk stuff that is auctioned off.

Cleo was beginning to need a lot of breaks

Cleo getting a quick drink before heading home 

HoundDogMom's Nursing Home Visit
Oh, and last week HDM meet up with some blogging friends to visit a nursing home with their furends.  She is looking at taking Amiee to these in the future and wanted to see what it was all about.  She had the privliage to meet Blueberry, Bunny and Morgan from Tales And Tails and their humans.   She said that she got the honor to walk Blueberry around to everyone, so she could learn the ropes.  She could definately see that they had been there several times because everyone seemed to know them.  They were all 3 on such good behavior, Mom just hopes Amiee can live up to that as well on her first trip next month.  She even said she sent some treats home with them to snack on.  

Kissing Booths
Last week we also went to the Kissing Booths for the fundraiser that was going on for Ronnii and Richie.  Look at who we kissed........

Winston kissed.............

Cleo and Amiee kissed.................

We got this great badge to display for pawticipating in the kissing booths.

After Pawty

We then attended the party and listed to the Pepsi and PawsBang band.  Oh my gosh, these are party animals and really rocked the house out.

Spring Hopefully
As things are beginning to look a little bit more and more like spring around here, we have been able to successfully talk HDM into taking us for walkies at night.  We have got to walk every night last week and long walks on the weekend.  We don’t have any walkie pictures but we do have a few pictures we took that might having you thinking more and more about spring.

Winston and Amiee enjoying the sunshine
Spring is here......Robins have arrived

Squirrel having a snack

Lilac buds

Green Grass beginning to show
Squirrel action
Dot posing
Are you beginning to see some signs of Spring?
Sniffs, The Hounddogs

We’re participating in this Saturday’s Pet Blog Hop, hosting by Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume. If you’d like to participate, please follow the rules and follow your three hosts, add your blog to the Linky and copy and paste the html code into your html editor. Thanks again to our hosts for putting on the hop!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 3/23/2011

Wordless Wednesday

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cleo's 5th Belated Gotcha Day Comment-A-Thon Results

Cleo here,

I just wanted to give everyone an update on my comment-a-thon that I had for my 5th Belated Gotcha Day.  Since Mom totally forgot my Gotcha Day I came up with the idea to have a Comment-A-Thon and make my Mom pay for her shameless mistake.  My Mom had agreed to make a $1.00 donation to anyone of the three furends I was raising money for.  She agreeded to do this for up to 100 comments, which we knew we would not make since I don't think I have 100 friends yet.  But we do know how blogville spreads the word and we were just hoping the word would get out about it. 

We didn't meet our goal of 100 comments but we did get 27 comments (the most we have ever got), so we are really excited.  Some left comments but didn't tell us who they would like to donate to.

Then one of our furends that we were trying to help (Shy/Khloe), unexpendently went to the Rainbow Bridge last week.  Shy/Khloe had touched our hearts since we first heard about her on Two Pitties in The Cities blog.  Shy not only touched our hearts but many others and blogville was uniting to raise funds to help her see again.  Unfortunately, Shy/Khloe passed away and has left a huge whole in a lot of hearts.  But, as we all know when we open our hearts to a rescue furend we are not always sure what we are faced with.  We do know that Shy/Khloe was very lucky to have found her fur-ever home and received some of the best LOVE a furend can receive in her short time on this earth.  I pray that all that were involved with Shy/Khloe's rescue will find comfort in knowing that she was LOVED by ALL and will not be forgotten anytime soon.  We do know that the organizers for her fundraiser are trying to make a decision on what is the best way to utilize the funds that were raised.  We know from our Comment-A-Thon Shy/Khloe was leading by a landslide.  I have been in contact with Two Pitties in the Cities on how they would like her comment-a-thon donations to be used.  They have indicated that they would like it split between the two other furends we were helping.

Since Mom had made a pledge to donate up to $100 for our furends we are still going to do this.

Apollo - Received 5 comments.  Trixie, Lily and Sammy Joe held a fundraiser for him.

Shy/Khole - Received 15 comments  Two Pitties In The City held a fundraiser for her.  Please see their blog and Heather who originally rescued Shy for their updates.

Ronnie/Richie - Received 5 comments  Paws of Peace blogville unites to raise funds for Ronnie/Richie.

All in all this is what Mom is going to donate to everyone.

Apollo will receive $25.00 ($5.00 in honor or all their comments they received; $20.00 in Memory of Shy/Khloe = $25.00)

Shy/Khloe - ($15.00 in honor of all her comments she received; $10.00 in Memory of Shy/Khloe - $25.00).  In Memory of such a sweet girl who touched the lives of so many in blogville.  RIP Shy/Khloe.

Ronnie/Richie ($5.00 in honor of all their comments they received; $20.00 in Memory of Shy/Khloe = $25.00)

Mom is also going to donate $25.00 to the fundraiser for the furends in Japan (World Vets) in memory of Shy/Khloe as well.

So all in all my comment-a-thon was a huge success and I am very excited to have been able to help my furends.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and wished me a Happy Belated Gotcha Day and helped me help my furends.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paws for Japan - Help From Across The Waters

The news that is coming from Japan just breaks our hearts, as we are sure everyone else's as well.  I think (we hope) the United States learned a lot from the devasation that was left when Hurricane Katrina/Rita hit the South Coast years ago.  The animals that were left behind was heart wrenching.  We did allow animals to be brought with our humans during Hurricane Ike, so I think we did improve on that aspect. 

Unfortunately, the people or the animals in Japan really didn't have much warning about the devasation that was about to take place.

The World Vets have declared Thursday, March 17th "Paws for Japan" Day.   They will be raising awareness of the World Vets effort and encouraging people to donate to their vital work.

The HoundDogs along with other pet blogger pals and Be the Change for Pets, are joining paws today March 17th to raise money for our pet pals in need over in Japan.

Please consider shelving the green beer, just this once, and spend the day with your fellow pet bloggers getting the word out. I’m just one voice out there, but there are so many of you with so very much collective power in your voices- we need your help!

The World Vets website can be found here.

Details on how to participate in the Blog Hop here

You can also find the how to donate to this great organization here just click on the Chip-in widget in the corner on the page or use the Chip-in Widget on our sidebar.

The HoundDogs

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Worldess Wednesday - 3/16/2011

Wordless Wednesday

Cleo and Winston

P.S...Don't forget to checkout Cleo's Belated Gotcha Day Post.  She is having a Comment-A-Thon until Midnight 3/17/2011 to help some blogging furends with their medical bills.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

UPDATE - LOST BASSET IN Warrenville, Illinois - FOUND

UPDATE 3/16/2011


Kooky has been Missing Since 3/10/2011

I have just received word that there is a lost basset hound in the Warrenville, Illinois area.  Here is a picture of her and you can find additional information on her flyer here.

Keep you eyes open for Kooky.  If you see her or have any information on her whereabouts, please contact the number on the flyer in the link above.


Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Adopt the Internet Day

Today is celebrating their 15th Birthday.

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

So we have decided to try to help spread the word for you to browse and see if you could give a homeless pet a home today.

"More than 320,000 pets are waiting for homes on  Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet today and find forever homes for as many as possible!"

You can read all about our special Petfinder friend here.


Shelby is a basset senior that is currently in foster with Guardian Angel Basset Rescue.  Wouldn't you like to make a senior hound a happy hound today.

"Many pets are longing for forever homes.  ADOPT.  Make a pet's dream come true."

The HoundDogs

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cleo's 5th Gotcha Day Belated - (2/24/2011)

Cleo here minding the keyboard.

HoundDogMom has totally lost her mentalness.  She has made the worst shameful mistake a Mom can make.  She totally forgot to recognize my Gotcha Day on February 24th.

I have decided to do my own post about my Gotcha Day and what I didn't get to do and how I am going to make her pay for this shameful mistake.

Well there was no big celebration with party hats, pressies or treats.  I did get a few extra hugs that day, but I guess she didn't really realize why she was giving them to me.  I got the normal treats and got to eat two meals, so I guess that is better than some of my previous days before I came here.  You can actually read all about my original posting on my Gotcha Day here.  I was just about ready to be "put to sleep" when she rescued me from the local shelter, YIKES!  I was a handful and had what they called "severe aggression".  But here it is 5 years later and I am still here and no more "aggression".

I want you all to know that I am dealing with this situation very well, because of the really cool thing she is letting me do for not getting any of the said above items.  She knows that we have lots of furends out there right now that are needing some help with their medical bills and stuff.  Well we at the Hound House have been blessed with good health and we want to share some of our green bucks to help these furends out.

So in honor of Cleo's 5th Gotcha Day (February 24th), we are having a Comment-a-Thon.  It must be on this post to count towards one of the three furends we have decided to help.  We have included a link to each one of the furends we are raising money from from this Comment-A-Thon and the rules on how it will work.

Furends we are helping with YOUR comments:

Blog friends have come together to help raise money fo some great furends that need help with medical bills.  You can read all about the ongoing auction at the link above.
Apollo is a dog who was adopted through Almost Home Foundation, the organization that rescued Trixie a blogging friend of ours, and her mama volunteers for them as well.  Apollo has a life threatening medical condition that going to require lots of surgery and treatments!  Almost Home Foundation is helping his adoptive family pay for the treatments, but then need our help to do so!)  They are holding a Blogathon/Raffle March 5th through March 15th and you can find out all the details at the link above. 

Shy/Khole is a sweet courageous, emaciated pit bull who was originally brought to the animal hospital to be euthanized. Seeing something special in her, the veterinarian asked the owners to relinquish her instead. Shy was diagnosed with diabetes and treated; however, since she was brought in so late, she developed cataracts and lost much of her vision. You can find more information about the raffle fundraiser that our blogging friends Two Pitties In The City are having to raise funds for her treatment.  You can also go to the link above about her fundraiser as well.

The Rules for our Comment-A-Thon:

1.  Leave a comment for which furend you would like your comment donation to go to, either Ronnii and Richie, Apollo, or Shy/Kloe.

Example on how your comment might look:  I would like a $1.00 donation to go to Ronnii and Richie.  Etc....

2. The first 100 comments that are received by Midnight, March 17th will be counted for our Comment-A-Thon.

3.  $1.00 will be donated for each comment left for either Ronnii & Richie, Apollo, or Shy/Kloe.

4.  The comments must be left on this post.

5.  Mom will tally the comments on March 18th and write a post on how much money was raised for each one.  She will then make a donation on the chip-in pages, if available, or contact the respective bloggers that are organizing the events on how to make the payment.

So come on blog furends help spread the word, so we can make my Mom feel bad but make our other furends fill better.

Thanks a bunch,


Friday, March 11, 2011

Watch for Some Changes - Blog Redesign Coming

We just wanted to let everyone know to start watch for some changes to the blog.  We have been working with someone on a blog redesign.  So you may have to be patient with us while we work out a few kinks if there are any.

We are looking forward to showing off our new design.

The HoundDogs
Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Spectacular Tongue Shots

We have found out that Anna The GSD is having a Tongue-Tacular contest.  Of course we are waiting tell the last minute to get our entry since the deadline is March 11th.

These spectacular tongue shots were taken during our 1st ever photo shoot.  The entire day was a cool shady day, until an hour before our outside photo shoot was to start.  The sun came out it got hot and humid, so the tongues came out.  Even though we did get some great photos of them, it would have been nice to maybe not have everyone with their tongue hanging out. LOL

Cleo's Entries for the Tongue-Tacular Contest

Winston's Entry into the Tongue-tacular contest

Two Tongues are always better than one

We hope you enjoy our tongue entries for the contest, Mom had a very hard time making a decision since our entire photo shoot was nothing but tongues.

Cleo and Winston

Mom Won a Giveaway

Our Mom entered a giveway for some "human" treats from All Things Dog Blog.  They were offering some "human" treats from Beautiful Sweets Organic Bakery, and she was shocked when they announced the winner and she was the one.  She received her tasty treats in the mail Saturday and of course she has been trying them out all weekend.

Of course there are no pictures of the hounds sniffing this box out.  It came wrapped in a very nice pacakge with a card attached.

Look at these yummy little "human" treats she won.  These are all organic treats for humans and she said they were tasty and she wasn't sharing with us.  She had them with her coffee on Sunday morning. She ate them all but the little scottie cookies.  She decided that they needed to make their way to a different family.  So she packaged them up and sent them on their way to their new taste tester.  Jazzi we thought of you and your Mom when we got these little cookies, so we have sent them your way.  Jazzi, they are for your "human" though. 


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GABR Transport 2011 #2/#3 - Fred and George (3/5/2011)

This past Saturday Mom had the opportunity to help with yet another transport for GABR.  This transport involved two bassets and they were lucky enough to be transported in the BUV (Basset Utility Vehicle) Mom purchased a little over a month ago.  We must say they must rate pretty good, because we have yet to get a ride in the new BUV.

Since it was a double transport that involved a young pup, it was recommended that I at least have a crate for one of them (younger).  Also, being the first transport in the new vehicle we didn't want to be totally destroyed this time around.  So I took some time off of work on Friday to see if I could find some portable carriers to go into the back of the BUV.  I normally don't crate when I transport but took their advice this time around.  But didn't want to spend a ton of money on the carries.  I was able to find these really nice portable light weight carriers at Meier's for under $20.00.  I got the size that will hold a 50 pound dog and two of them fit in the back of BUV very nicely.  Even though we didn't use one for the older basset.

This is the new BUV she is using for transports.  A 2010 Chevy HHR

Our new transport carriers.  You can see George is going into inspect his and Fred is already caged and ready to roll.

Fred wasn't to pleased with this idea, but did very well besides telling us his life story for the hour drive to Bloomington.

This is George a 5 year old male that was being transported to a different foster home.  Very laid back and just didn't seem to know what was going on.

This is Fred a 7 month old puppy that was left at the shelter in St. Louis.  Fred was the sweetest, happiest puppy and I will not for the live of me understand how someone can purchase a puppy (fully registered with papers) to only have for at least 4 months then leave it at a HIGH KILL SHELTER.  Why not contact the breeder to see if they want him back, why not try to find him a good him home, why not try to find a breed specific rescue, why not just keep him and love him like you promised him on the day you brought him home.  WHY is all he ASKS??

He was being treated for skin infection so he had a terrible bare spot on his back

He just wants to run and play

George out for a walk on a quick pee stop

George keeping tabs on the little guy for the reminder of the trip

Getting a few needed head rubs from HDD

And this picture just cracks me up, tt reminds me of Rusty from The Thundering Herd.


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