Friday, May 25, 2012

Frankie Friday

Today we are joining in on the celebration of Frankie Furter = Frankie Friday.

"HI every pup and every kitty!
Who is one of the greatest,
most caring and wonderful-ing
blogville members out there?

Who inspires so many of us and brings us up-to-date on everything?

Who is the best Mayor of Blogville?

Frankie has received the Blogville Community Service Award for all he does to keep our spirts up and keep our peeps on our toes.

Frankie keeps us posted on learning the native tongue, gardening tips, who in the house is the trouble maker (Sorry, Ernie).  But we realize Ernie is just a pup and he is trying his best to learn all the correct things to do from his pawent Frankie.

If you haven't, which we sure everyone that is reading this, has been to Frankie's blog and realized just how good of a Mayor of Blogville Frankie is.  So if you want to join in the fun, grab a badge and tell us how much Frankie means to Blogville.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless "Miscellanous" Wednesday - 5/16/2012

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Note from Momma:  We are sorry we have been missing in action the last few weeks.  I have been super busy with planning and organizing our annual Fundraiser for our local Humane Society.  We will be back into action on the blog next week and get around to visiting all our blog friends.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless "Almost" Wednesday - 5/9/2012

Hey, were ya going....I promise it was not me that FARTED!

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blog Makeover

What do you think?

We think it is awesome!

We got to thinking a few days ago that we need a new look and feel.  So we contacted Ann over at Zoolatry to see if she could maybe help us out.  Boy did she ever help us out.  She created us a couple different headers to use and switch around, we have a new footer at the bottom and a very special side bar picture of Cleo.  

Our original blog makeover was completed by Aunt Judi-Bug and we appreciate all that she did on making our blog so much better.  As many of you know Judi is fighting the horrible "C" word and her staying comfortable and maintain her health is the most important at this time.  Not doing blog makeovers, but we are sure she would much rather be doing this for her blog friends then fighting for her life.  We can't say enough how much we love her and her fur-babies. We keep her in our thoughts and prayers daily and the hounds have their paws crossed for her to be as comfortable as possible.

So if you are needing a blog make over and your talents are like mine (NONE), then stop on over to  Zoolatry and contact Ann.  She has some very talented work and she was super speedy.  I would still be working on this in like 2099, so we appreciate it.

Thanks so much,

The HoundDogs and Mom

Bella At The Ball

On Saturday (April 21) GABR held their annual fund raiser in Morris, IL.  This is one of two fund raisers that GABR does yearly and brings in tons of funds for the hounds.  It consists of a Silent Auction, Dinner and a Live Auction.  Well this year since Bella was on the 2011 Year End Newsletter they asked if Bella could make a special surprise guest appearance that night.  Of course, I had no trouble agreeing to this, then to find out the night before they want us on stage to say a few words.  Oh, yea that could happen, NOT.

Bella got the honor of travelling to Morris, IL with Mom and Dad all by herself.  She was treated like a queen with a limousine service at her beck and call.  Of course, I have been worried for weeks on how she would do in a large building with 300+ people because she is still very timid with these types of surroundings.  As in previous posts I indicated I was taking Bella for nursing home visits to help her adjust to this.  We have to say Bella is much more better with 2-leggers than 4-leggers.  She was timid but so good during it all with all the "Bright Lights" and clapping, and OH How Cute, etc. etc.  She sure did much better on stage then Mom did as I hardly got started talking and started to cry.  This is when my husband went and sat down, what a trooper he was.  Of course, he was in charge of handling the camera while we were on stage and he said his hand was shaking so bad he couldn't take pictures.  WTF is up with that?

Here is her schedule on how we prepared for her big weekend, we take things slow with Bella as not to stress her to much.

Monday - Nails were trimmed
Tuesday - Ears were washed
Wednesday - Eyelashes trimmed
Thursday - Nursing Home visit (fail), trip to the Pet store (success)
Friday - Rest up and pack, teeth brushed
Saturday Morning - Bath time

So without further ado here is Miss Bella enjoying her special weekend like a queen.  Or as the saying goes.....The Bell(a) of the Ball.

Friday Night Packing of her overnight bag

Here is my special bag I got to take

All the things in my overnight bag 


My pawty dress 

I wore the silver bling collar with my dress 

Saturday Morning Bath time

Not favorite thing to do when you have two 4-leggers begging you to get out.

Arrival at my hotel room

You say this is my very own bed
I'll take it! 
Claiming my bed 

Nice photo Mom, you need be quicker with that flashy beast 
Okay a little better

At the Big Event

Here is a not so good picture that my Dad took, he said his hand was shaking to much.  BOL 
Note:  We are still waiting for the pictures from the professional photographer.  We will post them when we get them, we are sure they are 100% better.

After all the Ball festivities they said I had to attend the After Hours Party.  When is a girl suppose to get her beauty sleep.

Here I am trying to understand why all these people make such a fuse over me 

Finally a little break 

Oh, can you see my bling collar I wore with my dress at the ball.  It didn't show up in the other picture of me and my dress.  Everyone just loved my bling collar. 
Please take me back to my hotel room.

Finally some sleep
Seriously, why did she think she need so many pictures of me sleeping

Here I am waiting for Mom and Dad to finish packing to go back home after my big weekend.  I still look very sleepy 

I am not cut out to be a late night pawty hound 

Wow, what a weekend I had.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs
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