Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!

Take a few minutes and reflect and remember your great Service Men and Women, and Veterans.
Thanks for all you do!

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Peeps On Parade - Hosted by Sarge

Sarge is hosting a Peeps on Parade this weekend and we have decided to join in.  You can find out all the details on Sarge's blog.  But in the meantime enjoy reading about our peeps.

We are three basset hounds that live in Midwest (Illinois).  We live in a house on a dead in street with our HDD (HoundDogDad) and HDM (HoundDogMom).  We have a 2-legged brother but he does not live with us anymore and when he moved out he took the bedroom cat with him.

First up will be our Dad......

He gets to make his own hours and do his own thing since he is self-employed in the car repair business.  He prefers to work on the older cars and rebuild their engines and stuff.  He likes to make them run better for the people that are restoring them.  He gives great belly/butt rubs and fills our water bowls with fresh water several times a day.  He will also spend hours shoveling our backyard so we have paths in the deep snow.

He drives our truck to haul our house on wheels

 He sets up everything for us at our campsites

 He snuggles with us a nighttime

 This is our Dad and 2-legged brother at a local hockey game.

This would be our 2-legged brother, he babysits us and visits us a couple times a week

Know for our Mom (HoundDogMom aka HDM).  Know we thinks that she is pretty awesome but she runs herself a little thin every know and then.  

Our Mom

Here are just a few of the very important things she does for us on a daily basis.
Feeds us twice a day (can I get an amen to that)
Fresh water
Homemade treats (she can bake)
Walks, Walks and Walks
Spa nights (for our ears and stuff)
Butt rubs, snuggles and more
Takes that flashy box out and takes way to many pictures
And you name it she pretty much does it for us.
 This would be her taking us for a walk in the park

And this would be the new BUV (Basset Utility Vehicle) she bought us this year

Our Mom also volunteers lots of hours for basset rescue.  She transports the bassets into rescue or sometimes like this girl she was taking her to her fur-ever home.

She picks up our poop as Winston snapped these pictures.

She will chase down somebody she doesn't know just to see their cool Radio Flyer Wagon and get a ride to act like a beauty queen.

Well we hope you enjoyed our Peeps, we think they are pretty special and plan on keeping them around for a long time.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Friday, May 27, 2011

GABR Transport - Shelby (5/21/2011)

On Saturday, 5/21, I had the honor of being part of a four part transport for Shelby.  Shelby was making her way from her foster home near Chicago to her fur-ever home in Indiana.  Shelby has been with GABR for sometime as a very special girl.  See Shelby was six years old and blind.  She had one eye removed and could see nothing out of the other eye.  Not being able to see did not slow this girl down one bit, her nose led her everywhere. 

Shelby stretching her legs after her 1/4 of the transport.

Shelby sitting in her own bed for her second part of the transport

She finally settled in for a long nap.

Taking a potty break at our next stop of the transport

Shelby and I just chilling and waiting for the next transporter to arrive.  We were a little ahead of schedule so we had to wait for like 15-20 mins.  But that was okay, I great time with Shelby and sneaked in some snuggles.

Patiently waiting for the next part of her trip.  I think she was dreaming of her new Mom and fur-ever home

Shelby I am so glad that I had the honor of being part of your transport into your new fur-ever home.  You deserve to live out your senior years treated like a queen.

We wish you nothing but the best.

The HoundDogs and HoundDogMom

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pets Eye View Camera - Your Ticket to Wordless "Mystery" Wednesday

I have been seeing pictures from my friends Two Pitties In The City that their dogs take with the Pets Eye View Camera.  Well a few weeks ago we seen on Khyra's Blog that Friends of SOS-SRF was having an auction to replenish their rescue fund.  Well we are all about checking these auctions out and seeing what cool things we can find.  And as we mentioned above Mom has been wanting one of these Pets Eye View Cameras.  She feels that we need something else to do on our walk besides just, sniff flowers, pee, poop and sniff a fuzzy butt out of his hole if we can.

Well see one that camera thing and she got it in the mail last week and we immediately had to attach it to Winston and head out for a walk.  Well I have found that it doesn't quite work as well on my hounds as it does for a little bit taller breed.  The hounds have pretty short legs, and long floppy ears that tend to get in the way.  Also, that darn Winston does not slow down very much, so here are a few pictures from our walk.  You can set the camera to take pictures every 1 min, 5 min or 15 mins and the camera holds 40 pictures.  Well our walk usually last about 40 minutes so we thought we would take a picture every minute of our walk.  HA HA

Picture #1
This is a lovely picture of our front screen door (lower half)

And maybe you can tell me what some of these other pictures are of, because I dont' have a clue

He did stop and lift his head here and there and we did get a few shots of the outside walk

Oh, look he is as good as me with his new camera.  He chops the heads off as well.

These are some shots of HDD's garage.  We always stop here for a treat after our walk

I left the camera on him when we got back not knowing there was still some pictures left to be taken.  Well he seemed to sit on the back porch and just snap away.

Here is a picture of his own fire hydrant in his back yard

And this is where our Wordless "Mystery" Wednesday picture came from.  Winston seemed to capture me being a very good mom and I was caught red handed ------


He even wanted to show you how nice his yard looks after POOP duty is done.

I was absolutely BOL/LOL when I uploaded these pictures and found the ones of me picking up POOP.  We all know if you have doggies, we all pick up POOP but having your dog actually take pictures of it and then post it on the blog for you.  Gee Whiz....Thanks Winston...


P.S.  If anyone else has one of these cameras and can offer any suggestions on how to attach it better to the collar or harness, I would love to hear from you.
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