Friday, December 31, 2010

GABR Christmas Transport - Droopy (12-21-2010)

Through all the holiday happenings, we got the call to see if HDM would be willing to transport a basset to her fur-ever family for Christmas.  Well who the heck could pass up an opportunity like this.   Through my transports I have never done one where I am handing the basset over to their fur-ever family.  And to be able to bring this joy to someone for the Christmas Holiday was a true miracle for me.

May I introduce you to Droopy

Droopy is a 6 year old female that had never even met her fur-ever family before this day.  They finally had decided they were ready for another fur-kid after losing their basset/lab mix a year ago.  They located Droopy on the GABR website and fell in love with her.  They had already had one transport arranged, but the weather forced that one to be called off.  So everyone with GABR was doing everything they could to make sure she would get to them for Christmas.  But we were expecting another storm to come through on the new date that was made (December 21).  We all said our prayers that this could happen and everything worked out.
Droopy began her journey to her new fur-ever home around 8:00am Tuesday, December 21st.  Her Foster Mom (Cara) brought her to the first drop off point in Rockford to (Joe), who drove her 2 hours to Bloomington to meet me.  I was the last transport for her to Decatur, IL to meet her new family.  They were driving almost 4 hours from the South to meet me.
A pee stop before we started our trip to Decatur.  HDD has to meet all the transports that he is not a part of.
I know I am going somewhere very special today!

Please do not make meet my fur-ever family in this crazy Santa Hat

Okay that is better, I am ready to meet my fur-ever family

We meet at the local Petsmart parking lot to hand her to her fur-ever family.  She was very timid, but understandable.  Meeting your new human people for the first time in a strange parking lot was just a little overwhelming for her.  She really didn’t want to leave my side at first and not wanting to have a lot to do with them.  I handed the leash to her new Mom and asked her to walk her around while the new Dad went to move their car closer.  I then went to my car and got all the necessary paperwork they needed to complete.  By this time they had their car moved over near where she was walking and by the time I got back to them, she had jumped in their backseat and was looking at them, like okay I am ready to go home.
But wait, I forgot to get the new family picture for GABR……So we had to coax her back out of the car (which she was not very happy about) just to get a family picture.  But she was a queen and allowed us to do this but then right back in their car.
She had another long ride ahead of her to get home, but I am sure once she got there was spoiled to no ends.  I could definitely tell that her new pawrents were going to love her and spoil her rotten.  She just needs to get settled and realize she is in her fur-ever home. 
She was absolutely a sweetheart and to be a part of bringing a basset to their fur-ever home was Priceless.  It is a memory that I will cherish forever.  It is one more step that is preparing me to move into the fostering world one day for GABR.  Still working on the human dad that this is something I must complete for my “Bucket List” though. 
Droopy my 16th Transport for GABR for 2010

Again, I wish all the best for Droopy and her new family in the New Year.
Note from HDM:  I talked to Droopy's new family via email and they have said she is settling in very nicely.  I do believe they are going through formal training right know on how to keep everything picked up and out of her reach.  It is amazing how our fur-kids train us. :)


  1. Isn't that the best feeling? We used to foster, before the inn was full, and seeing the hounds meet their new families for the first time and go off with them always gave me the best of warm fuzzies! I am so glad you got to get her home in time for Christmas! :)

  2. I've been on THIS legs of transports on several occasions - it is just an incredible feeling -

    The first time I had the last leg it was for a Brittany named Fenway -

    When I approached their car and saw a big sign with his name and a heart and an arrow, I got LES - just I have it now sharing the memory - I can see it all over again!

    Thanks for all you do!

    Khyra's Mom


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