Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Human Christmas Cookies - FAILED

Since it is pretty cold outside here in Illinois and our Mom is not all about going out in the cold.  We have just been catching up on sleep, snuggling and waiting for that Santa Paws to show up.

Well HDM decided that she would make some "HUMAN" christmas cookies before she made ours.  Well she is not your susie homemaker kinda of Mom and all.  She does make good doggies treats for us and we thank her for that.  But we do believe she could use some tips on how to make "HUMAN" cookies taste as good as the doggie treats she makes.

The dough looks good

Dough rolled out nice and cookies were cut with care

Baked still looking yummy.

Allowed to cool, once cooled these things turned to bricks.

If you no anyone that could use some good target pratice disks, just let me know.  I can ship them some of these, oh so delicious cookies.  NOT!

We actually found a few that were still soft in the middle after cooling and she decorated them just to have some pictures.  We then sent them home with the human son to see if dunking them in milk would soften them up.  We do not believe the frosting made them any more tasty.  Just looked pretty.  Hee Hee

Christmas Cookie Baking Take #1 - FAILED by HoundDogMom

Cleo, Winston, Amiee and HoundDogMom


  1. Yummy, I love cookies.

    Nice woooh

  2. The hu-dad had to chuckle at the part where you sent them with the son. Grins.

  3. Well they look real purrrrty even if they don't taste so good! HDM should have asked Droopy up to act as sous chef. She always helps momma in the kitchen!

    Droopy, Smiley, and Kayah

  4. *snicker* "Let's get Mikey! He'll eat anything!"

    If it makes HDM feel any better, a couple of years ago, Dad decided to make these meringue cookies. He couldn't get them to work. He made those cookies eight times and could never get them to peak! Every attempt got funnier, because he got more agitated!



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