Monday, April 20, 2009

Muddy Amiee

Good Evening,
Amiee here.....Running a little late on blogging today, out playing in the rain and mud. Also, we had to skip blogging this weekend. HounddogMom was way to busy to assist. She was attending a fundraiser for basset rescue then helped with the dog wash for the local shelter.
It is sure a good thing she had lots of practice yesterday because I presented a challenge for her tonight. See we have lots of rain in Illinois and I love rain and mud. See being a basset hound and all I am very low to the ground and that mud just goes right to my belly. Mom didn't think to get any pictures of my belly prior to tossing me in the tub. I am beginning to like these things called "baths". Mom says she is definately getting a swimming pool for us this summer. That shoud be fun because I think I can create my own mud then.
Here are a few pictures of my bath after my mud adventure.
This is me thinking I was done with my bath. Mom said not quite yet.
This is me standing in my very muddy bath water. See how I got the nickname "Mud Puppy".
Bath tub ring?
Nice clean puppy and a clean bath tub.Can I "Please" get out Mom?This is me drying off on the couch. See nice clean belly. Here is short video clip of me drying off on the couch. Mom needs to remember to turn the TV down when she wants to video me. You must pardon the background noise.
Thanks for checking in,

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st Photo Contest

Good Morning, Earlier this week the local video store announced it was having a Photo Contest for dogs. The winning dog will receive a free DVD "Hotel for Dogs" for their family. I have always wanted to enter my hounds in a photo contest but just never did it. Well today was the big day for them to find out if they have instant fame. This was so hard to decide which pictures should be entered. See most people use their camera to take pictures of their kids funny things. Well unfortunately, I only have fur-kids so I have a LOT of pictures of them. Even had a professional meet me at the park one day and take pictures of Cleo and Winston together. He informed me it was a LOT more work photography 2 very active bassets then photography 2 very active toddlers. Here are the pictures that we entered. Winston, this one is from his professional photo session.

Amiee, showing off her massive ears. Cleo, making her funny face after getting a very good tasty treat for Christmas.

Tabby just chillin on the couch. She is beginning to show her gray hairs. So if you live in Bloomington, Illinois and visit the Family Video store on S. Main Street. Please cast a vote for one of the hounds. Doesn't cost anything just some good fun. HoundDogMom

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Butter Dog

Winston here..... Well mom was doing a little cooking the other night and I thought I would help. See I love to counter surf for anything. I also love "BUTTER". She seems to do a little better with me just doing crazy things like this instead of eating the cell phones. She gets very upset with me when I eat the antenna's off the phones. Seems she can't here anyone without it. Here is small clip of me helping myself to the "BUTTER". Yum Yum...


Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Monday

Good Morning, Amiee here.......
Well I just wanted to let you all know that we won't be getting to spend to much time outside today. We have lots of rain and mud in my back yard so Mom says I have been banned to the house for the day. I did get to sneak out this morning and sit in a mud puddle and enjoy the rain drops falling on my head. But I was quickly called back inside for a nice drying off. Mom just doesn't know how to have fun in the rain.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

All the Hounds

This is Cleo the 3 year old basset hound from rescue. This is Winston the 2 year old basset hound. This is Tabby the bloodhound and Amiee the newest member of the family.

Good Day

Well today it was a very nice day in Illinois. We haven't had rain for almost 4 days so the mud has begun to dry up in the back yard. The hound dogs all had a really good day. Since it was so nice outside they spent most of the day outside lounging in the sun. Eating a few sticks and chased the groundhound back to his hole. Nothing was chewed on and the dirty laundry was not aired out in the back yard for all the neighbors to see. The picture is of Cleo, Winston and Amiee the bloodhound was sleeping on the bed all day. HoundDogMom

My Thoughtful Thursday

I read blogs all the time and most recently found the blog on Kayliegh Ann Freeman. Kayliegh is a one pound miracle from GOD and she has totally changed the way I look at life. Well I don't have young kids to blog about but I do have dogs. So recently I started a "DOG" Blog just so I could participate and link to the "Thoughtful Thursday" in honor of Kayliegh. Here is my first "Thoughtful Thursday". I have this BFF (Best Female Friend) another animal lover (this is how we met). Well she has a few older fur-kids and has really been struggling to make sure they all receive the medical attention they need. She has a dog Wally that receives massage/acupuncture therapy. She has an older cat that has Feline Leukemia so he has lots of infections. Early in the week she called me really upset indicating that Sinbad "BADS" was in really bad shape and had to go back to the vet. As you all know with kids medical bills, animals are the same way. My heart just aches for her because she loves her fur-kids so much. Well I know she is struggling with animal medical bills and stuff so to give her a little relief I informed her today that I was paying for her attendance at our upcoming fundraiser for Basset Rescue. We attend this every year and this year it was going to be tough for her so I thought why not do a "THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY" for her. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I told her to keep her $60.00 fee and put it towards Sinbad's medical bill. I was doing this in honor of Kayliegh Ann Freeman and referred her to her website. Kayliegh has touched my life in so many ways I wanted to share her with my BFF by participating in "Thoughtful Thursday". HoundDogMom

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Bassets Join The Family

Prior to Elliott passing I was volunteering at the local Humane Society. I fell in love with a 18 month old female basset hound named Cleo. We adopted Cleo in February of 2006, and that experienced will be documented in its own post. We lost Elliott in Jan, 07 so we just had Cleo and Tabby. They bonded very good during this timeframe but I was missing something in the house. I was looking on the Internet one day and found a 4 month old male basset hound in Missouri named Winston. It was love at first sight and I knew I was ready for another hound in the family. Winston joined us in July of 2007, his journey will be documented in its own post as well. As if 3 hounds is not enough, I got wind of a litter of bassets at the Humane Society. So in September of 2008 we adopted an 8 week old basset that we named Amiee. She to will have a post dedicated to her start. As you can see my blog started off a little dreary but I can guarantee it will become more exciting as the post go on. Because we have some stories to tell. Keep checking back for updates. HoundDogMom

In Memory - Elliott

Elliott was our second basset hound to join our family. We got him when he was about 4 months old and we always called him our "blue light" special dog. We got a very good deal on him and he was worth every penny. He was one of the best bassets allowing you to do anything to him. He would sleep while you trimmed his nails. Elliott and Precious had 12 years together and it was very evident how much Elliott missed his Precious when she passed away. We noticed a drastic change in Elliott after she passed and his health began to fail. He lost an eye to glacoma and was blind in the other. We had him for 18 months after we lost Precious. It was just so hard on him to loose his sight after loosing his mate. We allowed Elliott to be pain free and join Precious at the Rainbow Bridge on January 22, 2007. Elliott you are running free and snuggling with Precious. I can't wait to get ear kisses again someday. Rest in Peace Elliott Elliott (7/28/95 - 1/22/07) HoundDogMom
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