Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cards and Decorations

Things are beginning to look like Christmas at the Hound House.  Mom has said this is a very busy time of the year, but things are beginning to shape up around here.

We have a few pictures of our Christmas Tree


Decorated Tree

What no presents....

This the nativity scene, way up high from curious hounds.

Yes, Frankie we have snowmen too....

They lurk under the tree

and in the tree....

But we also have Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, Not Paws so we thinks we need to upgrade

We have hung our stockings, but we don't have a fireplace so Mom came up with the new decorating design she seen..  She wrapped a picture with wrapping paper and placed big fat bow on it.  She then hung our stockings with care around the package.

At least they are hung and right where everyone can see them, so we hope they will get filled

Next she decided it was way time that we needed to show everyone all the great Christmas Cards we have gotten through the Pet Pals 2010 Holiday Exchange Cards, that we signed up for this year.  So here is a the design she came up with to display all our wonderful Christmas Cards we have gotten from all our blogging friends.  Along with all these great cards we got via snail mail, we also got lots of E-cards as well.  Know those things were totally pawsome and we believe we will be doing more of those next year.  Mom thinks we should maybe save the postage and donate it to Basset Rescue instead.  We can't argue with her on that one, just as long as she promises to send out something for us.  Because this event has been way to cool and we had no idea there were so many different looking fur-kids out there.

Our Cards
(sorry some are blurry, I think she was jumping up and down with excitement while taking them)

We thank everyone who has sent us cards either via snail or e-mail.  They were all totally pawsome and we just so overwhelmed that we have acquired so many new cyber fur-friends through blogging.  But.......

She seemed so inclined to show you all the Christmas Cards that the 2 legged ones got in the house.

 Their Cards (Hee Hee)
Ha Ha (look at that) she tried to spread them all out so it would like they have gotten more than us.  Sorry Mom it isn't working.  We still got twice as many cards as you.  Hee Hee.

We have lots of posts to do over the next several days.  We were working on our Gift Exchange post, but were notified that we might be expecting one more package from the "Man in the Brown Suit", so we have to wait on that post.  But we got part of it and all I can say is get ready for the fashion show.

Mom has the next couple of days off and she has all the shopping done and pressies wrapped so she is really hoping to do lots of blogging catch-up and reading blogs.  But we understand how busy it is for everyone and so many people may be getting ready to travel and spend time with family and friends.

We just want to wish all our new cyber fur-friends the most Very Merry Christmas.

Cleo, Winston, Amiee and HoundDogMom


  1. You three are too funny! It is nice to see your howliday decorations!

    Droopy, Smiley and Kayah

  2. Your house looks fantastic! Very festive. Glad everything is out of nose reach. Just sayin. Same thing here.

    Have an awesome holiday.


  3. It looks so cozy and beautiful. I love all the stockings. What do they get filled with?

  4. Mom says the tree is GORGEOUS!!!

    Thanks fur sharing all your dekhorations and khards!

    Only a few more days until I get to open your pressies to me! Mom took pikhs the other day - and has Merdie and Harley's safely tukhked away!


  5. We got a lot more cards than Mom and Dad did, too! Hee hee! We're glad ours got there on time. We just got them in the mail on Monday, so we had to really put Mom to work to get them ready to go in the mail on Tuesday morning.

    Busy doesn't even begin to describe it around here! We'll be glad for Sunday morning when we get Mom and Dad back to ourselves!



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