Monday, April 23, 2012

GABR Transports

As everyone is aware I do transporting for GABR and Friday (April 13th) I was called to move two bassets to the vet clinic in Dwight, IL.  As you also are aware I was a huge fan of Fred over at Hound Girl.  So when Fred when to the Rainbow Bridge very unexpected a few weeks ago, I contacted Kari to see about making a donation to an organization of Kari's liking in honor of Fred.  Well, if everyone knows Kari over at Hound Girl she has the biggest heart.  The only thing that she really wanted me to do was take the money I wanted to donate and put in my gas tank for when we do another transport.  Well, when I was called to transport two bassets I decided that this transport would be to Honor Fred's Memory.  I have to say this transport could not have been more fitting for me to Honor Fred's Memory.  So without further ado here are the two bassets that were transported with Fred's picture and spirit riding shotgun.

Fred's Spirit

Our first stop was to our local Animal Control to pick up a sweet 7 year old female that was found as a stray in my own home town.  Here name was Bailey at the shelter but GABR has renamed her to Agnus, which I am not to terribly fond of just because I just don't like that name and it did not fit this seven year old basset that had so much spirit and spunk like a puppy.


This girl was beautiful and oh so sweet and if Miss Bella had not joined our house a few months ago, this girl would not have gotten far out of Bloomington, Il for sure.  She had my husband wrapped around her paws in like 2 seconds.

Just look at those striking colors on her.  Just beautiful.  Here she is sticking her tongue out at the wild child next to her. 

Once we got Agnus we then headed off to our next meeting place where we had a one year old male that was coming into rescue as well.  We have to say we could not have picked a better day and transport to do in Honor of Fred.  As this little guy was named "Fred" before rescue took him in.  I couldn't believe it when I was looking at his folder and the name was Fred/(Franklin).  The second name in is usually the name that GABR has picked out for them to begin their new life with.  This guy was a handful and was so full of LOVE and LIFE, if you know what I mean (lipstick and all). He could use a few cheeseburgers as he was under weight.


Franklin attempting to let Agnus know that he really did love her.  As you can tell Agnus was not really fond of his Loving ways. 

Franklin was very vocal and felt the need to tell us about his entire year of his life on our short/LONG hour trip.

Within 20 minutes we realized that Franklin just wasn't going to settle down and was going to need some attention.  This is when I am so thankful that the husband came along this time and was driving.  I crawled into the back of the BUV to try to calm our wild love child down.  It didn't take long for Agnus to take the cue and move to the co-pilot seat.

Oh, Yea this is the place to ride

Oh, let me give you a few more pictures of Franklin while we rode in the back of the BUV.


Arriving in Dwight

You have nothing but the best life ahead of you, Agnus.

We love you Franklin :) We are sure you will find your fur-ever home soon.

Hound Girl (Kari) we hope that you enjoy our post today and we hope that we Honored Fred's Memory in a very good way.  We sure enjoyed having his spirit ride along with us.  Fred will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Thanks Kari, for suggesting we take the money and put it in our gas tank to help some homeless bassets.  We appreciate it and you have a "huge" heart.  We hope this post will fill a little spot of the whole that was left in your heart when Fred made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

Friday the 13th (April) was a good day.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs and HoundDogMom 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nursing Home Visit - A First

In our area we have a couple of nursing homes that allow us to bring our fur-babies in so the residences can get some snuggle time with them if they wish.  We had taken Amiee several times last year and she did awesome, even as shy as she is.  She just loves the attention and if you are willing to pet her she will sit for you for hours on end.  If you stop she takes her nose and nudges your hand up on to her again for more petting.

We are working on trying to socialize Bella and expose her to different surroundings and things.  So last night I dressed her in her best dress and we headed out to see how she did with her first nursing home visit.  Well we have to say that she was pretty overwhelmed by it all.  We would say she got a 5 out of 10.

When we arrived we walked in by ourselves and she was just walking getting some petting and we then met two Golden Retrievers who she did fine with.  But as we began walking the halls a little later a young German Shepard approached her and was just a little to happy to be her friend.  She didn't welcome his snoot in her face and snapped at him.  She then began to shake and do some low growl noises for everyone.  It is odd because Amiee is in her face all the time and they are always playing bitey face together, but I guess that is different when they are your fur-siblings.  She did snip at my parents young toy poodle the other night as well but I just thought she was to high strung for her and Bella associated her with a "rat" of some sort.  BOL  After her encounter with the Shepard she was pretty much "stand-offish" with all the other dogs after that.  We basically let all the other dogs move forward and we kept her at the back of the pack and let her sniff and just walk and hopefully get use to all the different things.  Her experience with inside things is very limited since she spent the first 2 years of her live outside with no socialization with other animals or people.

We believe she is just very nervous inside buildings with new surroundings and other doggies.  She did fine when we took her to local community sale last month, but that was all outside and she approached all dogs with no problems.  So definitely an inside thing that we will be working on.

Of course we were really hoping to see our friend Bunny the stunning Greyhound during our visit and introduce them to Bella.  Well they arrived a little late and by that time Bella was feeling the stress of it all and really didn't want to be introduce to Bunny, even though Bunny was very interested in meeting her I believe she could sense Bella was having a rough night and kept her distance.  We also got the honor of seeing Blueberry as well from Tales and Tails blog.  Of course Bunny and Blueberry had the most stunning collars on and Blueberry felt like silk.  Their Mom Peep was able to get Bella to warm up to her with her famous treats.  She actually snapped a few pictures of Bella so we look forward to seeing and hearing what she thought about Bella.

We have to say that all the people there with their fur-babies were so sweet and understanding of Bella.  They kept telling her how well she was doing and kept telling me not to worry about her snip that she did.  I think they could tell that her being snippy was sort of upsetting to me.  They provide great support for us and we will be taking her back next week to the other nursing home to see how she does.  We may take Amiee with us for some moral support for her and see if she does better with her fur-sibling with her.

Here are just a few pictures I snapped of her.

Bella preparing herself for her big night

Bunny face and Blueberry's butt 

Our good friend Bunny 

A few Goldens that are regulars 

Blueberry she had the most beautiful collar

Bella had enough 

We are hoping next week will be a little bit easier on her.

Bella and HoundDogMom

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bella - Future Model

Bella has some upcoming functions to attend and I got to thinking that she really needed a wardrobe (despite my husbands crumbling).  I haven't had many hounds that liked to wear clothes so Bella is my first.

Winston would not allow anything on his back or head for the most part.

Amiee freezes like a statue when you place a coat or neck thing around her.

Cleo would allow you to dress her up for several events we went to.

But, Bella this girl loves to be pretty (when she is not out rolling in the dirt to find her most comfortable spot).  BOL

I know we have tons of blogging friends, and their fur-babies have like a whole closet full of clothes to wear.  Bella had two coats and she just loved them so I thought she needed some pretty dresses to wear to her upcoming nursing home visits and her special guest appearance she will be making later this month at the Basset Ball (shhhhh), it is a surprise to everyone.  I began the research of finding some place to purchase some dresses for her.  We do not have any local that had anything that was what I was looking for.  So I got to thinking, WTH am I going to do, dates are approaching fast.  So I reached out to one of my blogging friends Snazzi Jazzi and we asked her Peep if she would be willing to make Miss Bella a few dresses.  Because she makes some very awesome dresses for Jazzi and she is always Snazzi.  She is just the sweetest person and agreed to the task at hand.  I immediately went out and purchased some material and sent to her, but I can tell you I am not a sewer and have no ideas about colors and stuff. I just knew I wanted something with the spring colors in it.  Oh, my gosh you are not going to be believe what Bella got in the mail last week.  She got a box (of course I didn't take a picture) because I just ripped open the box when I seen it was from Jazzi's Mom.  Jazzi's Mom has definitely out done herself and Bella will be one Girly Hound when she begins her nursing home visits.

Without further ado.............

Our Future Model...........


 Dress #1 is made out of a purple material that I picked out
 Thank You, Jazzi's Mom
 Dress #2 material picked and designed by Jazzi's Mom
  Amiee I told you this is my fashion show
 A girl can't even model
 This dress was made for me not you.
 One of my favorite on her
 Dress #3 material I picked out

 Dress #4 - Material and designed by Jazzi's Mom
 Notice my fancy flower
 I know Winston I am irresistable
 Dress #5 - A little my material, a little of Jazzi's Mom material and design
 Look at all her bows
 Thank You Thank You for my pretty dresses

 I nosed I would LOVE them.

Some close up shots of the dresses

Dress #1
 Dress #2
Dress #3
 Dress #4
 Dress #5
 The whole collection

Thanks again to  Jazzi's Mom for designing and making Bella's new dresses.  We LOVE them.

Sniffs, Bella and Mom

(Note:  Bella gets so excited when you put clothes on her she will not hold still, then the other hounds think they need to help her undress, BOL)

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