Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve - Unwrapping Begins Early

Normally, we don’t place presents under the tree until the last minute before we humans go to bed.  We have learned over the years that we have some hounds that get very excited for Christmas.  I have no idea what fumes come off that tree that absolutely turns these hounds into “Crazy” hounds.  Well this year, since I was going to be home all day, I thought presents could go out early, because I would be supervising. 
Around 4:30 I was in the back room wrapping presents for the hounds, and Cleo is barking like crazy at the gate (4:30-5:00 they begin to prepare for supper).  I told her it was a little early for supper and to please be patient while I finished up.  I only need about 30 more minutes to complete everything.  She gives me that Cleo attitude look that she is really put out by this.  So the next thing I hear is RIP, RIP, RIP…..I am like WTF the presents.  I race out of the backroom and find Cleo proceeding to open presents.  Well what does a dog blogger do…….They don’t scream, holler, they just grab the camera……

Well Cleo can still be a little protective of items that she gets (that she knows she is not supposed to have), so approaching her on these things must happen very carefully.  Usually, I just holler who wants a treat and she will come (which she did), leaving her un-wrapped packages under the tree.  Well in handing out treats I notice that someone is missing, where the heck is that little firecracker Amiee at.  So off I got to look and this is what I find.  WTF, Amiee has decided to complete what Cleo started.

Something wrong Mom, Am I not holding the package correctly? 

I sorry

At this point I decided to just go ahead and feed them supper hoping they would settle down for the evening so I could complete all my items to do (wrap presents, bake bread, clean house, etc).  Well that was not the case and I had to end up shutting them out of the room with the tree and presents till I was done.  Cleo unwrapped the same present 3 times. L
Everything got done but not without some of the best supervision by three wonderful hounds.  Boy we can’t wait for Christmas morning.

Cleo, Winston, Amiee and HoundDogMom


  1. I'm laughing because I could so easily picture that scenario happening here!


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