Monday, August 30, 2010

Hound PAW-TY

Well they have left us in charge of all things great and small for the next several days.  We will get human interaction for all those special kibble times and some evening visits from our human brother, but other than that we are on our own.  Who wants to come PAW-TY with us. :)

Oops, I think they told us NO PAW-TY in our absence, we expect the house to be the same when we return.  They must think we are 3 teenage kids that would be destructive.  But we are just three laid back hounds that go with the flow of things.

We have plenty of new stuffies to play with and they are leaving the AC on so life should not be to bad.  Just no humans to snuggle with at night, but there is room for all three of us on the bed.

Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Sunday, August 29, 2010

GABR Transport - (Gunner and Buddy) 8-21-2010

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to go pick-up two 2 year old basset brothers Gunner and Buddy.  If it wasn't for all the hounds that live at the house currently, these two boys would have been keepers for sure.  They were an owner surrender, who had them since they were puppies.  They found out several months ago that their newest baby was allergic to them, so they decided to give them a better life and place them with GABR in hopes they will find a new fur-ever home.  GABR will keep them together since they are very bonded pair for sure.

These boys had never rode in a car without being in a kennel, so we were not sure what we would see out of them.  They were the best gentlemen that we have had in the car for sure.  They laid right down and Buddy would lay his head on Gunner's back so he was close.  We never heard a whimper or a bark out of them for the whole 200 miles that we had them.  We picked them up in Springfield, IL and delivered them to their foster mom in Dwight, IL.  They then had a 2 hour road trip to their new foster home.  The boys had a very long day but were such a delight.  I had my husband top at the rest area just past Bloomington, just so I could get them out and make sure I had two hounds in the back seat.

Here are some pictures of the boys that were taken on their journey with us.

Buddy had the larger stripe between his eyes

Gunner had the smaller strip between his eyes

Bonded Brothers

Buddy waiting for his drink on his rest stop
Hard to tell the difference from the back

HoundDogMom and the boys Gunner and Buddy

We wish Gunner and Buddy all the best and we are sure they will find a fur-ever home real soon.  Watch for them on the GABR website.  If you don't get adopted by the waddle we hope to see you there. 

HoundDogMom and HoundDogDad

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Were On Pets Blogroll

HDM has been so busy with getting the house on wheels ready for their 7 day dogless vacation.   Yep fur-buddies you heard us right a vacation without us.  Our blogging days took a back seat, but I caught her actually reading other blogs and commenting.

Anyway we wanted to tell you about our new widget we have added to the side bar.  We are know on the Pets Blogroll.  So if you want to see what the Pets Blogroll is all about why not click on the link on the side and see for yourself and maybe sign up.  You may also meet a new blog buddy or too.

Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cool Stuff Giveway

Today, we were cruising through some blogs and found a special giveway on Mango and Dexter blog about a Free Giveway being held by Miss Kylie.  She is giving away cool stuff from here.  So link on over to Miss Kylies blog and leave a comment today.  The contest closes on Friday, August 20th so hurry on over there.

Also, if don't win you can always purchase your own custom designer collar at a discount price of 20% off.  Just remember that during checkout you need to write "Kylie Sent Me" to qualify for the discount.  So check out CodyCreations today.

Thanks to Mango and Dexter for point this out to us and also to Miss Kylie for presenting this wonderful giveway.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thanks for the tips - Hiding the Evidence of Destruction

Boy it sure was nice to get all the tips for hiding the evidence of destruction.  There were some pretty great ideas and I will take them all into consideration the next time I decide to be creative.  See I need help because I am still young and I don't know all the trick of the trades and usually get caught red handed with the evidence in my mouth.  Or I am so very proud to show it to Momma and bring it right to her.  Unfortunately, that doesn't earn me any brownie points either.  And Mango, we have poop patrol Daddy that reports everything back to Mom.  She tends to accept things a lot better than him, he has been pretty flipped out by colored objects in the backyard poop.  Mom usually says don't worry about it if it is not moving.  He really wasn't impressed with me stealing his wallet and taken 12 $100 bills out to the backyard either.  I thought, hey at least I didn't eat them just thought I would share with the neighbors.

We are getting lot more walkies in since the weather cooled, but the camera mom has left her camera at home the last few times so no great pictures of our butts this time.  And tonight we are getting to make some homemade treats so maybe we should post that for all our blogging doggies.  They are peanut butter and yummy yummy, we sit by the oven for them to come out.  But Winston sure learned the hard way to pick them up off the floor right away if they fall of the sheet, they are a little warmer than we like.

Well I better go I hear Mom calling from the kitchen.  Treats are on.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Amiee - Not a good dog

Amiee here,

I am so in the dog house after this weekend.  As you can see I ate HDM's sunglasses while she was out playing around and not paying attention to me this past weekend.

I must learn to hide the evidence the next time.

Anyone have any ideas on where I should hide the evidence the next time so I don't get busted?  I thought for sure Winston would get blamed but "NO", it was me Amiee.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eating Habits

We have been reading a lot about how all these fur-kids seem to have an internal clock that goes off at a certain time.  Our internal clock goes off at about 6:00am and 4:45pm everyday.  The mornings are a little calmer for feeding but the evening feeding can get a little crazy.  We start the Basset 500 at around 4:45 just to let HDM know that she might have missed something in her daily routine.  It is not the best quality because HDM has a really hard time trying to catch us in action, but she tries hard and you get the idea of what the Basset 500 is all about.

This use to be Amiee's favorite spot to eat, but I taken over the foot stool.

I prefer the recliner with the foot rest out to hold my bowl.

I get what furniture is left and it appears it is the couch all the time.

What are your favorite eating habits that you have?  Do you get to eat on the furniture like us?

Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Weekend Shots

Winston here,

HDM was trying out some new things with her camera.  Trying to learn how to focus better and use those little boxes inside the camera.  So you will see sometimes a blurry shot then a clear shot.  I just wish she would put that thing away.

Blurry vs. Clear

Cleo a heavy thinker

Living on the edge

I don't think this is what I thought it was

You seriously don't believe all those stories about me do you?

See I just chill all the time

This is Amiee chillin

Can you give a little more sad eye, please

Holy Crap, she still has that camera

Check out Cleo's "Love Handles".  Hee Hee

This definately shows her better side 

Okay, one last picture

Hope you enjoyed are random pictures.  We can't say we enjoyed posing for them all, but heck you got to please them Humans sometimes.

Sniff ya later,
Winston & The Girls (Cleo, Amiee)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend Activites

Cleo here,

This weekend was pretty relaxing, we got a few walkies in because it finally cooled down for a few days.  Or at least as HDM says the humidity was not like 150%.  Sunday was an even better day because our human brother came to visit us.  We get so so excited when he stops by to visit.  But this Sunday was a special day because he decided to redo our dogging ramp outside in our back yard.  HDD was working on his truck so he decided to tackle the ramp.  Of course we didn't get a picture before he started, you can probably look back and a find a few in some old blog posts.  Our old ramp was a mess it was falling apart and recently developed a small hole and HDM was so afraid one of us would get our little (big) paws stuck there.  Which could serious hurt our short little legs or get lots of splinters for sure.

I still think we have lots of work to do before we walk on that thing

Let me see if I can understand what is going on here

Oh, I see you need the drill, let me get that for you

 No Winston, I think this is a girl's job

Yikes, needs a little more work

Our human brother, making sure all the measurements are correct

A little saw action is needed to be just right

I wonder if he knows he left this open?


So I will go back the other way

It appears to be pretty steady

Smells like good wood

Come on try to get me off this ramp

We can still dig at the concrete, I see.

Winston giving me a little goose

Almost finished new dog ramp

Must have the sidewalls attached

One more piece to add
Our new dog ramp

The side version of our dog ramp

Thanks Human brother for coming out and making us a new dog ramp.  It is working really good.  I think I will post our random pictures from the weekend k  another blog, this post is pretty long with pictures and I just have such a time with blogger when my post gets really long.

Cleo and I guess (Winston and Amiee as well)
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