Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Merry Christmas from the Hound House to Your House!

Sniffs, The HoundDogs
Winston, Amiee, Bella and Rosie

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Ready

Hello Friends,

We haven’t been around much this year due to the human side of the family having some issues they had been dealing with.  We are all fine and dandy, and yes Rosie is still living with us.  Even though she still has trust issues with the human Dad.  She loves the human brother but barks at the human Dad, go figure.  Here are some winter pictures when we got a little snow last week.

I think I forgot my winter jacket.  burrrr

Rosie brings in snowballs attached to her fur

Hurry Up human brother we need our paths

Rosie and Bella they have become very good friends

We are just so super excited that we decided to stay in the Christmas Card exchange this year.  It has brought much joy to this house again, we don’t have them up on display but as of today, the humans are way way behind.  But we have been reading each and everyone.

We have had the tree up for several weeks and Rosie has not seemed that interested in getting to know it better.  We shall see what happens Christmas morning when it comes times for presents, we hope she will be brave enough to join the family in the living room for her gifts.  Our stockings are waiting to be stuffed and cookies are made for Santa Paws.

Our newest addition this year a lighted basset hound.

We received our Gift Exchange present last week in the mail from the Chloe and LadyBug.  Mom says we will get to open that Christmas Eve to get us ready for the big day.  Mom assured us she got our gift off in the mail (a little late) since we had some sort of bug that flu in her and give everyone the sniffles and then some.  We just hope they get it in time for Christmas.  

Well we wanted to stop in and let everyone know that we having been receiving and enjoying the Christmas Cards and can’t wait to see what is in that box we got the other day.

We will be back to report on what is in that box above.

The HoundDogs (Wiinston, Amiee, Bella and Amiee)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 7/3/2013

Wordless "How To Cover Yourself Up" Wednesday

Sniffs, Winston

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

GABR Auction Items - My Donation

HoundDogMom here,

I know I asked you all several months ago about framing some cross-stitch items.  Well here we are months later and the GABR Basset Ball/Auction is this Saturday night.  I have been busy making several items for them and thought I would share them with you all.  I have approximately 1,000 hours in all three pieces and have been working on them most every night for 5-6 hours since mid-January.  I actually completed them at then end of March it has just taken me this long to pick out frames and get them mounted to sticky board.  We also had a little mishap with Rosie and the first set of frames I purchased.  She took them off the computer table outside and broke all the glass and chewed the frames.  I was just thankful that none of them got cut on all the broken glass in the backyard that day.

Here are my completed pieces, stitched, framed and ready to be bid on.  They will be in the Silent Auction portion of the night.

Item #1

This item is actually a picture I pulled from the internet and used my cross-stitch computer program to convert the picture to a cross-stitch pattern.  I placed the wording in there from another piece I had seen done.  I decided not to matte it and just placed it in a black frame.

Item #2
This item is from a basset cross-stitch book I found on e-bay and had to have because I had never see basset cross-stitch patterns.  This was the hardest of all of them as it has lots of 1/2 stitches and back stitching in it.  It was not matted either and placed in a frame that looks old fashioned.

Item #3
This piece is actually the event logo for the night and I took it through my cross-stitch program and converted it to a pattern for me to work.  It is not matted and is in a wood frame.

I just hope they bring in lots of money for our basset rescue.  It will be a great time with great friends, good food and hopefully some awesome auction items to bid on in both the Silent and Live Auctions.

Thanks for the suggestions on framing and for looking at my donations.
HoundDogMom (Sherri)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Wishing all our blogging friends a very

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 3/27/2013

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 3/20/2012

Sun is out but it is chilly

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Pet Wash

This past weekend we were going to be taking Rosie for her first outing to Breakfast With the Bassets in St. Louis.  Since we had gotten her 2 weeks ago she had not had a good grooming.  Well I can tell you I have not had the experience of having a long haired dog so I had no idea what grooming would cost at the groomers or our vets office.  Once I found it was going to cost $40 I was thinking of some different options.

It then donged on me that we had a new "Pet Wash" just a few miles from the house.  So we loaded up some towels, shampoo, brush, furminator oh and the camera of course.  Loaded Rosie up in the BUV and off to the Pet Wash we went.  We were so glad that when we arrived it was not busy and we did not have to wait.

Our local Pet Wash, do you have one of these near you?

 The water trough to stand in

 Whoa, lady you want me to step up there

 Seriously, lets just get this over with and skip the pictures

 Wet long haired dog

Did you say hair dryer?

Very anxious to go home

 Oh my what an experience

Are we home yet

Overall it was a very good experience and we got out there with it only costing $13.00.  They had shampoo, flea/tick, pet deodorizing, pet dryer, vacuum.  Rosie didn't mind the bath, but did like that pet dryer but loved the vacuum.  Not sure who came out wetter Rosie or me, but we will definitely be going back for sure.

Rosie and HoundDogMom

P.S..Breakfast with the basset tomorrow

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

We Have A Surprise

We have been keeping a little secret here at The HoundDogs house.  If you remember a few weeks ago when we posted about the GABR Transport Chinook and Buddy, we mentioned Buddy's sister Rosie and that we would provide an update on her, see original post here.

Rosie went to her potential new family a week ago Saturday after she was released from crate rest.  Her new family spent a week with her to ensure things were going to work out with the current crew.  We are happy to report that things worked out great and Rosie has a new family to call her own.

So let me introduce to you our newest family member.

Rosie "Smiley" Jeakins
Adopted March 7, 2013

Rosie and Bella the first night here

Who goes there

 After about 4 days here

 Yep, I have found my home

 Rosie came into GABR with her brother Buddy as an owner surrender.  They have been together since they were born and have always been outside dogs.  Not much human interaction except when they got fed 2 times a day.  Both were HW Positive, needing the normal vet care and spay/neuter.  Rosie is 4 years old and a very pretty long haired basset which is pretty rare to find this day.  Her brother had one blue eye one brown eye which is pretty unique as well.

We just were not sure how Bella would do with a new one being added to the pack as she has some reservations with other dogs when she meets them in public.  Well she had that same reaction when she meet Rosie for the first time, but we worked through it and we are happy to report that she know initiates play with her and things are going good with everyone.  Of course, when you adopt one from a shelter or rescue sometimes not all the traits of the dog are disclosed, not because the rescue choose not to but the owner that surrendered them failed to disclose Rosie's fear for men.  It is taking a little longer for Rosie to warm up to the hubby then we had thought.  Of course, he doesn't give up easy and each day gets a little bit better with her accepting him as not a "threat" to her.  She growls a little when he is around but he does not stop him from petting her.  We have noticed her fear of him is a little more when he has a ball cap on.  She has not showed aggression or ever attempted to bite him, just a snarl growl and he has decided it is her way of saying "hello" to him.

We look forward to sharing more Rosie stories with you as she is just beginning to come out of her shell.

The HoundDogs and Mom

Saturday, March 2, 2013

HoundDogMom Needs Some Advice

HoundDogMom here,

I am working on several cross-stitch items for our upcoming Basset Ball Auction in April.  I have one item done and now I need to mat it and frame it but I am needing some guidance on what colors to use.

Here is my project I have completed and how would you mat it.  What color would you use.  Not knowing who will purchase and what colors they may have in their house.

As I value my blogging friends input please leave a comment if you have a good color choice I should use.


Friday, March 1, 2013

National Smiley Day - 3/1/2013

Happy National Smiley Day!

Do you have a SMILE to share today, to make someone's day?

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 2/27/2013

 Sure Winston you can kiss me

Only if I can give you a big smack

 We do really love each other

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Friday, February 22, 2013

GABR Transport - Chinook and Buddy (2/16/2013)

Last weekend took us on another transport for GABR.  Boy it sure has been a busy year so far for the Basset Rescue.  We actually had four bassets come into rescue last weekend and all four of them were owner surrenders.  Here are a few that we took of our riders for the day.

We drove to Decatur, IL about 45 mins south of us to pick up Chinook and Buddy (not related).  Chinook was an owner surrender who's family is in the military and were being deployed.  Their mother didn't want Chinook to end up in the wrong hands so she took him but unfortunately she is 70 years old and already had four dogs to manage.  She just could not handle another dog so she surrendered him to GABR.  At least she made sure he got somewhere safe.

We do lots of transports and most of our transports are done free-style no crates.  We usually tie the leashes to the hooks in the back of the BUV so that does restrain them some and if in a crash they won't go flying through the window.  Well most cases we don't have any problems and I always ask if the dogs get along and can ride together (as I can grab a crate if needed).  Well we were told they assumed they got along but were not sure.  I always pull and read their paperwork before we leave for our destination after picking them up.  Well this time I noticed that the owner said that Chinook had issues with bigger dogs.  Well Buddy was a bigger dog, but very skinny and not feeling well.  Not long after I read this information Buddy got just a little to close to Chinook and he growled (not an aggressive growl) just a growl to get out of my space dude.  Well my husband always comes with me on transports so I was able to keep it under control with no issues but worried about what the next transporter was going to be driving and would they be able to be separated during that ride.  I immediately called our Transport Coordinator and explained the situation.  We found the next person on the transport leg had a very small car, not able to crate and would be hard to separate them in the car and they were doing it on their own.  Also, this person was a first time transporter.  Insert very worried transporter look here. :) 

Well we decided that the new transporter would take Buddy once we got to Bloomington and we would continue on to the next drop off point with Chinook.  So we get to Dwight and the lady that is going to take Chinook and Buddy on the next leg to Joliet,IL had an even small car then the new transporter.  Insert very worried transporter look here, again. :)

We talked it over with everyone and we agreed that the most important thing is that both bassets are kept safe, stress free and arrive at their destinations safe and sound.  So the hubby and I had no problems and agreed to take Chinook to Joliet, IL and Buddy would ride with the other transporter to Joliet.  In Joliet, Buddy was going by himself to his new foster home.  Chinook was going a different direction to his foster home.  So our 1-1/2 hour transport turned into 5 hours but everyone arrived safe and sound and stress free.  And our slogan at GABR is "It's all about the Dogs", so I guess we lived up to our slogan last Saturday. :)

Here is Chinook a 7 year old owner surrender that loves his people, just liked his own space.  Chinook has some neck and disc problems from when he was younger he was hit by a young kid on his bicycle.  He has had his some of his back fused together to help him so he needed to be handle with care.


Here is Buddy a 4 year old owner surrender that did not feel good at all.  He is currently going through HW treatment and very skinny boy.  He just needs rest, loving and some good foods and he will be one handsome boy.  Buddy actually came in with his sister (who is in another foster home).  Both bassets have lived outside all their lives, both HW Positive and the owner realized she could no longer care for them.  Well in my opinion she was not ever carrying for them by leaving them outside all the time with no human contact or the proper vet treatments.  They are much better off know and will finally get the know what true love is all about.


He loved Chinook's duck

As you can see his HW treatment wounds and just how skinny his poor boy is

He was so long he couldn't sleep sideways in the BUV

I have been promised the good life from here on out

Sleeping on Chinooks pillow

Do you see anything different in them eyes?

These next pictures just show how skinny he is and how out of proportion he is

And did you spot the difference in his eyes earlier.  Buddy has one Blue eye and one Brown eye not a common feature in a basset.

It was in Dwight that we found out that Buddy came in with his sister and she was in the St. Louis area being fostered while she recovered from her HW treatment as well.  She is a pretty unique basset hound and you don't see many like her.  She is a long-haired basset, we just have to include a picture of her to show everyone what a beautiful long haired basset looks like.

(Buddy's sister-litter mates)

As always, we wish nothing but the best for our GABR new family members.  We are so very sure they will find the perfect forever home soon.  Sweet little Rosie already has a family that is interested in her and she will be doing a weekend visit with them next weekend.  We will provide an update on Rosie once we find out if things worked out with her new family.  Keep your fingers crossed that she has a great visit with her potential new family.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs and Mom
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