Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Walkies and Mango in Illinois

Oh My Dawg I am so confused.......

HDM decided that we needed to get out and get some new sniffs.  So she took us to a local Park that doesn't have many humans or dogs running around.  We actually had the place all to ourselves.  Sniffing the new trees, bushes, we found a small creek that Mom said "NO" to.  Lots of shade for us to walk in and nobody to bother us.  Here are a few pictures of our new walkie place.

Come on everyone there are new sniffs here!

Lots of new sniffs for everyone.  And Winston always on the go, go!               

 Oh, Please Mom can we can we, please check out that stream of water of there.

 This was the creek that they thought they could go in.  Maybe next time.

Know for the funny part of our trip, our ride home.  HDM had promised us a good yummy treat for all our hard work we had just completed.  So we stopped at Mickie-Ds.

And found this.....

I gave her this seriously confused, tongue hanging out, look like.....

we can't have a Mango Raspberry Shake, that's our blogging buddy Mango.  

She proceeded to tell us that she didn't think it would be Mango in person, but than again he does have some pretty unique talents so maybe he does have a "Raspberry Shake" that he is showing off in Bloomington, IL.  Can you believe the nerve of Mickie-Ds to come up with a Mango Raspberry Shake.  I sure they didn't check with our blogging buddy before doing that.

Well after going through the drive thru, which Winston did not like very much.  This is what they gave us for a Mango Raspberry Shake.

Amiee with her confused look, are we seriously going to have Mango Raspberry Shake!

Come on Mom I am ready to try this treat, even though it does start with Mango!

Sorry Mango, but it is yummy!

Cleo even gives us a little tongue action.

Winston is a very picky eater and just wasn't sure if he should be eating Mango Raspberry Shake

Know it is sleepy time after our new adventures and Mango Raspberry Shake.

Amiee always gets the top bunk.

But we must ask Mango, while we are dreaming.........what does a real Mango Raspberry Shake look like?

The Hounddogs
Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lounging Outside Day - Finally

Finally a day that it didn't rain and wasn't 100 degrees outside.  We enjoyed a nice day this Friday just lounging and hanging outside.  You must pardon on concrete pad, haven't had a chance to fix it yet because of all the rain.  It just seems to be washing away.

Cleo being semi-photogenic.

Checking yard for snakes and toads.

Can we not do anything without a picture.

I had no idea that Amiee had her tongue sticking out at me.

Please stop taking pictures of me just doing nothing.

Let me know if you need some help out there, otherwise I am not moving.

This was Amiee's trick for the day, even though the doggie door is nothing new she thought it was fun that day.

Out the doogie door

In the doggie door

Out the doggie door

In the doggie door

Are we having fun yet, Mom?
Hope everyone has had a great weekend and we are so looking forward to no rain and 75 degree weather during the day this week.

Sniffers, The Hounddogs

GABR Transport - Roscoe 6-18

Oh, then HDM and HDD went in and slipped in a basset transport on a Friday afternoon (6-18-10).  Of couse, she says that it was a perfect day to transport a basset.  It was 5 years ago on 6-18 that she lost her beloved 1st basset Precious.  Her first transport was actually done on Precious' 1st anniversary of her going to the RB, so what better way to honor her by doing another transport. 

Roscoe was at the local Humane Society and they took him to Dr. Lou in Dwight.  He checks all the new bassets in that come to GABR.  We didn't get to meet him but boy did we sure smell him when they got home.

As you can see Roscoe has a little trouble with his right foot/leg.  The local vets said it was nerological, his brain doesn't tell his foot exactly what to do.  HDM said it sure doesn't slow him down any.  We are hoping maybe after Dr. Lou looks at it maybe it is something that could be fixed for him.

They found out that all of Roscoe's excitement in car was because he had to pee.  Once we stopped he did his business he layed down and slept the rest of the way.

We wish Roscoe all the best in finding his Fur-ever home, soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Air Conditioning

Oh, and finally we got something to benefit us.  HDM says she bought the air conditioner for us, but I really think it was more for HDD.  I know we are enjoying and getting some great sleep.

Finally we have arrived into the 21st Centry.  Air..................

Of course, Cleo still goes to the "Hot" Kitchen to lay down.  We only get to cool part of the house since we like to have our doggie door opened all day (which is off the kitchen)

Know I and Amiee prefer the nice cool hardwood floors.

Amiee and Winston

Cleo being silly (wanting a tummy rub)

Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Mom's New Computer

Mom finally got that new computer she has been wanting.  Of course it is not really new, but slightly used but she is just happy as a peacock.  We no longer here the pounding of that poor little thing they call a "mouse".  Heck I wouldn't work if someone was always jerking and slamming me around.  This wasn't one of her deals from Craigslist but a deal from the ads from her work.  They have a paper that everyone can post items for sale in and the day that her old one quit, someone had this new fancy one in the Alfi for sale at a very good price.  She asked the Human Kid what he thought and he said buy it before I do.  So here it is an HP 500GB hard drive 3meg memory (so it must be pretty smart).  And this awesome 22" widescreen monitor that she can't seem to take herself away from.  The thing is that she reads everyone else's blogs and comments but fails to update ours on a regular basis.  So today and this weekend we have her duct taped to the chair to make sure the blog gets updated.  So look for lots of new "outdated" posts from us.

She said that if you have never been on Craigslist you can get some heck of a deals, but must watch for them scammers.  We don't meet anyone at their house, always in a public place if possible.  HDM's Great Niece told her about this little website and oh my gosh, is she addicted to it.

HoundDogMom and The Hounddogs
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