Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Hearts Or Heavy Today

Today is a very sad day as we have received word that our blogging buddy Callie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
In Memory of Callie The Basset Hound
12/1/2003 - 7/30/2010
Callie and her fur-sister Droopy where some of our first blogging buddies and we even exchanged a PawItFoward recently.  We got so many nice things from them and was so looking foward to visiting them next summer on our road trip in the house on wheels (which we will still do).  We will treasure these toys even more and think of our dear basset friend Callie everytime we play with them.

Callie has had bad sickies (cancer) and this morning her family posted she had lost her battle and she was running free at the Rainbow Bridge.  We know that they are having a rough time and their heart's are broke, so we would really appreciate it if you could send some drool and special words to them at their blog at Cheesehounds.

Even though we never got to meet Callie in person, her stories have touched our hearts and we will miss her sweet words of wisdom and that sweet smile that she has.  Callie, we know you were greeted with open paws to the Bridge and are now able to be pain free and that is what a sweet girl like you deserves.  But it sure doesn't make it any easier and I know how much Droopy, Mommy and Daddy are hurting today.  We just wish we were closer to them so we could sit, hug and talk wonderful stories about you today.

Droopy and Callie's Family, I wish there was something I could do or say that would make today better for you.  I just want you to know how much you are in my hearts today and how bad my heart aches for you.  It has not been that long since we lost our Tabby girl so I know Callie has a great friend at the Bridge and I am sure they are swaping slobber, but it sure doesn't make it any easier.  Please give Droopy some extra love today because I am sure she is missing her best buddy.

We will look for the new bright star in the sky tonight, and say a prayer for you because we know Callie is shining down on you and your family.

Lots of drool, sniffs and tears
The Hounddogs (Cleo, Winston and Amiee)
HoundDogMom and HoundDogDad

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GABR Transport - (Shelby) 7-23-2010

Sorry we have been lacking in posts but HDM had this thing called a 30th Class Reunion.  Blogging took a backseat while she planned and then partied the weekend away.  Then she received a call about a basset girl that was found as a stray that needed picked up and brought to rescue.  So they took off Saturday morning to go pick her up and deliver her to GABR.

Well they got there early Saturday morning and found this poor girl tied on a chain in the hot sun with no water.  Blood all over the driveway, when she asked the vet (or a person who is suppose to have compassion for animals) he said Oh, I must have got one a little close.  She then proceeded to ask to see if he could stop it and when they turned around to get a leash.  They herd screaming and yelping and found him holding her up by one leg still chained up.  HDD had a few choice words to say to him and HDM said, let's just get her in the car and get the H*** out of here.

They said she was flea infested and had not had a bath in the seven days she had been there, skinned her nose really bad trying to escape.  Which after seeing how this person treated her in the 5 mins they were there, we can see why she tried to escape again. 

Once in the car HDM said her tail started waggin and she tried to get a little sleep but was pretty itchy.  Heck can you believe this little girl didn't even have a name.  So HDM and HDD decided they needed to name her and they came up with Shelby.  HDM said she licked her face and wagged her tail, so they think she liked it and we hope it sticks with her.

She will get all checked out by the clinic and then move to her foster home where she will be available for adoption hopefully in a few weeks.

A few pictures of Shelby on her transport to the clinic.

Shelby and her poor skinned nose.  Didn't seem to bother her, but looks terrible.
Is this not the sweetest face!

Shelby trying to rest between itches

Looking good here, but as you can see she is very dirty

Please don't take my picture, wait until I am more presentable
Don't worry Shelby, we love you no matter what

Absolutely love those ears, Shelby

HDM and Shelby at the Clinic

Shelby getting checked in at the Clinic

We want to wish Shelby all the best of luck in finding her fur-ever home.  She was a pretty special girl and I really learned the meaning of Basset Rescue when we picked her up (HDM).

You can watch for Shelby to appear on the available for adoption list for GABR.  They also have a lot of other great looking bassets available.  Can you open your home for a basset today?

Note from HDM:  We were contacted by a lady that has asked that we right a letter to the Animal Control where we picked her up from.  We hope to do something about this guy that obviously has lost all compassion for animals.  He does not deserve to be in the position he is in.

The Hounddogs and HDM

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Help Us Raise Money for Basset Rescue

Well we only have about 2 months before we head off to the 2010 Illinois Basset Waddle in Dwight, IL.  This year it is the 13th Annual Illinois Basset Waddle.  We have been attending for the last 4 years, since Cleo joined our family.

The Waddle is a way that Guardian Angel Basset Rescue GABR can rescue the number of bassets they do.  But times have been tough for lots of families and we have seen an increase in the number of bassets that GABR has been ask to help find fur-ever homes for.  Some of them are found wondering the streets, some are dumped and some families just can no longer care for them due to family situations. As a volunteer transporter for GABR I have brought 9 bassets into rescue since January 2010.  I think maybe I did a total of 10 in 2009, so you can see how important this event is to GABR.

We have set up our own Fundraising page to help us raise money for this great organization that is very dear to our hearts.  You can view our fundraising page here.  All donations are 100% tax-deductible.  Online donations are secure and easy!  However, if you prefer to donate via cash or check you may do that as well.  Just leave me a comment with your email and I will contact you with our mailing address.  All dollars raised go to the care of the bassets.

Also, if you want to take a chance at winning a restored 1968 Corvette just go the GABR link above and purchase your tickets on line.  GABR helps close to 100 different rescues with the raffle of the Corvette.  Don't need to be present to win, because Larry Little will call you in person the day of the drawing.

Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us.

HoundDogMom, HoundDogDad
And The Fur-Kids (Cleo, Winston and Amiee)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PAW IT FORWARD - Gifts have arrived

Today while home for lunch HDM had something delivered to the door by a very nice mail lady.  Of course we barked and that mail lady ran really quick back to her mail truck but at least she left a package for us.  HDM snapped a couple of pictures of the package and the mail truck leaving, but than said opening must wait until she gets home from work.

What mail for The Hounddogs, that does not ever happen. Our friends Droopy and Callie received a Paw It Forward gift from a good friend of theirs and announced on their blog they were looking for blogging buddies to play Paw It Forward with. Heck ya we signed up, because we never have done it before and we don't ever get packages. Even though we watch that mail truck come down our road everyday and just pass us up.

We received a confirmation pee-mail from The Cheesehounds - Droopy and Callie Human Mom that our package was in the mail and to begin watching for it. Which we did for few days than went on our camping trip for the weekend so we were so hoping it would not arrive while we were gone. Heck someone might have seen it on the porch and took it from us if it came while we were gone, since the House had no protectors but them silly 4 legged fur things HDM calls "Cats" outside.

Our package at the front door.

The nice mail lady leaving rather quickly.

What we don't get to open it right way, heck maybe Winston can sneek it off the counter and we will have already opened it before she gets home.  I don't think she would like that because than she would not have any pictures to post.  So I guess we will just sit and stare and dream about what it contains for the afternoon.  It was damaged on one corner but that allowed us to sniff it out really good.  We cannot wait for this afternoon to come.

Our package (slightly damaged) but we could smell it good.

Well get ready for picture overload because we are about to dig into this wonderful Paw It Forward package we received from Droopy and Callie.

First HDM let each of us smell it and sniff it out really good.  I wonder what is in here it smells so yummy.

HDM then opened the package to see what we had.  We had individual wrapped pressies and a card addressed to us.

Is this not the coolest card, doggie paws all over it.

Cleo was first to receive her gifts.  As you can tell she was more than ready to see what she got.  You have to excuse the blurry pictures because these are true action shots.

 Oh, this thing is awesome I can surely drive the humans crazy with all these squeakers in here.

Winston was next to see what goodies he got.  Again, action shots because we love to open pressies.  It is like Christmas in July.

I got this squeaky thing that makes more of a honking noise, surely to drive the humans crazy as well.

Amiee's turn, just not quite sure what to do when you give her a wrapped toy.  I know the pictures don't show it but she was excited.

It's mine and you can't have it.

Amiee got this really cool rack of ribs, which squeaks in each rib bone.  Actually I almost bought them one of these the other day because I thought the multiple squeaking was pretty cool.

There wasn't just toys in there, we also got yummy "begging bacon strips", which HDM controls the distribution of these.

Some new bandannas to wear, we will model these in a later post.

Oh, and the humans got something as well.  Hot sauce, HDD loves Hot Sauce.

Then Cleo stole Winston toy and was hording them.  Which one do I want.

Then Winston stole it back.

And Amiee just decided to keep hers tucked underneath her so nobody could steal it.

Droopy and Callie we can't thank you enough for sending us our first "mail package" and allowing us to play PAW IT FORWARD with you.  Sorry we don't have a group picture of us and all our loot, you had to stay close to your toys if you didn't want someone else to steal them.

We love our new squeaky toys, treats and bandannas, this PAW IT FORWARD game is totally awesome and know we want to play PAW IT FORWARD with you!!!

Here are the rules for Paw It Forward:
The exchange focuses on doing an act of kindness without anything in return other than that the recipient will pass the kindess along and 'Paw it Forward' in their own way.
This is how it works: Those participating agree to send something uplifting, inspiring or fun to the first 3 bloggie friends who post a comment on their entry on your blog saying they would like to play. There are no cost restrictions but don't go crazy. What you send can be something you made, something from your state or anything that will make the recipient smile. It can be for the human or for their pet.

If you would like to pawticipate in Paw It Forward just post in our comments that you want to play! Sorry but we can only Paw It Forward with the first 3 bloggie friends that post that they want to pawticipate!!!! So be quick like a bunny!!!
Many thanks to our friends Droopy and Callie for bringing this game to our attention.

Slobbers and drools,
The Hounddogs (Cleo, Winston and Amiee)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Roundtrip Home - 1st Camping Trip Complete Success

Here are just a few pictures HDM snapped of us on the rode trip home. She said it was a much peaceful trip home then going.  We had to play musical backseat several times before everyone seemed to get comfortable. Modifications are needed to the backseat to allow more room for all three of us to lay down, comfortably.

 Of course, I always choose the middle spot.  It contains the best view.

Amiee claiming her space.

 Cleo claiming like 1/2 of the backseat

 Amiee crashed and Winston cramped

You know your sister is asleep real good when you can use her "butt" for a pillow

Please don't tell her Mom.

 Winston in his cramped space while Cleo and Amiee were stretched out.  Please get me home soon.

 Cleo decided to lay between the to seats and rest her head on the console.

 Overall HDM and HDD said it was deemed a successful camping trip.  Modifications are needed for the backseat, more dog pen is needed for more room.

We sure enjoyed it and can't wait for another camping trip, soon.

The Hounddogs (Cleo, Winston, Amiee)

The Hounddogs Go Camping - Day 2

Our second day of camping went a little smoother. We got like a zillion walks around the campground, meet some great kids and adult humans. We created a slide show of our second day to make it a little easier to view. The first post of Day 1 was very long but we thought we needed to provide a little more story for that day. Day 2 was just walks, chill, walks, chill. The camera did not go every time since you mostly get to see a lot of "butt" shots.

The Hounddogs (Cleo, Winston, Amiee

The Hounddogs Go Camping - Day 1

Well we have been promised a camping trip, all 3 of us, and it finally happened.  We took a small little journey about 1-1/2 hours away from home this past weekend

We all loaded up in the truck and pulled the House on Wheels.

Please Winston let me up there I want to see.

I on the other hand prefer the side view with my own window and breeze.

I do believe HDD needs a co-pilot and that would be me (Winston).

This is so unfair that we are stuck in back to see Winston's butt and the back of human heads.

Finally I and Amiee settled down and took us a little nap for the road trip, Mom & Dad much appreciated that since Winston was making enough whining noises for 30 dogs.  He was  very impatient with the road trip to our camping spot.  Finally we made it to the new home for 3 days, which was very nice lots of grass to run (on leash) in.  Lots of new sniffs and plenty of sights to see.

When we first arrived we got a very quick trip to potty (not much sight seeing then) then we got in the House on Wheels in the AC while HDM and HDD setup camp.

Our house on wheels, not sure if you notice that contraption they have set-up at the back of the camper.

They called it our "hound" pen.  I guess we will learn to enjoy it and check out some sights.  We can't wait for all the walks they keep talking about.

Okay lets see, we got beds, toys and water.  Pretty nice digs if this gold plated fence wasn't in our face all the time.

This is the inside of our House on Wheels where we slept, ate and stayed if HDM and HDD needed some alone time.

As you can see I did a little more sleeping in here than I did eating.

Me too.....

Of course I the drama queen didn't quite understand when HDM asked me if I wanted to eat at the table.  I thought she said get on the table.

This is where I proceeded to keep an out for any intruders that may try to enter my House On Wheels.  Actually, patiently waiting for HDM and HDD to return.
Note from HDM: Cleo would sit on the table and look out the window for us and when she would see us, her little butt would start shaking, her tail waggin and she would be going around in circles.  Like she was table dancing, silly girl.

Also, we have no pictures from our first big walk through the campground.  Winston was so excited she was having trouble containing him and walk Amiee at the same time that the camera did not make the first walk.  I on the other hand got to walk with HDD and we just took our time and enjoyed the sights.

After our walk we came back cooled down and then made another attempt at eating.

Too tired to eat.

So we went back outside to look at more sights and this is a slide show of the 1st day of our camping trip.

The Hounddogs (Cleo, Winston, Amiee)
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