Monday, July 27, 2009

Can We Walk

Please Mom can we go for a walk. The weather is nice for a walk.
Cleo, Winston, Amiee

TV Time Anyone

This weekend HDM was flipping channels and came the news channel. On the news channel was Rush Limburgh (sp), I found him to be quite entertaining.
Amiee watching the news with Rush Limburgh. I have never seen her watching TV like this. He was not saying nice things about the President in this interview. Totally cracked me up.
Amiee watching her news and Cleo sleeping.
Then they were trying to con me out of some chips and dip later on in the evening.
Chips and Dip for HDM Pretend to be sleeping so she won't see what you are about to do.
Sneak you a little lick while she turns her head.
Then pretend like nothing ever happened.
Cleo, Winston, Amiee

Tabby - The overgrown Basset

Tabby here,
I don't get to comment much on this blog. I just like to chill and sleep on the bed all day. I prefer to stay out of the way of the 3 basset hounds. They are a little overwelming for me at times, especially with my long legs. Here are some pictures of me chillin the back yard, that is until that little "basset brat" found me. :)
I love my yard.
She has a thing about my slopper. Totally gross if you ask me. :)Tabby

Waddle Fund Raising

HoundDogMom has finally got our fund raising page set-up for the 2009 Illinois Waddle. She has located a link on the right-hand side if you want to check it out. We really got to get cracking on our fund raising because we are not doing so good, but then we just got it completed this weekend. We love to attend the waddle, because there are so many hounds there. This will be Amiee's first trip to the Waddle. Saturday's are a free day with games and running with everyone, see we don't have to be on a leash. But then Sunday they sure place back into reality with a leash for the waddle. Could you image seeing 1200 un-leashed basset hounds going 1,200 different directions because of their noses.
Amiee chilling on the couch.
HoundDogMom, Cleo, Winston, Amiee

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time to Waddle

The Jeakins' Hounds are getting ready to waddle. Every year we attend the Illinois Basset Waddle in Dwight, IL. This is an annual fundraiser for Guardian Angel Basset Rescue. They help homeless bassets in Illinois, Indiana. HDM is currently a transporter for GABR, this means she goes and picks them up and delivers them to their foster homes. They then spend a few weeks with their foster family, then are placed on the website for adoption. GABR has helped over 3,000 bassets. We hope you will check out our fundraising page in the sidebar. Our goal is rather high this year but we feel that between the three of us (Cleo, Winston, Amiee) we should be able to meet it.
This is Winston after a long hot waddle (2008)
This is HDD and Cleo waiting to begin the Waddle (2008)
Winston chilling on the waddle. He got very over heated and wanted to bath in the ice tubs.
Cleo, Winston, Amiee

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Well someone in this family has got to get their act together. Little Miss Amiee had a total of five (5) remote controls last week, one (1) cell phone and one (1) pair of leather sandels. I know purchase remote controls in the double pack to have a stock of them. It sucks to have the remote control ate at like 8:00pm at night and not be able to change the channel. I have gotten much better over the weekend and we have successfully had the same remote for five (5) days know. The son got his cell phone fixed, but still has the teeth marks on it. The leather shoes were not salvagable. She loves to chew on leather, only the finest for these hounds.
Very tasty remote control
I sorry Mommy, I did not mean to eat "another" remote control.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I sure hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. It rained in Illinois all day long, but stopped long enough to get the fireworks off. As usual they were wonderful and it is great way to show our Independence in America. The hounddogs stayed in for the day as the parents went to party. I will have a few pictures of them sporting their 4th of July Bandanas. Of course, they are not very fond of wearing them, but what is a mother to do with four fur-children on 4th of July. I just wanted to remind everyone to help out the local rescues. Please remember to click on the animal rescue site to feed the homeless fur-kids. Also, don't forget to vote for your local shelter to win a Makeover. I have voted for the Midwest Bloodhound Rescue in Illinois. Thanks for checking in more updates this week. As Amiee has continue to eat remote controls for another week. HoundDogMom
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