Friday, December 24, 2010

Secret Santa Pressies Arrive

Santas Secret Gifts Arrive

  This year we pawticipated in two gift exchanges.  This one is for the Secret Santa that was thought of by Sallys Blog "Lost in Translation".  This one is just a tad different then the other one.  As you don't know who was paired up with who.

We know that our Secret Pals received our gift, but have not opened them yet.  We hope to be seeing a post from Khyra, Merdie and Harley soon.  We hope they like what our human picked out for them, we had to do lots of sniffing around their blog to see what things they liked.  Now on to who had our name.  Our Secret Pals were Addie, Hailey and Lucie, whom we are just getting to know and read all about since we got our gifts the other day.  They can't be all that bad because they really like the Deadliest Catch Show, which we watch as well.

This is what she found at our front door step when she returned from work Tuesday.  You can see Amiee peaking through the door.  What do we have today, Mom.

The most creative Christmas delivery box we have seen

Charlie Brown characters and all

Oh, Winston I smell something really yummy in this here package

Let me see if I can assist

Note from HDM:  This is where I had to step in and assist before we had a little tussle on our hands.  Here are the contents of the box.  We thought it was best we did it this way, since once the box was on the floor opened, we would never have the opportunity to get a picture of all the goodies they were so lucky to receive.

 The most creative card

Personalized and everything

 And without further ado, the good stuff....Arooogh

Stuffies with squeakies and yummy doggie bones

The big red ball, sorry he has been de-squeaked by Winston

This is one of the toys they received that came with a very special message.  The proceeds from these sales benefited animal rescue as well.

This one squeaks, and crunches

Yummy Meaty Bone Treats

And, Oh Santa.....He is quite the hit with Amiee, she carries him around the house squeaking his belly.

Here are some blurry action shots

Taste the treats

Oops, can't take pictures and feed at the same time

Okay, give it to me will ya....Enough of trying to take a picture

 I want that toy, Winston

Okay, I will take this big red ball, I will set to destroy this noise maker

Oh, Santa where have you been all my life.....

Crunchies and Squeakies together, oh my....

Boy they makes these toys out of some tough material

It crunches every time I try to get that squeaker thing in here
Here are the tags that were on the toys that benefit animal rescue
As I stated before, I had to get a group shot of their goodies, because it was run every which way once they were turned loose with their new toys.

We look forwarding to following Addie, Hailey and Lucie adventures in 2011.  We also want to say thanks to Sally for putting this Secret Santa together.  We had lots of fun playing and Mom had lots of fun shopping.
Merry Christmas

Cleo, Winston, Amiee and HoundDogMom


  1. Wow - what a pawesome Christmas haul! (We've gotten pressies from Addie, Hailey and Lucy before and they are so creative with their wrappings and cards and pressies - so cool! And you pups definitely enjoyed them all hee hee! Furry thoughtful animal rescue gift! Pretty soon the HOUR will come when we get to open YOUR gift whoopeee! We can't wait!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  2. Pawesome!!!!!!!!!

    Those were some furry khool tasty and fun stuffs!

    Mom took pikhs of our pakhkages the other day - and was going to run them on Thursday's post but Miss Opy's khrossing had us put that on hold -

    I haven't gotten to open my stuff yet - but I think that is on the agenda fur tomorrow!

    Merdie and Harley's are in the pantry fur when they khome to visit OR when their beans khome so we khan send their pawesome stuffs along!

    Once again, THANKS FURRY MUCH fur putting all the thoughts and stuffs into it!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins Merdie and Harley

  3. Wow, what a wonderful gift.
    I hope you had fun.

    Nice woooh


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