Thursday, July 28, 2011

GABR Transport - Sydney (7/23/2011)

HDD and I got the honor of assisting this past Saturday, June 23 on transporting Sydney to her fur-ever home.

Sydney was being fostered near Chicago, Illinois so she had to begin her journey very early in the morning.  GABR Transporter Cheryl started on the road at 6:30am with Sydney to bring her to Bloomington, IL to HDD and I (2 hours).  We were the second leg of her transport to her fur-ever home with us traveling 2 hours south to Effingham, Illinois where we met up with GABR Transporter Jan who was then going to drive Sydney to Mt. Vernon, Illinois where she would meet up with her fur-ever family then make her last journey to her fur-ever home in Harrisburg, Illinois.  Sydney was a very special girl and we would have never known she was even in the BUV with us during her transport.  She was so happy to meet everyone and didn't seem to know a strange face.  If there was one I could have kept, it could have been her but I knew she had a great new life ahead of her.  See Sydney is absolutely terrified of thunderstorms and loud noises.  But she has the perfect family as her Dad will be home all day with her and while he works at night she will have the company of her Grandma.  Sydney will never be left home alone again, to suffer through any storms by herself.

Sydney getting ready for her last leg of her transport. 

HDM giving lots of snuggles and hugs to Sydney before we said Good-Bye

We wish you nothing but the best in your new home, you deserve to be treated like a Queen.

Sniffs, HoundDogMom

POTP - Fred (Hound Girl)

Power Of The Paw For Fred

We seen this morning on Facebook that last night Hound Girl had a very scary night with Fred.  Fred has been having seizures for the last couple of weeks and they have been trying to control it with Thyroid meds and know Pehnob med for seizures.  From her updates on facebook it was a very long night for family and Fred.  From what I understand Fred is home and resting and they will continue to try to figure out the right combination for Fred and his meds.

I know she hasn't posted anything up on her blog but I am sure she will once she has had time to rest and gather her thoughts.  If you could maybe stop by and give Fred some Power of the Paw and give Hound Girl and her family some much needed love right know.  I believe they could use it.

The HoundDogs and HoundDogMom

GABR Transport - General (7/15/2011)

With everything going on with Cleo I have totally spaced on posting on the latest transports that I have been assisting with.  On Friday, July 15, 2011 I had the privlage of transporting General into GABR


General had a very rough life and is only 2 years old.  And has been nicknamed "General Hoppy" by his foster parents.  See General only walks on 3-1/2 legs.  He has 3 perfectly good legs, but can only use his 4th leg (right front) for balance while sitting or while doing stairs.  The vets feel that General had been hit by a car sometime ago, and his leg was broke but was never fixed properly, but fixing it at this point in my life will cause me a great deal of pain.  My bad leg does not cause me to in any pain and sure doesn't stop me from doing anything a young basset does.

General also was heartworm positive when he came to GABR, but was very lucky that it was just a mild case and he only had to endure 2 heartworm treatments.  Which he came through with flying colors.  He only has a few days left of crate rest and then he will be available to find his fur-ever home.

Best of Luck General, you deserve to find your fur-ever home real soon.

Sniffs, HoundDogMom

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Blog Makeover

So what do you think of our Blog Makeover?

We have wanted to have a blog makeover for some time, and our secretary (HDM) is not very good when it comes to changing the blog format. It took her like 29 zillion years to figure just how to change our picture or the background. So we were seeing lots of our blog friends were getting a makeover and their blogs are looking pretty COOL.

Here are just a few that caught our eye recently.

Mr. Pip

Major Frankie Furter

We contacted the great design team of (SAS – Sammy, Andy, Shelly).  Their Mom (Miss Judi) contacted our secretary (HDM) immediately to give her the details on how to start this blog makeover. We have to say the instruction were super easy to set-up for Miss Judi to work her magic to our blog. We are absolutely amazed at the things Miss Judi has done to our blog. It is absolutely AWESOME-PAWSOME and check out Winston he has made it to the top of the picnic table to be with his girls.  There will be a few tweaks here and there over the next couple of days but we thinks this is going to be so much more easy for HDM to manage.

If you have been thinking about having a blog makeover, hop right over to the SAS (Sammy, Andy Shelly) blog and leave them a comment. Miss Judi will get back with you immediately to begin the process.

What is really great about her blog makeovers is she doesn’t have a set fee for her blog makeover like some designers. Some designers ask for hundreds of dollars to do this. All SAS and Miss Judi would like to see would be maybe a donation made to their “treat fund” on their blog, but then that is not even necessary, strictly voluntary. Miss Judi just loves to do this for their blog friends. We just think that is super-duper cool and we are so glad we came to her for our blog makeover.

Thanks again to SAS and their most talented and kind Miss Judi.

The HoundDogs and HoundDogMom

Worldess Wednesday - 7/27/2011

Worldless Wednesday

Note:  This was the outside temperature gauge on the BUV last Thursday July 21, 2011 at 3:00pm in the afternoon.  This is actual temperature, the Heat Index that day was 115 degrees.  
We have since cooled down to a very nice 95 degrees this week.  BOL

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cleo Update - Acupuncture Here I Come

First of Mom would like to thank everyone for all their great words of encouragement and advice.  She absolutely says that blogville rocks and she is so thankful that she has a blog to receive this great advice from great friends, human and furends.  I thought I would give you all an update on how I am doing after my follow-up appointment and where we are at with moving forward.

I continue to take it day by day, I have good days and bad days.  All last week I was doing really good, my tummy is feeling much better and I just cannot get enough to eat.  The W/D food I am on and the small quantity they are allowing me to have is just not cutting it.  So on Friday I decided to take things into my own account and see if I could scarf up some foodables around here.  All I can say is "THANK YOU, DAD" for staying home Friday and leaving that Fridge open just a little bit to allow my paw to fit in to that opening very nicely.  Mom came home to be guarding the kitchen very intently on Friday afternoon.  All, I can say is that 6 sausages and 1/2 pound of Deli ham filled my tummy up very well.  BOL.....(Note from HDM:  Actually Cleo was guarding the kitchen and her plastic wrappings, Amiee was in the bedroom with the empty container from the ham, and poor poor Winston is sitting in the living room with the saddest eyes that he had failed at having any of these yummy treats.)

Of course, Mom, had a full blown panic attack about my treats I had.  With all my tummy issues, she said the only thing that came to mind was "BLOAT", and my tummy was quite large and bulging out the side when I would lay down.  She immediately called Dr. T so they could talk and find out if he needed to see me, again.  He told Mom to not give me my normal feedings for supper, only like 20 pieces of Kibble for supper and nothing else.  He said that I was already on anti-acid meds so that would help and the small amount of kibble should begin to move things out of my system.  Needless to say Mom did not sleep much Friday night and all I could do was drink like 29 gallons of water and pant like crazy.  She told me that the sausages were really not fit for a human to consume let alone a fur-kid.  BOL  Then of course, before she hung from Dr. T he proceeded to tell her --- Well this is not really what we wanted Cleo to do at this stage of her treatment, but I am just really glad to see that she is feeling that well to RAID THE FRIDGE.  All, Mom could do was Agree, WTF.......I woke up on Saturday feeling fine and ready for my breakfast, also I visited the backyard several times throughout the day to expel said sausages and ham.  BOL....

Okay, back to my follow-up visit Monday (June 25th).  Dr. T stuck me again in my shaved leg to draw more blood so he could check my counts for my tummy.  He said that after the blood work was processed all my counts were back to normal and I was healing nicely for my tummy, but I have to stay on W/D food for 6-8 weeks just to make sure everything is balancing out okay.  We then moved to the more important part of the follow-up visit, my spine, back, vertebrae out of alignment.  Dr. T was not very impressed with what he was seeing in this exam.  It appears that my response time to bring my feet back to being firmly planted on the ground, is still very slow, extremely slow and he felt that we have not made any improvement at all.  It basically has stayed the same for a week, it appears we are just maintaining the swelling in her spinal column but not see the improvements we would like.  He feels like with humans and back trouble that it just takes time and lots of rest, normally 6-8 weeks.  But he is very supportive of Mom taking me for another opinion and proceeding with looking into acupuncture and chiropractor treatments for me.  We talked about the Chinese Herbs that this lady also will recommend, but he really wants her to stay on her anti-inflammatory meds while she goes through this treatment with Dr. A.  He said if she wants to use herbs to please let him know so that they can work together.  He said you don't always want to continue with pills if you are applying other things.

Mom informed him that she really just wants a second opinion confirm that I have Wobblers' Syndrome and it is not something different.  She also really wants to focus on acupuncture and chiropractor care for me and maybe skip the Chinese herbs and stuff.  She worries about having 3 different things happening to my body and not really knowing which one is helping my situation out.  Well Mom has told me that she called Dr. A and we have an appointment set up for next Wednesday, August 2nd at 2:00pm.  She would have like to got me in sooner but since Dr. A is the only near this area that does this treatment she gets booked pretty quickly.  She asked Mom to get ALL my medical records, lab reports, and doctor notes faxed to her this week so she can review them.  She also asked that we get our X-Rays as well sent to her.  Dr. T is being very accommodating for us at this stage of the game and he is working on faxing, mailing all my medical records to Dr. A.  I can't tell you how excited I am about getting to move forward with this phase of my treatment.  I have heard nothing but great things from everyone in blogville about how this treatment is going to help me regain my strength, so I can hopefully chase that squirrel or capture that snake in the backyard. 

My Mom got some great information from the SlimmerPugs and their Momma.  She forwarded us an article that was in Dog Fancy about Gold Bead Implants that are a form of permanent acupuncture that is implanted under the skin.  We talked to Dr. T about this and he said they they have used these for years, as GOLD is the most successful with treating this type of stuff.  He said, that Copper and other things are used but GOLD is the ultimate source to use if you can afford it.  Mom told him that she was just going to wrap me in a GOLD sweater and that should solve everything.  BOL....We are going to take this article with us next Wednesday when we see Dr. A and get her feelings on it as well.  It maybe something we may have to pursue in the future for me.

So for the time being, Dr. A has said that I must be kept quite and not allowed to jump on furniture or take stairs.  She feels that I should be okay tell next Wednesday since I am moving around on all fours really well.  She told Mom that if she seems me getting worse over the next few days and if I having trouble with my lameness more I should call her immediately and she will figure a way to work us in.  Mom told her she is willing to come at anytime of the day or evening, she will leave work in a heartbeat to get met there.

Thanks again for all the great thoughts and advice for Mom, she says I have given her a pretty good scare and this is not something she has faced before in any of her other bassets.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cleo Update - HDM Needs Some Advice

Boy it sure is hot in Bloomington, IL this week and from what it looks like it isn’t going to let up anytime soon. The hounds basically just go outside to do their business and then back inside with the air and fans. Winston will on occasion go out and lie in the hot sun for about 10 minutes then come inside, silly boy.

We haven’t been doing too much with Cleo being under the weather and it being so hot. Cleo just doesn’t seem to have much energy to do much of anything. Going outside to do her business pretty much takes all her energy and she comes in the back door and lies on the cool kitchen floor. She just doesn’t look comfortable when she lies down, and you can see her start to think when she has to get up and move. She can’t jump into her favorite chair, so I help her. She can work her way on to her ottoman that she likes to sleep on. She doesn’t appear to have any more tummy issues right know. She is eating special dry and soft food that is really bland and easy on her tummy. She doesn’t mind this food and eats it all gone at every meal along with her meds.

Here she is sneaking some of the food Winston left in his bowl the other night. Her back legs appear to work really good when she wants them to.  This was prior to her meals being increased.  She was looking for food...give me Food...

But her other issues with her back have really got me worried and I am just not sure what to do. The vet says she is not in pain, but I can tell she obviously has some soreness/tenderness when she attempts to lie down or get up. I guess this is from the pressure on the nerves from the vertebrae out of alignment and the swelling.

The support that we have received from our blogville friends has been amazing and gives me great comfort while we try to figure out a course of action for our girl, Cleo. So I am going to reach out to each and every one of you for some guidance on how I should proceed.

For starts, I absolutely love my vet (Dr. T.). He has been my vet for almost 25 years and has helped me through so much when it comes to my fur-kids. I believe he has my fur-kids best interest at heart and believes in his heart he is doing everything for her best interest. But this time, I am just not sure if he understands exactly what is wrong with Cleo. I have talked to a lot of basset hound owners and the basset rescue and everyone is pretty surprised that Cleo was diagnosed with Wobbler’s Syndrome. She also has very low red blood count and low platelets with no known explanation. I really want to take her to the Vet in Chenoa that does acupuncture/chiropractor adjustments on animals. He just doesn’t seem to think that going up to her right know would be a good idea, because of her swelling. He doesn’t seem to think that she will be able to do much because of the paralysis (slow response from limbs) she has right now. He had mentioned to me that he knows her and that he would call her and forward Cleo’s x-rays to her, just not this week.

• Well, just how many weeks do I just wait for him to decide to call and send the x-rays?
• Should I just call her myself and explain it to her and set up my own appointment?
• Should I talk to him again about making the call, or do it behind his back?

I am very aware of how Chiropractor care works in humans and my friend had great success with the lady with her dog. I would like to believe that if she doesn’t feel the time is right to adjust Cleo then she would tell me. But, it just seems like there should be something more I can be doing to get her the relief she needs. I am afraid the longer the nerves are pinched and compressed the more damage will be done to them. Has anyone every had their fur-kid treated with this type of treatment?  Have you been in the situation where you might question the care your current vet is giving your fur-kid?

I realize that this type of injury can take some time to heal especially when it involves nerve damage.  I just don't know what to do and I just want my girl Cleo to get to feeling better again real soon.

Your thoughts on how you would proceed?

HoundDogMom and Cleo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Steps For Cleo / POTP For Fred (Hound Girl)

Cleo continues to take "baby steps" each day.  Today she seems to be moving a little slow but I think there is just so much activity here at the house she wants to stay busy with us.  She sleeps super at night and is eating very good and taking her meds.  She pretty much knows her own limitations right know which is good.

We do have a favor since everyone so good with the POTP for Cleo and I really do believe it helps our fur-kids to know other fur-kids are crossing their paws for them.  I seen today on facebook that Fred over at Hound Girls blog had a the the horrible monster seizure hit him this morning.  According to her updates on Facebook Fred has never had one of these before and they were on their way to the vets with him.

Please keep our fur-end Fred and his family in your thoughts today and send them some healing vibes.  I am sure she will post on her blog soon about it but right know she is posting updates on facebook.

The HoundDogs and HDM

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cleo's Home

One of her bandages on her front leg, the other leg is shaved
Cleo is very determined the bandage should come off

After talking with Dr. T yesterday morning, he decided to let Cleo come home last night for some good loving from Momma.  He said that she still has some delay in bringing her back foot back up when he pulls it behind her.  It now takes her like 5 seconds vs. 15 seconds 2 days ago.   She takes a little longer to get up from laying down and get her back feet planted.  I just hope the oral pills (steroids) that she will get to take at home, will be able to do the same job as the intervenous ones were doing.  The main reason he wants her to really come home is that she won’t eat for him or any of the staff.  She won’t eat for me there either, and he really wanted to see how her tummy did with food.  But he knows that I am very good at following orders and he will here from me no matter what tomorrow morning with a report.  If I think there is any decline in her condition, from not get the meds interviously, then I will take her back.  We hope to get her in next week to see the Chiropractor Vet to give her some adjustments.
Dr. T give us an official name for what she has “Wobble Syndrome”.  Here is one link that explains it in greater detail.  Cleo' has the 2nd vertebrae in her back out of alignment.
want to thank all our blogville friends for all the healing vibes for Cleo.  I was so overwhelmed with all the comments that we received.  I actually set and read everyone to Cleo so she knew how much she is loved in Blogville.  A big "THANK YOU" to Mango and Dexter for putting the word out that Cleo needed the POTP.
Sorry, I am just know getting this updated on her status.  I worked on getting her settled when we got home, got her to eat about 3 tablespoons of food for me, gave her some quality back rubs, loving, etc then we all settled down for some sleep.  Winston and Amiee are so excited to have their fur-sister home, we all got some good quality sleep last night.   Oh, and when I went to go to bed last night guess where I found Cleo.........On The Bed snooring like crazy.....
In the meantime, Cleo will be getting lots of rest.  No access to the doggie door all day long, walks, roughness, Basset 500.  Should be fun, because as we all know that once the drugs are working they seem to forget about their pains and want nothing more to do than play. 
The HoundDogs, HDM and HDD

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless "Power of the Paw" Wednesday - 6/13/2011

Wordless "Power of the Paw" Wednesday
Cleo Update - 6/13/2011

This morning I talked to Dr. T (vet man) and he said that Cleo appears to be slightly better this morning.  Paralyzes is not as relevant in her front leg/paw this morning, but she still is showing signs of weakness in her back legs still.  Blood work this morning is showing high numbers in her Pancreas and her Red Blood count is very low.  Dr. T is not sure what is causing the low red blood count at this point, but he said her color is good.
He kept her on heavy muscle relaxers last night and super juice running through her IVs to help with the inflammation around her spine.  Since Cleo has showed some signs of improvement the first 24 hours, we will continue this treatment for the next 24 hours to hopefully reduce more swelling around her spine area.
I will be heading to the vet over lunch to visit with Cleo.  Dr. T wants me to see her and give him my opinion on how she is looking and acting today.
Cleo, continues to need our prayers, drool, power of the paw to help her through this.  We appreciate all the nice words of encouragement everyone has given us so far.  It really helps to know we have such great people in blogville that fully understands what we are going through when our fur-babies become sick.
The HoundDogs, HoundDogMom, HoundDogDad

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Power of the Paw Needed For Cleo

Cleo Needs the Power of the Paw

The last couple of weeks Cleo was going through what we thought some tummy troubles.  She got some meds, soft dog food (super bland prescription stuff).  Appeared to be on the up swing of things but still wasn't eating the best after she completed all her meds.  

Then today she would not eat her breakfast at all.  At lunch she was on the bed sleeping and then finally came out.  I noticed that when she went to lay down in the kitchen she looked very uncomfortable and just slid into her back legs on the floor to lay down.  I felt her tummy and it was very hard, I am immediately thinking bloat.  I call the vet and tell him that what her symptoms are and that I am bringing her in to be looked at while I was at work.  I didn't want to wait until after work to take her.  I told them that as soon as she got done potty outside I would bring her in.  But then I noticed that she was having trouble with her back legs as she walked down the ramp out to the yard.  I told them this as well and they said bring her right in.  If you remember right she had something similar happen at the waddle last year, but they found nothing wrong with her.

Well the vet finally called around 3:30pm to let me know that he didn't think that it was not bloat (thank goodness), and he does not believe she has a tummy issue (thank goodness).  He found that while placing her rear foot behind her she would take about 15 seconds before she could bring it back the right way to support herself.  He found, she was very tender in the shoulder, and back area.  So he did additional x-rays of her neck, back after her x-ray of her tummy.  In look at her neck x-ray he found that her second vertebrae is out of alignment about 1/8 of an inch or so.  This is putting pressure on her spine which is pressuring nerves that are suppose to send the information from her brain to her back legs.  He gave her a shot of super juice to help her pain and hopefully take away the pressure on her spine.  So he said I could bring her home and we would see what the extra blood work said in the morning and we would possible see about getting her into a Chiropractor Vet that is near buy to get her spine back in alignment.

Cleo came out all happy, dancing around and very excited to be going home.  We went to the car and I picked her up and loaded her in the BUV.  We headed down the road and when I came to a stop light that had just turned red, I turned around to check on her.  I noticed that she was all hunched over and her right root was all turned under and she could not stand on it or walk.  I immediately turned the BUV around and headed back to the vet.  We went in and he looked at her and he was totally shocked at how quickly this had moved to her left leg as well, she was showing signs of her right leg having delayed responses as well.  I immediately told the vet that I was not taking her home for fear that she could move and paralyze herself.  He agreed that things were progressing more quickly and if she would have had these signs when we talked on the phone, he would not have allowed me to take her home.

I made the decision to leave her for the night so they could run the super juice through an IV in hope to relieve the pressure on her spine quicker.  We will know more in the morning on how things are looking.

Please say an extra prayer and keep your paws crossed for her to have her pain managed and to be able to come home to us soon.

Cleo, Winton, Amiee
HoundDogMom and HoundDogDad

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 7/6/2011

Wordless Wednesday "Zoo Style"

Funky Squirrel at the Zoo

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Friday, July 1, 2011

Breakfast With The Bassets

On Saturday, June 18th GABR held its 1st Annual Breakfast With The Bassets.  This event was attended by HoundDogMom only as she volunteered to work that day.  And since she couldn't work and handle all three of us we all just stayed home and enjoyed the sniffs when she returned.

This event was being held to invite everyone up to show off the new building that was built at the GABR this past fall.  This building will be used for multiple different things and just really sets the park off.  Enjoy the pictures that I snapped while I worked the food table and then walked out and snapped more pictures of all the visitors that day.

It wasn't looking like it was going to be a great day

But it began to look a little brighter the further we I got from Bloomington 

I just had to snap a picture of this truck going down the road.  It looked so real. 

Pictures of the new building and GABR Park

This is looking out of the big doors on the new building into the park area 

Adoptable dogs getting settled in 

People and bassets socialized 

Breakfast goodies were provided and enjoyed by all 

Random picture of the inside of the new building 

This is looking out into the parking lot area 

Oh, this is Benjamin.....He will for sure melt your heart.  He was trying to talk me into giving him a little piece of that muffin sitting there. 

Oh, PLEASE.....I won't tell anyone 

Decided to pout after not getting anything 

Oh, did someone say "TREAT" 
Benjamin came all the way from Japan 2 years ago.  He was in one of their "airport hangers" waiting to die.  In Japan they don't believe in putting them to sleep, but allow them to suffer in pain.  Benjamin was hit by a car and left on the roadside for dead.  He was found by some people but they could not care for him so he was placed in just another area, left to die.  Benjamin was in severe pain, could not walk, and had huge sores on his back end from dragging himself on the concrete floors.  A wonderful lady volunteering there, thought he had more life to give so she started contacting places in Canada.  Canada Rescue could not bring him across their boarders so they told her to contact GABR.  Benjamin was prepared and placed on a plane to the United States.  He was greeted by GABR board members when arrived at Chicago O'Hare Airport.  He was vetted, then placed with a wonderful foster mom who decided to adopt Benjamin.  Benjamin went to various therapy's including water therapy.  He was fitted for a cart and know uses his back legs to some degree.  And believe there is nothing that slows Benjamin down.  He is such a happy hound.

People enjoying the breakfast goodies 

This is Benjamin's brother BJ 

More People and Hounds coming to enjoy the day 

This will be the new sign on the building.  It was going to be a surprise to Fran at this year's waddle.  But Fran passed away in April so she will only be seeing this from above, and I know she is smiling down upon us with each and every basset that GABR brings into rescue. 

Everyone attending was asked to bring an item to be used in the Silent Auction at this year's Waddle. 

Adoptable Bassets 

Lounging People and Lounging Bassets 

This lady adopted Walker T one of my transports.  You could tell they were made for each other.

This is Ridgeley going to his new fur-ever home.  He was a transport I did in early June. 

It was a great day for everyone including the hounds.  I do believe that there were 5-6 bassets that were adopted that day.


GABR Transport - Wills and Kate (6/24/2011)

Things have been so busy here in the Hound household at least for Mom anyway.  She is working on getting caught up on some much needed posts and hopefully getting around to visiting some blogs this weekend. 

Her latest journey took her on a transport with Wills and Kate a brother/sister pair that were two years old.  Wills was very skinny and had lots of various worms, but not Heartworm, thankgoodness.  This journey also brought us to the picture that we posted this past Wednesday for "Wordless Wednesday".



Kate very excited to be out of the kennel.  We had stopped for a potty break and I allowed them outside of the kennels for the last 10 minutes of the ride to Dwight.

I think I smell another hounddog here

Wills very excited to be free of the kennel

Checking out the view

Kate looking forwad to her new life

Here we are at the Dwight Vet Clinic in Dwight.  This was a drop off point for them until their foster mom could get them picked up.

Kate the more red basset and Wills the more liver colored basset.
They were definately a bonded brother/sister pair.  Wills would lay in the back and clean Kate's face.  So sweet and loving.

Wills and Kate we wish you all the best in finding a fur-ever home real soon.

In dropping off Wills and Kate I noticed something new to the Dwight Veterinary Clinic wall.  A painted basset hound statue.  Know I have been up to the Clinic several times over the last few months and have never noticed it before, so I assume it is a pretty new addition.  I don't have much detail about it, but assume it must be something that was done for the Illinois Basset Waddle last year.  I will be asking some questions to find out how you can acquire one of these lovely statues.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs and HoundDogMom
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