Monday, December 6, 2010

Blueberry's Christmas Auction - Ends in 6 Days

Last Week to Bid at Blueberry's Christmas Auction

We just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that Blueberry's Christmas Auction ends on December 12th.  We have had Mom out there bidding on several different items.  We currently have a few items still in our name, so maybe we are going to get some great stuff.  Of course, we always challenge you to out bid your blogging buddies.  It creates lots of fun and lots of green bucks for Blueberry's cause.

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  1. We continue to be amazed by all the cool stuff that keeps getting added to the auction!


  2. Its such a great cause we can all get together and help sweet blueberry out! thanks for spreading the word!

  3. We'll head over the next payday!


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