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We Need Your Votes - MM2012 - Cracker Critters

As most everyone is aware that the Mango Minster 2012 is going on. Voting has been going on all week long with the various different categories so we hope you have been voting for everyone.

With today being the start for the voting for the Cracker Critters category and our Mom took the liberty to enter us in this category. So if you get a chance head on over to to the Mango Minster 2012 official blog and see all the entries for Cracker Critters.

To vote all you have to do is leave a comment on who you think is the most Cracker Critter(s). Voting is open until Friday (2-17) at 5:00pm EST. We would appreciate any support you would like to give to three Cracker Critter HoundDogs.

The HoundDogs

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Pillars of Strength - A Special Day for K

Pillars of Strength – A Special Day for K

K is a very special chocolate Lab that is a very special fur-baby to KB, a blogger who does amazing work chronicling her life in the Rocky Mountains.  KB posts videos and pictures of bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, elk, etc., etc., and some of the most amazing mountain views we have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  If you have never  found/read her blog, we strongly recommend going – HERE.
We started reading their blog last year and have realized that K is her heart dog, a faithful canine companion on all of her adventures.  Unfortunately, K is facing some very challenging health issues and has her next round of chemotherapy on Friday, February 17.  Any of you who are animal lovers and have faced the same situation know what a difficult time this is for KB.  So a group of us have conspired to be KB's Pillars of Strength as they go through this time, feel free to grab the badge and join the hop.   We all know that the more we have on the Pillar the more Strength we provide.

The reason we have decided to be a Pillar of Strength to K and KB is because we know first-paw what it is like to have a fur-baby be diagnosed with the horrible “C” word.  Our Cleo was diagnosed with cancer on September 1, 2011 and she made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge on September 20, 2011, just 19 days after we had received the devastating news of this horrible disease.  I have lost close friends to cancer, but for some reason her diagnosed hit me like a ton of bricks.  I couldn’t breath, my heart was racing, my knees were weak and I really didn't know how families get through this (human or canine).  So what did I do, I turned to my blog and my blog friends, they were there for me and they knew first hand what I was going through (some may have not have experienced Canine Cancer) but everyone in blogville knows what it is like to receive devastating news of about our fur-babies no matter what we are facing.
This is Cleo our heart dog and the one that showed our hearts to "RESCUE"
I know there are a lot of great success stories on Canine Cancer, unfortunately mine is not one of them.  Cleo's cancer was a very fast growing cancer and once it is found it so far advanced there is not much you can do to help your beloved fur-baby, but hug them tight, snuggle them a little closer and tell them you will do your best to make it alright.  Cleo's cancer diagnosed did open my eyes even wider and I realized how much more we need to do to bring the awareness of CANCER to everyone (human or canine).

We do know that CANCER SUCKS BIG TIME (human/canine alike)


KB and K please know that your blogging friends are here for you and if you ever need anything just give us a wolf.  Because we know how important blogville friends can be in a time like this.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

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How Am I Adjusting - One Month

Bella here,

Finally I have been able to sneak this little bitty blue box into my comfort zone (the bed) and get to tell everyone how I am doing in my new home.

I was officially here one month on February 6th. I have to say me thinks, things are going pretty gosh darn good. My first week was a little rough, all though I love my fur-siblings very much we had a few issues with the kibbles (not me, Winston). See I am a pretty laid back girl and still trying to get the hang of how things work in the hound house. I know that Winston has been here the longest and he still had to be reminded that Mom is at the top of the pecking order. BOL

Since I spent so much time on my own in a back yard with nobody to feed me or love me, I am still trying to figure out this whole "house" routine. I have used my doggie door since the first day I came to my fur-ever home. I have never had an accident which, Mom says that is awesome for being an outside dog for 2 years. I don't sleep in a crate anymore, but sleep on a baby bed mattress with a soft doggie cushion on top of it with a nice fleece blanket, next to my momma's side of the bed. I sleep all night long and get up at about 5:00am when Mom gets up. Amiee plays major bitie face with me first thing, she so happy in the mornings and loves to get the day started and I just go along with it. We then gets to go outside to potty and do our business, and when we come back inside Mom has our breakfast all fixed up for us so we can eat and get ready to take our morning nap after Mom goes to work. As soon as Mom leaves we open the bedroom door and run in there and crawl back in bed with Dad for a few more hours of snuggles.

Mom says that each new day brings me a little bit more out of my shell. She has found that I love socks and anything that can come out of the clothes basket (clean or dirty). They will usually make their way out the doggie door or to a very special place on the bed. I like to gather all my things throughout the day and keep them safe with me. I have gained 2 pounds in the month that I have been here. My vetman says that Mom has to be the only one that can get a dog to gain weight on LIGHT dog food. BOL I love to play and lounge outside on our doggie beds with my fur-siblings. We run and play and snuggle together at night after we complete the Basset 500.

Mom and Dad have found that my least favorite time of the day is early evening hours when the sun is setting and it is beginning to get dark outside. Darkness seems to be my weakness and scares me the most. Mom has been trying new things to try to help this transition go smoother for me. One thing she found this weekend was if she places my fleece coat on me around 4:00pm, I seem to do a little better with my transition to darkness. So we are trying this out to see if it works, she thinks my fleece coat is acting somewhat like a “Thunder Shirt” and gives me some security. Actually she has named my fleece coat “Bella’s super duper power coat”, she thinks it gives me super powers to overcome my fears. Me thinks she can be a little silly at times, but hey I go along with it to humor her. BOL

Do I look like I have super powers?

Mom has said that she is so glad that I “Bella” decided to adopt them.

Sniffs, Bella

P.S...Mom wants to know if any of my new blog friends can suggest a good place to purchase doggie clothes at. She says I have a few functions coming up and I need some new clothes to wear. Anybody got any good suggestions for online pet clothes?

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Awesome Blog Friends

It just amazes me the friends that I and the hounds have met since we began blogging a few years ago.  We have to admit that we are getting the hang of this blogging and we try our best to post at least a couple of times a week.  We do our best to read all our friends blogs and comment, sometimes we just read and don't comment, then next thing you know we have a comment from that blog, then I feel terrible that I just read and didn't comment, because I just recently found out that blogger can track all your visitors.

We love all our blogging friends but one of our very first blog friends was The Cheesehounds from Louisiana.  They have been in the blogging world for a little while when we began following them.  At the time we began following them it was Droopy and Callie (The Cheesehounds).  Unfortunately Callie has gone to the bridge and is running with Tabby and Cleo having the time of their life and they have since added a few new hounds to the household along with fostering. 

Our friendship has grown over the last year, as Momma Cheesehound was a rock for me when we found out that Cleo had cancer and provided me so much comfort and support through it all.  We had many conversations on FB, email and even broke down and called and talked in person.  It is just so nice to have friends that really fully can understand what it means to own a fur-baby.

We have several different gift exchanges and send stuff back forth for the hounds.  This year we sent them a box of things for Christmas, we were late though.  BOL  Well our humans have such great minds and think a lot alike and the Cheesehounds sent us a gift as well, they were running late.  BOL  (See great minds think alike, always late)
Well a few weeks ago we got this big box delivered to our front door.  Mom seen who it was from and said Oh, you have pressies from The Cheesehounds, but we are really busy this weekend and we don’t’ have time to look into that box yet.  So it sat, and sat and sat, then last week she is like holy crap we forgot to open the box that The Cheesehounds sent us.  And boy did she feel bad once she got inside that box and seen what was in there.  We have told her she should never assume that just because it says The HoundDogs on the address doesn’t mean it is just for the Hounds, there might be something really cool in their for our peep.  So here are a few pictures of our pressies we got from The Cheesehounds.
The big box that was delivered.  It sorta looked like someone was trying to steal our goodies, thankfully everything was in there and nothing was broken

 The goodies in the box
 Yummy Yummy treats, oh yea
 Bella really likes to get mail
Amiee loves the new non-stuffies 

Winston went for the plastic green man.  He feels that he can totally desqueak these types of toys with no problems.  Not this one
Amiee loving her non-stuffie 

Oh, and this is the Ghost of Cleo again.  She was stopping by to see what The Cheesehounds had sent us.  This is really too weird, because these shots have been happening all the time since Cleo passed.  We don't ever remember seeing these in our pictures before Cleo's passing.

And with out further ado......

This is what they sent our Peep......


Is this not the most AWESOME present anyone could receive.  I just sat and hugged and cried when I opened up this present.  We are know searching for the best place in the house to display our Miss Cleo.

It is the most beautiful picture of Cleo that has been carved/itched into wood.  The Cheesehounds next door neighbor guy has a wood carving machine and their Momma asked him if he could to a carving of Cleo.  It is amazing and looks just like her and it is something I will treasure forever and ever.  From what Momma Cheesehound has told me her wonderful husband had one made for her of Callie and she thought I could really use one made of Cleo.  She said she thought we have the only two wood carvings the neighbor guys has ever done.

Just blew me away and can't believe I let this box sit for a week before I opened up.  That will teach me to think that everyone is just for the hounds.

I cannot wait until the day that I get to meet Momma Cheesehound in person, because I am going to hug her like their is no tomorrow.  It just amazes me the friends that I have developed and meet through blogging.  It is so awesome.

Thanks for the bottom of my heart

HoundDogMom and The HoundDogs

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Wordless Wednesday - 2/1/2012

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Note:  Yesterday in Bloomington, Illinois it was 63 degrees on the last day of January
Not something we are use to seeing in January in Illinois

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