Monday, December 13, 2010

What Happened This Past Weekend

We had 40 degree temps on Saturday with Rain all day.  Our snow went to a wicked mess in a matter of hours.

Then the temps began to drop and the freezing rain came

It wasn't long that the sleet changed to snow and we received about 1 inch on Saturday evening.

Sunday brought in winds of 30-40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.  During all this WIND we received about another 2 inches of SNOW which blew every which way and kept us SNOW bound all day.

This is a picture out our side window.  The road is like 500 feet from our house but you could not see it all on Sunday, due to the SNOW and WIND blowing every which way.

Sunday afternoon brought FRIDGED COLD and dipped below ZERO with -20 WIND CHILLS.

So what do you do with three hounds that are SNOW bound all weekend.

We finished our Christmas Cards because we have such a slacker human, that had no idea we had so many blogging pals to mail our cards to.

Winston assisted with addressing them.

Cleo sealed them with a little drool.

Amiee told Winston he did a great job of getting them Cards addressed, it would have been next Christmas if we waited on the human to handle this stuff.

Since we knew the FRIDGED COLD was coming HDM thought maybe just maybe someone would want to wear the nice fleece basset sweater outside.  So we did a little pre-modeling to see who it would fit and who would be brave to wear it outside.

Amiee was our first model, it fit pretty good.  But when it was placed on her she froze like a statue.

We coaxed her to take a few steps with a treat, but it was not her thing at all.

She walked up her ramp and hid her head in the couch, please take this off me SOMEBODY

Winston didn't like it all!  Must have not been manly enough for him.

Cleo actually loved it but with her unique roundness for a hound it was very snug.

So as you can tell we are looking for a new home for this nice fleece coat with bassets on it.  Do any of our blogging pals have a nice petite basset that would like a coat.  Heck even if you aren't a basset and you think it will fit and you don't mind a basset riding on your back then, let us know.  We would be more than happy to ship it your way.

What fun things did you do this weekend?

Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. I live in Belvidere IL and we got snow too. It is getting pretty cold too, I have to make it quick outside Ha!


  2. What good helpers!
    Wow that is a ton of snow!!!

  3. Oooooo... those pictures of the snow make me very cold. I hope you are all wearing boots.... brrrrrrrrrr...

    pawhugs, Max

  4. you won my giveaway!!! I am so excited for all the sweet hounds to try these treats!!
    email me your address at

  5. Winter has started way too early this year. I like seeing what everyone else is doing inside because these temperatures are miserable!

  6. I love the pictures of you guys doing the Christmas cards. Thank god we didn't get the snow you did however we didn't get our Christmas cards done either!

  7. Hey - when it snows, you are just supposed to go outside and refuse to come back in. At least that is what we do.

  8. Well, Saturday we went to the dog bakery in Peoria and had our picture taken with Santa, then toured the lights in East Peoria a little, then spent all day Sunday bundled up in the house! I'm ready for Spring now!


  9. It has been cold and wet here too, but at least no snow. But on Sunday everything was icy! Oh I could have hurt myself! I have been hibernating and working on my mastiff tricks.


  10. We're near Chicago & very thankful we didn't get hit as hard as others got it. Erin & Buck didn't care for it much either, usually they enjoy staying out in the snow but on Sunday they were in & out in record time.


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