Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless "Birthday" Wednesday


Sniffs, The HoundDogs and Mom

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Monday, January 28, 2013

GABR Transport - Bruce (1/26/2013)

Well this past Saturday (1/26) brought us to doing another transport for GABR.  We had a 1-1/2 year old male basset, Bruce, coming into rescue as an owner surrender.

Actually, lets back up a few weeks ago when I seen an ad in our work paper for a someone that was trying to place a basset hound that she could no longer keep.  I contacted her and let her know that if she could not find him a home to please contact our rescue GABR.  As I am sure they could bring him into rescue and find a wonderful home for him.  Well she had no luck placing him herself so a week ago she contacted GABR and I had the honor of meeting them and bringing him into the rescue.  So this one was pretty special to us, not that they are not special to us.

The owner had just moved up here from Florida and has been living with her sister.  Her sister would not allow Bruce in the house very much and this was very upsetting to the owner, but she was not financially prepared to be on her own in a own place right know.  She did not feel it was fair to Bruce to have to live in this situation, so she surrendered him to find him a new loving forever family.

We picked Bruce up in Bloomington and drove him to Joliet, IL to meet his next leg of his trip as he was making his way to his new foster family.  He will be evaluated by his foster family, get his tutoring done and then be ready to find his forever home.

 I was a little sad at first, but everything got better

 I got some sleeping in on my ride

I also got lots of kisses and snuggles on my ride

Basset Frog legs

Bruce, we wish you nothing but the best and you will soon have a family that will love you, kiss you and snuggle you.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs and Mom

P.S.....This is our 400th post

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

GABR Transports (Gus and Jasmine) - 1/11/2013

HoundDogMom Here:

On Friday, January 11th, I had the opportunity to do a transport for Guardian Angel Basset Rescue(GABR). For those of you who are new to the blog this is the Basset Rescue that we are involved with and also where our Bella was adopted from. They are based out of Dwight, IL and all have dogs in foster homes in Illinois, Indiana. They mainly take in dogs in these states but have gone outside of these states as well. As our Bella came all the way from Kentucky, so they are not afraid to do some traveling to rescue a basset in need. We transport for them from several times through the year. If you ever want more information on them, just drop me a note.

So on this transport we had two wonderful beautiful bassets making their journey's (Gus and Jasmine)

Yep, they say we are hitching a ride together

First we will start with Jasmine. Jasmine is a 9 year old very petite basset girl (I think maybe she has some dachshund). She weighs in a 30 pounds and was traveling north to her new forever home. She has found her forever family and they were signing adoption papers for that day. We just happen to be covering one leg of her transport.

 Dreaming of her new home

Okay, I am ready to get this transport on the road

 Waiting for her next ride to show up

Second we have Gus a 4 year old red and white basset. Gus is a very big boy and weighs in at 80 pounds and he is solid. Unfortunately, Gus has had a hard time finding the perfect forever home for himself. He was in GABR rescue when he was a puppy and adopted out, returned a few years later to the rescue, adopted out again, and returned this time due to a divorce. So we are really hoping he finds the perfect family that will keep him forever and ever. His previous family took very good care of him as you can tell by his size, they just have fell on hard times. We have no doubts the right family will come along for this very handsome boy.

 Who could refuse those eyes!

 Gus the Bus

We have to show you the picture of the helper that came along with Gus on his first leg of transport.


Snuffles goes on all the transports that his Daddy does for GABR.  He is such a good boy and loves the bassets.  We just love his name.

We have heard that Jasmine is settling in her new home quite well and is loving the grandkids.  Gus has settled in his foster home and is stealing the couch/chair and goes to the dog park several times. 

HoundDogMom and The HoundDogs

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless "Extra Warm" Wednesday

(It was 50 degrees today in Illinois)

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bella's 1st Gotcha Day and 3rd B-Day

Happy 1st Gotcha Day and 3rd B-Day

Bella in her dress she wore to the Basset Ball and her Queen Crown from the Waddle

 Bella in her dress and Birthday Party Hat

Okay, I can sit for this one 

 Bella being Bella in her B-Day Hat

Since we don't really know when Bella's Birthday is we are celebrating both her birthday and her gotcha day on the same day.  You can read Bella's Success Story below that was submitted to GABR the Basset Rescue where she came from.  We can't LOVE you enough Bella and Thank You so much for joining our family.  You have made us whole again.  Mommy, Daddy, Winston and Amiee LOVE you.  (Note from Momma:  Her big celebration will be on Sunday as we have to go out of town for the day and evening, pictures will follow next week)

 Bella’s Success Story

One year ago today, January 5, 2012 we were lucky enough to have Bella select us to be her forever home.

Bella has come a long way since the cold September day when she was rescued by an Angel in Kentucky who contacted GABR.  She was 20 pounds and had severe manage and other health issues and spent 3 months with her wonderful Foster Mom Kateri Burnett.  She nursed her to health along with the wonderful vet clinic in Indiana.  Without her first angel and then her GABR angels joining in we would not have Bella with us today.

We were contacted by Emmy the day before Christmas, 2011 asking us if we would be interested in Bella as they wanted her to go to a special home.  Emmy was aware that we had just lost our beloved Cleo to cancer 2 days after the Waddle in 2011 and wasn’t sure if we were ready to open our hearts again, just yet.  We asked Emmy if we could have till after the 1st of the year to decide and if we could please get some new pictures of Bella since all we had to go by was what was on the End of the Year Newsletter that year.

Well new pictures of Bella arrived and she had blossomed into a beautiful girl, not that she wasn’t beautiful before.  The New Year came and Bella was very much on our minds.  We contacted Emmy and made arrangements to do a meet and greet with Bella and our other bassets, Winston and Amiee.  We drove for 5-1/2 hours to Marion, IN to her Foster Mom’s house.  We talked all the way about her and to the others and would say we are just going to meet her.  Then the next sentence was who drives 5-1/2 hours just to meet a possible new addition and then drive home without them.  Well I can tell you NOT us.

Our meet and greet went wonderful and we were to meet the Vet team that took care of her.  So before we left Terri’s house she asked if we wanted all of Bella’s stuff.  I am thinking we really haven’t made a decision yet, but what the heck, why not.  Meet the Vet team and talked with the Doctor that actually cared for Bella.  Before we left the Vet office we had signed the papers then headed to the local park for some visiting, walking all the bassets together and Terri wanted pictures.  Her town has the most beautiful park and we walked everyone with no problems.

We then loaded Bella in the BUV (Basset Utility Vehicle) and crated as Terri had suggested.  Winston and Amiee are not crated.  Well Bella had figured out that flexible crate and escaped before we left the park and found her spot with the others and curled up for a long ride home.  We never heard a peep out of them the whole trip.  Stopped for a potty break and they went back to sleep tell we got home.

We arrived home and they played for some time.  They all three got along so well and lifted the spirits of Winston and Amiee since we had lost Cleo.  She wasn’t use to being in the house all the time since she lived outdoors for so long.  All noises startled her at first and she spent most time in the bedroom when not playing with the others.   Wouldn’t sit with you and had no reaction to butt rubs and never rolled over on her belly.

I am happy to say that today she weighs 40 pounds, spends all her time with us in the living room when not playing, destroys the bed every day after it is made so she can sleep in it with all the pillows around her.  She sleeps on her back and loves belly rubs.  She has also learned to enjoy butt rubs and makes the goofiest noises when you do it.  She loves to wear her girlie clothes.  She has brought so much joy to our house and watching her emerge from her shell has been an awesome experience.

She was crowned Queen of the 2012 Illinois Bash Waddle so we have been living how to live with royalty and treat her like the Queen we know she is.
We can’t thank Emmy enough for encouraging us to open our hearts again to such a special girl, Bella.  Thank you to all the angels from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue for saving her and healing her to the beautiful basset she was the day we adopted her.  We feel honored to have been selected by GABR and Bella as her special forever home.

Sherri and Wes

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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