Monday, February 22, 2010

Cleo's Gotcha Day


Well four years ago Cleo joined our family.  We adopted Cleo from our local Humane Society in February of 2006.  I began volunteering at our local Humane Society shortly after loosing my first basset hound Precious.  I really thought this would help me deal with her loss and prepare me for what type of dog I wanted to join our family eventually.  After volunteering for about 4 months and seeing so many dogs come in to the shelter, so many I really wanted, but wasn't quite ready to bring one home yet.

Then one day while I was there walking dogs one of the HSCI workers came out of the back area with the sweetest looking basset hound.  She was the shortest, stubbiest, roundest hound I had seen.  I immediately went to the worker and asked about her.  Her name was Cleo and she was in the back area because she had "issues".  The worker told me that they were not sure what was going to happen with Cleo because she had been adopted and then brought back to the shelter three times already.  She had been in and out of the shelter since she was 9 months old.  They informed me a few days later that they were going to have her go to Basset Rescue, but a week later she was back at the shelter.  I was like what the heck happened with Cleo why is she back here and not in Basset Rescue.  They informed me that she had cornered her Basset Rescue Foster Mom into a corner and would not let her out and when the Foster Dad came to assist Cleo bit him.  Basset Rescue immediately sent her back to the shelter with a "NOT ADOPTABLE" label on her.  They then informed me that since this was Cleo's 5th attempt at finding a home and had some serious aggression issues, they felt that the only option for her was to put her to sleep.  I was like a basset with "aggression", oh PLEASE.  If she really did have these issues, heck who could blame her, she never found that right somebody to love her unconditionally.

Well this was a very long process and I had some major talking to do to HSCI so I could make them see that she was "adoptable" she just needs the right home.  It took LOTS of talking, crying and begging to allow them me the opportunity to show her a good life.  Them big tears worked and after signing LOTS of paperwork and agreeing to bring her back if she did bite anyone of us, her fate was not good if this happened.

At the time we brought Cleo home we had Tabby and Elliott (since passed) who were very bounded and Elliott was very protective of his big-sis Tabby.  Also, Elliott was very set in his ways and was going through a serious bought of depression and health issues since we had loss his mate Precious 6 months earlier.  He was not that fond of Cleo joining our family.  And of course, Cleo was producing lots of negative energy and really thought she should be top dog in the house.  NOT!

I will be honest that after a few days of experiencing Cleo's "out of body experiences", I just wasn't sure what I had gotten myself in for, but was determined that she could not go back to the shelter.  It took almost 8 months to get the negative energy out of Cleo, I read so many books and even talked with the Dog Whisper through email.  We began by taking Cleo on at least 3 walks a day, more if we could fit it in.  Walks were  the key to keeping her aggression in check.  Then the day that she got HDD new boot was a good turning point as well.  I sat on the floor with one hand on the boot and she had her mouth on the boot, we were like that for almost 2 hours before she finally walked away.  Seemed like after that day she really was beginning to understand where her place was in the pack.  She would have some situations where Tabby may look at her the wrong way and she would go into attack mode.  Poor Tabby was abused and all she wanted was to just enjoy life (sleep, eat, sleep, eat and walk every know and then) not be backed into a corner with a snippy short round hound.  But that Cleo was very determined on making sure that Tabby knew she was not the pack leader.  I got to the point that I could really read her body language and head off any potential attacks before they actually happened.  She would actually begin to "puff" up like a "puff toad" when she was about ready to strike.  Having Cleo wear a color 100% of the time also helped, because I had something to hold on to.  The real bonding came when we lost Elliott and it was just Tabby and Cleo for sometime.  They just learned how to jell together and we could see so many improvements with her.  But the really best thing was when we brought Winston home to her.  Winston is just such a happy go lucky basset, he made the pack complete.  Cleo soon learned that all three could play and have a great time together.

Cleo it is so hard to believe that it has been 4 years since you found my heart.  I just so wish we could have gotten you when you were a puppy and maybe you would not have had such a hard life to start with.  Even with our ups/downs you have made our life complete and whole and we could not imagine not having you in our life.

Cleo attends the Basset Waddle every year (the same Basset Rescue) that said there was no hope for her.  When I first got involved with GABR I had no idea that this was the rescue that turned Cleo away.  It was at one of their adoption days she attended with me, that they realized exactly who my Cleo was.  They were blown away with what I had done with her and never imagined she would turn out so good.  They immediately asked me to foster for them since I seem to have a the magic touch.  I told them that we really didn't do anything special, just gave her some time, space a chance to be a "dog", and LOTS and LOTS of walks.

I honestly believe that my Precious led me to HSCI and Cleo, because she knew my heart needed mended and Cleo needed some help to find her way as well.  Cleo is  a "Daddy's Girl" but really finds joy with everyone that she meets.  I so wanted a basset named Cleo since I was little and had the book about a Basset named Cleo that was a Movie Star.  My Cleo is this dog to a tee and even had to go find the book on e-bay so I could have it.  I swear she is this dog made over, with all the same actions and basset hound attitude.

Cleo we are so glad that you came into our lives and you have opened our eyes to how much a rescue dog can mean to a family.   It is amazing that one family can make such a different in one dogs life.  We thank HSCI every day for allowing us the opportunity to change Cleo's life around.  She wakes every morning with such a happy bounce and a smile, like she truly knows every day is a treasure.  There is no greater joy then to know that you have truly "RESCUED" a dog from her final days and have had her for 4 years (going on fur-ever), nobody would have ever believed it with "OUR" Cleo.

Love you so much,
HoundDogMom, HoundDogDad, Tabby, Winston and Amiee

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Can I Get Into Today

We got just a little bit of snow, not as much as we wanted and it was very cold outside.  So I decided to stay in and help HDM do a little painting.  As you can see I think my painting experience was very successful.

HDM got me all cleaned up before the paint dried all the way.  I then had to find something else to get into.


Let's see dirty dish water and a whole dish of treats left open.  Watch and take lessons Amiee, I will show you how it is done!

You must stand tall on your back legs, on your tippy toes, stretch the head, grap it with your nose and pull it towards you.

And you receive some very sweet success, tasty treats.

Amiee you want to try.
I don't think my legs and tippy toes are as long as Winston.

Glad I had you Winston my "Buddy" to snatch me a few treats while HDM was busy taking pictures.  These types of things would normally drive her crazy, but anymore she just gets the camera.

We hope to get out and get some new snow pictures today, but again it is chilly here in Illinois.  But so thankful we didn't get 30 inches of snow like they did in Washington, DC.  Us bassets would be in trouble with that much snow.

GABR Transport (2/5/10) - Polly

Well it has proven to be a very busy year for GABR.  I am just one of many volunteers that transport these hounds.  And so far this year I have done four transports.  Know I am not complaining because this is what I signed up for.  It gives me more than enough time to love, snuggle, kiss one more hound.  It just saddens me to see so many bassets (and many other breeds) coming into rescue or shelters.  Some are strays, but the ones that I just can't figure out are 90% of the owner surrenders.  We just don't understand why not everyone loves their fur-babies as much as us.

We would like to introduce you to Polly.  She came into GABR Basset Rescue with two other females that were dropped off in an overnight drop box at a Shelter in Southern, IL.  Obviously, a back yard breeder reducing their stock.  URGH........

Polly seems to be very happy know that she is at GABR.  She was the sweetest and calmest of the bassets that I have transported.

Where did you say I was going?

As you can see she was very interested in where she was going.

Hounddogmom and Polly.  Getting a little bit better with taking pictures of ourselves.

Polly will be available for adoption soon so always checkout the link on the left to Guardian Angel Basset Rescue.  They have lots of young, middle age and some senior bassets.

Missing Basset in WA

If you are ready our blog today and happen to live in the Olympia, WA area.  Please keep a look out for a lost basset "Ranger".  He has been missing for several day and his 2 legged parents are really wanting him home.

Please see the following blog for more details regarding "MISSING BASSET - RANGER".

The Hounddogs

Thursday, February 4, 2010

GABR Transport (1/29/10) - Beau

We would like to introdue Beau to you.  He was the latest transport we did for GABR.  This guy was 10 years old but act like a 2 year old.  He was so funny and absolutely loved making every attempt to drink my Pepsi.  We had to make one stop to let the passenger front seat down so he could move from the back to the front more easily.  See Beau was a well rounded hound and kept getting stuck between the two front seats.

Beau, we are sure that once you have adjusted to your foster home and become available for adoption.  You will find your fur-ever home real soon.  You were truly a joy to transport and living proof that just because you paperwork says 10 years old, doesn't really mean that is your real age.

If you are looking for a young senior basset, check the GABR website and watch for Beau to make his debut.


GABR Transport 1/25/10 - Huey

Just a quick post to let you all know that HDM and HDD did another transport for GABR this past weekend.  The call came in on Thursday that there was a Mass transport coming to Bloomington, with a hounddog on it.  These particular dogs in this Mass transport were coming all the way from Missouri.  They had hand off stops in Quincy, Springfield, Bloomington, with the majority of them going up to the Chicago, IL area to be placed for adoption.  GABR decided that Huey would be a great fit for their rescue and that is where HDM came in.  So Saturday morning they meet the group of people at our local Cracker Barrel and picked up Huey to take him to the clinic that assists GABR with their rescue dogs.

HDM told us that she really felt bad for Huey because he was really in rough shape.  She said he was very very skinny (you could see his ribs and backbone, sunken tummy).  She said he was one of the worst ones they have picked up.  She said she cried when she first seen him because of the way he looked.  Huey is very handsome just very skinny plus Heartworm positive.  Not sure what that is because we take these chewy tablets year round that HDM says keeps us from getting any type of worms.  Because from the sounds of it you don't want worms, especially Heartworms.  We just keep praying and sending lots of hound drool to Huey at the clinic.  Huey will pull through because of his strong will and Dr. L's love for animals.  He will just have a very rough tough going at it the next several months.

Of course, HDM has been working on having the camera attached to her hip so enjoy so pictures of Huey.  Huey won't be available for adoption for some time because of his health issues.  He must get strong, get rid of the worms and get some meat on them bones.  HDM says she is sure she could have taken care of that part, because as you can see from our previous pictures we don't miss to many meals at our house. :)
We send lots of drool and prayers to Huey.

Get well buddy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winston Birthday Bash


Well from what I understand I was the Internet Basset to join the family.  As the three other hounds in the family are rescue fur-babies.  HDM was out their cruising the Internet one day looking at Basset Puppies.  She was doing this from what I understand to try to ease her heart since she had lost her male basset, Elliott, six months prior.  Well my picture popped up and she could not resist those eyes of mine.  I think I was pretty posing like the picture above, just smaller version).  She immediately inquired about me and presented my picture to HDD as, I have found your basset boy.  Well the rest is history after that and the deposit was on its way.  They found out that I was actually a re-post because the family that was to purchase me in Canada backed out at the last minute when I got sick.  I had to get well before I could fly and they were not willing to wait for me.  I had to wait almost 5 weeks before they came to pick me up since they already had plans to go to Texas for a family vacation.  They would pick me up on the way back from there.  I was born in the hills and hallows of Southern Missouri and was the last of my litter to find a home.  But boy let me tell you it was well worth the wait.  I came to my new home and found Cleo my basset sister, who from what I understand could be a little moody.  She was not with me and she loved me fromt he start.  I also had this very tall fur sister that looked a lot like me but much longer legs.  You guessed it, Tabby - the bloodhound.  She was not as fond of me and since I was an ankle bitter when I came home she resorted to the bedroom 24/7.  Amiee joined our family after I had been here for about 18 months.  I have such a special bond with all my fur sisters, but Amiee is probably my best buddy (I did a great job of raising her).  I think I am a very loving basset but Yes I do have my times where they question if I am a Basset.  See I have a bad habit of counter-surfing, clearing a counter of everything is no problem for me.  I have some longer back legs so I do a lot of walking on them, which allows me to reach things in high places.  Oh, butter is my favorite right out of the dish is the best.  I also get to sleep with HDM and HDD every night, my special place is between them with my own pillow.  I am so glad to have found my fur-ever home here in Bloomington, IL.
Here are a few pictures of my special day.  I of course was not fond of dressing up with my birthday hat.  I will get this thing off my head.
Sweet success, sorry they are blurry I was moving a lot so these are actually action shots. :)

These are some of the special birthday treats HDM picked up at the Doggie Cookie Store.  Don't they look yummy.  The large one in the center was for me Birthday Boy, Winston.  I was nice and shared with the other hounds, they got some of the smaller treats but they were all so very yummy.  Thanks Winston for sharing your yummy birthday treats with us as well.

Here are just a few pictures of the new toys that I received for my birthday.  Amiee would steal most of them, so I think she really enjoyed them. 

Here are a few pictures of my hound sisters trying out my Birthday hat.  As you can see they were a little more cooperative than I was with the Birthday hat.

This is me the Birthday Boy with one of my treats.  Yummy Yummy.  Also, check it out, a half way decent picture of me and my hat.  Give me a treat and I will sit for anything. :)

I sure enjoyed my birthday and so glad that HDM and HDD brought me into their lives.  A hound dog could not have it better. :)
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