Saturday, December 11, 2010

We Won Our First Giveway

Last month HDM entered us in our first giveway over at Bocci's Beefs.  This was the first of many giveways offered by them for a Hertz toy.

This is a picture of the toy were wishing and wishing we were going to win.  It is a Dura Play Ball, size medium.

Well our wishes came true and we WON that wonderful Dura Play ball that was donated by Hertz for the Bocci's Beefs giveway.

Cleo the first to get a picture opening it before I took the below video of her.

We did capture a great video of Cleo trying to open the package.  She was pretty amazed at when she would step on the box it would squeek and then she would attack the box again.  She did end up needing a little help to get it started.  Them Fed-Ex boxes have sticky glue on the ends.


We did capture some pictures of the three of them taking turns with it.  This seems to be a very favorite toy for all three of them.  I do know these are very durable and squishy compared to all the other cheap toys our Mom purchases for us.  Winston was pretty discouraged when he could not destroy it in 5 minutes.  We think some more Hertz toys will be on our Christmas list for sure.  Sorry they are tad blurry because they are action shots.

 Winston doing his best to chew the little nubby ends off.

Amiee taking her turn.

 Amiee being a little stingy with the new toy.  Look at the eyes, I dare you to take this away from me.

Cleo finally getting her chance to destroy it.

After several hours of play time this is the new toy.  No holes, no squeaky removed, just covered in drool.

Again, thanks to Bucci's Beefs for having this great giveway and thanks to Hertz for allowing them to be able to offer it to their blogging pals.  We look forward to getting many more Hertz toys in the future.  Well worth spending a few extra dollars on I can truly see.

Cleo, Winston, Amiee and HoundDogMom


  1. Congratulations on winning! That toy looks like something Morgan might like. She is sure tough on our toys!

    Stay warm and safe with all the snow we're supposed to get!


  2. Great video!!! A box that squeaks how cool - loved that determination.
    Congratulations on your win.
    Looks like a fun toy.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. Blurry photos mean super funballs, right? That box, though. Man, it looks like a ton of work to get open. Were they packing it to survive a trip to outer space or something?


  4. Don't you love when the packaging is more entertaining to them than the toy?

  5. Looks like so oooooo much fun!
    I will respond to you on fbook today :) I was away from all computer technology all weekend, it was sort of nice :)
    I love the movie!!

  6. Oh, what great pictures! Parental Unit and I are so glad you won!
    We hope you get tons of enjoyment from that Hartz ball-they are sooooo cool!


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