Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all our blog friends a Happy Thanksgiving.  Just remember don't gobble till you waddle.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Working Our Way Back

Hello Friends,

We are slowly working our way back into the blogging world again.  We took an extensive break while the humans handled some grown up things.  We all survived that crises, thank goodness.  Then just as things were going well we lost Amiee very suddenly on 10/29/2014.  That was a real shocker and we are still working through our grief with that.  But when we lost Amiee realized just how much we missed all our blogging friend support.  We visit some people on that thing called FB but that is mostly a Mom thing and not a HoundDog thing.  We told her this is where we the HoundDogs need to be hanging.

We were able to get back into the grove of things just in time to get included in the "big" Christmas Card Exchange.  We opted out of the Christmas Gift Exchange as life still is very busy and hectic for the human typist.  If only the paws would cooperate we could operate this blog all by ourselves.  BOL.  We are super looking forward the Card Exchange as that is always a hugh hit at our house becuase we get a zillion more then the humans.

We thought maybe you would like a brief update on each one of us in case you are coming over for the first time or coming back after us being gone for so long.

Winston is still one of best loving basset around.  He has been having a rough time since we lost Amiee a few weeks ago and seems to be depressed at times.  He looks for her and whines for her.  Today he appears to have an upset tummy as he didn't eat breakfast and it has been making some pretty weird noises today.  Mom gets so worried and says, if he doesn't eat tonight a trip to the vet for a check up.  Can't take no chances right know.

I Bella am one happy hound.  I miss my basset friend Amiee but Mommy says she is spending some time with Cleo and Tabby and we will see her again in another time.  I love my brother Winston and I can be anoy him pretty good right know.  My sister Rosie is just a hard headed hound prefers to be alone or sit in the chair with Mom.  Such a sad situation since our human Dad is the most loving Dad.  But someone did something bad to her and she still has trust issues.  Any way back to me, did I say I wa a happy hound, or yea I did.  We all went to the waddle this past September and had a great time.  I was even a good girl and got along with everyone.  I went to a Halloween costume contest in October for a local rescue, only tried to eat one little snarky dog.  I won first prize though as I went as a Southern Belle.  I will be going to see Santa this Saturday and have the most beautiful Christmas dress and hat to wear.  I will be sure to post all about that day.

Rosie, well as I mentioned earlier she is just her own kinda of hound in her own little world.  She loves our Mom and she loves us, just a little nervious when it comes to Dad, silly girl.  She needs to learn to let go of the past.  We love her and she can be a little silly, she loves treats belly rubs, being brushed and going to the dog wash.  See I told she was a little different.  But we will keep her.

Any way, we have lots of updates to do and one thing that will need updated is the blog header.  We will have to be getting with Zoolatary for a new design once we have some more pennies in the penny jar.

We will chat later and I get the human on to checking out blogs.

Sniffs and Licks
Bella and Winston, Rosie

Friday, October 31, 2014

Amiee - ATB (10/29/2014)

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I know we have not blogged much, we have had a lot going on in our lives (personnel family issues) and Mom taking on more things with the basset rescue.  Then that stupid Facebutt came along and we just slowly faded away.

We have checked in from time to time on our blog friends as we have lost so many fur-friends.  Unfortunately, I am here today to say that we lost Amiee Wednesday evening (10/29/2014).

Was not eating well and lost some weight but was very active.  Actually all weekend long she was outside enjoying the nice weather and yapping up a storm.  We took her in Monday after her blood results from Friday showed high Calcium (off the charts calcium).  She received fluids and all test were run x-rays, ultrasounds, etc.  No signs of cancer but she was not getting better.  They suspected ParaThyroid (very rare), which is a nodal that sits on the parthyroid (near the thyroid). The ultra sound my vet took showed nothing so we transferred her to the U of I Animal Hospital in Champaign, IL on Wednesday morning.  She was a very sick little girl at this point.  Unfortunately, the blood test to confirm this was taking forever and her little body was exhausted at this point.

They called us around 8:00pm and said she was having trouble breathing and would call us back.  They called us back around 8:30 and said she was getting no better, so we headed that way.  We had an hour drive and unfortunately she passed away 10 minutes before we got back to her.  We were allowed to see her and say our good byes, but damn this was just sucked the wind right out from us.

Run Free my Sweet Baby Girl, you were the most sweetest, loving, girl we could have ever asked for.  Winston, Bella, Rosie are missing you and Daddy is really having a heard time.  Somebody else needed you more then us, the thing is they failed to ask us because it just wasn't true.....We needed you pretty DAMN bad and you were just two young and had so much more love to give.

Amiee Jeakins - 9/26/2008 - 10/29/2014

HoundDogMom, Winston, Bella and Rosie

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Merry Christmas from the Hound House to Your House!

Sniffs, The HoundDogs
Winston, Amiee, Bella and Rosie

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Ready

Hello Friends,

We haven’t been around much this year due to the human side of the family having some issues they had been dealing with.  We are all fine and dandy, and yes Rosie is still living with us.  Even though she still has trust issues with the human Dad.  She loves the human brother but barks at the human Dad, go figure.  Here are some winter pictures when we got a little snow last week.

I think I forgot my winter jacket.  burrrr

Rosie brings in snowballs attached to her fur

Hurry Up human brother we need our paths

Rosie and Bella they have become very good friends

We are just so super excited that we decided to stay in the Christmas Card exchange this year.  It has brought much joy to this house again, we don’t have them up on display but as of today, the humans are way way behind.  But we have been reading each and everyone.

We have had the tree up for several weeks and Rosie has not seemed that interested in getting to know it better.  We shall see what happens Christmas morning when it comes times for presents, we hope she will be brave enough to join the family in the living room for her gifts.  Our stockings are waiting to be stuffed and cookies are made for Santa Paws.

Our newest addition this year a lighted basset hound.

We received our Gift Exchange present last week in the mail from the Chloe and LadyBug.  Mom says we will get to open that Christmas Eve to get us ready for the big day.  Mom assured us she got our gift off in the mail (a little late) since we had some sort of bug that flu in her and give everyone the sniffles and then some.  We just hope they get it in time for Christmas.  

Well we wanted to stop in and let everyone know that we having been receiving and enjoying the Christmas Cards and can’t wait to see what is in that box we got the other day.

We will be back to report on what is in that box above.

The HoundDogs (Wiinston, Amiee, Bella and Amiee)

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