Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amiee has a Seal Neck

Amiee here,

This is my silly picture for the day.  HDM thinks that I am part seal because the way I can bend my neck back.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry but I was standing on my back legs doing my neck stretching exercise.  I will try to hold still the next time so we can get a better picture.


Finally A Walk Outside

Well we finally have gotten some nice (60 degree) sunny weather in Illinois recently. We were successful in getting HDM to take us for a much needed walk after being so trapped this winter. As you can see I (Winston) and Amiee have a new double lead leash we are trying to work with. As you can see have a little work to do when we come a tree. Amiee never wants to go the same was as I do, she is slowly learning that if you don't want to be dragged you must go my way and keep up. Unfortunately, the camera batteries went dead so Tabby did not get any pictures of her on her walk. We have a small pond to walk around, but that is about it. We don't have sidewalks near our house and the street is way to busy for us. Also, HDM likes to keep us away from the roads as much as possible, just in case we should sneak out of the pen and take ourselves for a walk. We usually take the same path we always go on so she can easily find us.  As you can see Cleo is always bringing up the rear, walking like a snail.  And if she sees a puddle she heads for it to cool her feet.  We just wish we had lots of nice woods and stuff to sniff rabbits like our basset friends Martha and Bailey from Scotland. They have some beautiful pictures on their walks. Well we hope you enjoy our pictures on our walk.

This is what we all look like after we get a nice long walk at night.  This is what HDM really enjoys in the evening.  Peace and Quit. :)

The Hounddogs
Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tabitha (Tabby) - Gotcha Day


Tabitha (Tabby) joined our family on March 19, 1999. It is so hard to believe that Tabby has been in our family for 11 years. We found her listed in our local newspaper as “FREE – 10 month old bloodhound”. HDD had really wanted a bloodhound after our friends had one. The only problem was that we were at least 30 miles away from home that day and then Tabby was located another 20-25 miles south of our hometown. When we called they said they had 2-3 people coming to look at her and one was a rescue. It was a first come first serve basis on her. Whoever got there first could have her, pretty sad that they didn’t put anymore thought into finding her a good home than that. We immediately left Flannigan, where we were at, and headed back to Bloomington. Once we got to Bloomington, we called again and they said she was still there, so we headed South in hopes we would get there in time. Once we got to McLean, IL we called again, she was still there so we got directions to their house. We arrived at a big old farmhouse, definitely the perfect place for Tabby, they had male hunting dogs and he refused to have them fixed and the Mom refused to get Tabby spayed. So Tabby had to go, sad. The lady yelled for Tabby and next thing you know around the corner this “HUGE” red, floppy ear, long legged overgrown “basset??” comes. Nope it was a full blooded red-bone bloodhound. She comes a running and the first thing she does it pounce us like she has known us forever and then jumps in the truck. We knew right and then she was going home with us. We were Tabby’s 5th home in her short 10 months, but she has not left our side for one minute for the last 11 years. She has seen two of her best friends bassets – Precious and Elliott cross to the Rainbow Bridge. She has lived through the attitude of Miss Cleo, the ankle biting Winston, and then the in your face Amiee.

We did find that when we brought Tabby home she would not come back into the house for us. We then found that she had what is called “Threshold Shyness”. The vet thought that she was probably punished if she went somewhere she wasn’t suppose to she had no idea she could come and go as she pleased. It took 24 hours for her to back into the house from the backyard, another 24 hours for her to come from the kitchen to the living room. When I came home on Monday she had found her way to the queen size bed and has never looked back. She is very protective of her yard and house, but is the sweetest love bug when outside of her comfort zone. She loves to go for walks and sit on the picnic table in the sun.

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Tabby our lives would not be complete without our “OVERGROWN – BASSET”. We love you so much and treasure everyday that we have had with you and look so forward to many more years with you.

Love your
Mommy, Daddy, Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Memory of Wally Dog - 3/3/2010

This has been one of my hardest posts to write.  I actually have been working on it for over a week, just trying to get it perfect for the most perfect fur-kid. 

March 3, 2010

My BFF (Amy) called me last night (3/4) to let me know that her Wally was set free of pain and discomfort yesterday afternoon (3/3). She had to help her Wally Dog cross to the Rainbow Bridge.

Amy found Wally has a stray and took him in made him part of her family 13 years ago.  She loved him with all her heart.  When Wally was 11 he was diagnosed with a bad case of hip dysplasia, but Amy was determined Wally could overcome it. She enrolled him in some Eastern style treatments and was doing amazing that he could get up on his own walk around the yard and even enjoy some swimming.   She truly gave Wally a new lease on life and was able to enjoy him for another 2 years.  Amy was so dedicated to making sure Wally had the best care anyone could wish for. He was such a trooper and loved his Mommy with all his heart.

It was such an honor to have the privilege to meet Wally 4 years ago after finding my BFF, through lots of dog stories and drama. Wally leaves a huge empty space not only in Amy’s heart, but her husbands, Minnie (her fur-sister) and especially mine.  I am sure Amy’s house is a little more quite since she has experienced two losses in less than a year.  Wally's heart was so big and he never met a stranger he didn't like.  When I would go to Amy's house Minnie would be running circles around you, jumping like a wild child.  But then you would look out of the corner of your eye and there is Wally just standing their so patient with his toy in his mouth.

Here are some pictures of Wally Dog and as you can see he could melt anyone's heart.  If you are wondering what Wally always seemed to be so focused on in every picture.  It is Mommy, Wally never ever lost sight of his Mommy at anytime.
Amy I am so sorry for your loss and my heart has been heavy for you.  You know I am here for you and always remember.  We must let our fur-babies go at some point but, we must also let them go with dignity and I believe you allowed Wally that today.  I am sure Wally is running with Reba, Little White Dog, Precious and Elliott.  Also swimming life vest free and jumping off the docks.  The night sky will be a little brighter now with a shining star like, Wally.

March 3, 2010

God Bless You,
Your BFF (HDM), HDD, Tabby, Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GABR Transport - Huey 1/25/2010 - UPDATE

Also while transporting Hazel yesterday I got an update on my Transport Huey.  Huey was very sick when he came into rescue.  Wheezing, Coughing and HW Positive, very skinny as well.  They worked for weeks to get Huey's wheezing, coughing and gaining some weight.  Well he was finally to the point he could be neutered and begin HW treatment.  He had his first HW treatment and came through with flying colors.

Way to go HUEY!  I knew you could do it.  You to will be well enough to find a fur-ever home to love you like you deserve.


GABR Transport - Hazel 3/2/2010 - UPDATE

Well Hazel was checked out by Dr. L at the cliinc and he says she is not PG just very CHUBBY.  He indicated that she did have a litter of pups recently.  The reason she has probably been so anxious is that she has been looking for them.  But at the same time he said she was obviously starved at one time and then over ate which led to her belly getting so large.  Her belly was very full and so were her intesines.  She was poopy a lot yesterday they said and she seemed to be filling a lot better by late afternoon.

The sad thing is What happened to Hazel's babies?  Since she was found wondering we don't know if she had her litter somewhere and was just out looking for food when someone captured her.  Or if she was a stray and became PG and then lost the puppies.  We have no idea, which is so sad for me to think there maybe have been a litter of babies laying somewhere waiting for their Mommy to come back.  But since Dr. L said that she had appeared to be starve, I am trying to just think she became PG while wondering and miscarried them.  I so PRAY that this is the case.

Anyway Hazel is doing great and once she is spade and settle in at her Foster Home she will soon find the wonderful life she so deserves.

She deserves only the best as all rescue animals do.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

GABR Transport - Hazel 3/2/2010

Let me introduce you to Hazel.

Hazel is my latest transport that I did for GABR on Tuesday 3/2/2010.  She was found wondering the streets of Bloomington, IL in mid February.  The lady that found her had no luck finding the owners and thought she may be with babies.  She surrendered her to a local shelter who then worked with GABR to bring her into Basset Rescue.  She had to wait a few weeks since all the Foster Homes were filled for GABR.  But GABR had 5 bassets hounds have their adoptions finalized over the weekend.  So that freeded up some space for Hazel.  I picked up Hazel and drove her to the Dwight Vet Clinic that takes care of the Bassets for GABR.  She will be fully vetted and find out what is going on with her belly.  We hope to have an update soon on weather she is expecting babies or not.

Some random shots that were taken of Hazel on her road trip today.  Just click on the picture or the link below the picture to see a full view of them.
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Something very funny about Hazel, she howled all the way to me with the wonderful lady from the other Shelter.  So she warned me I may need some ear plugs, but we had a nice little talk about what was going on and where she was going.  And you know what she didn't make a sound the whole trip there.  She just wanted to petted and feel your hand on her all the time or she would get restless.  She finally settled down and got some shut eye before waking herself up from her GASSY smell.  She seemed to have gas really bad, so I thought about changing her name to Miss Tootie.

Regardless of your little Toots, Hazel, you were a joy to transport and we wish you all the best for your health and finding your fur-ever home soon.

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