Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Santa Paws Arrived

Oh, the joys of Christmas in the eyes/paws of 4 hounddogs. Christmas morning is always started with us the Hounddogs seeing what Santa Paws has brought us. Usually Santa Paws is very good to us, even though we don't always have the best year. It is the one day we can really tear up everything and not get in trouble.
Tabby is the more experienced Hound on Christmas morning. She was in the sack of goodies before it was time.
Miss Cleo takes her un-wrapping very seriously. Surely you don't think you are taking these things back.
Winston was more laid back and took his presents to the bedroom or tucked them underneath so nobody could steal them. Okay, so what do I do with this know that I have it. Hey Tabby, do you got some tips for me on how to handle this funning looking wrapped thing? Hey Amiee, let me show you how you do this.
Hey Tabby I think I have got this thing down pat. Thanks for the tips I can know open my presents from Santa Paws. Oh, see my new toy. Thanks Santa Paws.
Okay, this was a little tricky....Everytime I tried to open this thing it would chirp like a bird. Why on earth would HDM get a Hounddog a toy that sounds like a bird?
Winston what did you do with that chirpping thing?
We hope that Santa Paws brought you lots of new toys and stuff.
Tabby, Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. You all looked very professional at opening presents. We dont open presents - Martha is scared - maybe next year!
    We will study this post and learn from you guys - what was the chirping?
    We are glad Santa Paws was good to you - you must all have been very good and on the 'nice' list!
    Martha & bailey xxx

  2. Chirping nose was this crazy bird toy that chirpped like a bird. Lets just say that the bird is dead. Of course, Amiee still tosses it around trying to bring it back to life. Martha, presents are cool. We always have a little doggie treat stuck in with our wrapped presents. Yum Yum....


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