Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HDM's 1st GABR Transport for 2010 - Mandy

Here are a few pictures of the latest transport HDM did for GABR on Wednesday (1-13). HDM got the call from GABR on Tuesday that we had a young basset that needed to come to her foster home. So off HDM went to Danville, IL to pick up a little (approx. 2) year old girl. We have only seen pictures of her since HDM doesn't bring them home to us. She is afraid that once they come in the house they won't leave. But she is always taking lots of pictures of her transports. She picked up Mandy and brought her back to Bloomington to her friend, Foster Dad B. His foster dog Henry was adopted within 2 weeks, so he is ready for another one. We hope Mandy has the same success as Henry did.
Mandy deciding where she wants to ride front or back. She settled on the front seat for the entire trip.
Where did you say we were going?
It is a lovely day for ride and I am going to my new foster home. They will find me a fur-ever home where I will be loved forever. Dreaming of that day!
HDM has said we have a little bit of a trip so I am going to settle in for a little nap. This way I am ready for my new foster dad and 4-legged foster sister. Can you see my little stuffed bunny I am sleeping with. The shelter I was at gave this to me to take with me, that was really nice of them.
Oh, HDM has said we are getting ready to make a stop. Is it my new foster home?
Nope not yet. This was HDD's work place where all transport bassets must stop to visit if he is not along for the trip. I loved this place and was right at home, but it was just a potty stop for me and HDM.
A few pictures that HDD took of HDM with me. She must always have pictures of us.
Mandy, we wish you all the best and know you will find your fur-ever home real soon. You were one of the best riders and loved to give lots of kisses. Such happy girl you are and you will make someone a great fur-kid. You truly fit the nickname I gave you "DANDY" Mandy. :)
The Hounddogs and HDM


  1. We were a bit worried at first Mandy was on the wrong side of the car!
    We thought she was doing Bailey shot at driving.
    She is absolutely adorable and we can't see her waiting long for a forever home.
    We have never really understood how come so many bassets end up having to be rehomed - we just take one look and fall head over heals in love!
    True they are not the easiest breed in the world but boy do they light up your life with laughter!
    Nice to hear the good outcome for Henry and good luck gorgeous little Mandy.

  2. ps we meant to tell you we got help designing our blog - I got myself into a pickle trying to put photos on as a background and Reilly's mum - helped me.
    I was very happy with the outcome as I was only able to use one photo as a background which repeated - Bree is one very clever lady.

  3. OH, MY! I have absolutely now idea what all of your abbreviations mean, but your pups are sure cute. :)

    Thanks for reading.

    Little Green Pastures

  4. Brianna, I will have to make a cheat sheet. HDD (HounddogDad- my husband); HDM (HounddogMom - ME). FDB (Foster Dad Bert). Thanks for checking us out.


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