Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Present for Henry (Transport)

HDM and HDD were suppose to do a basset transport a week ago on a Saturday. But the poor little guy got sick and had to spend a few extra days at the vet. Well HDM got the call on Tuesday that Henry was ready to go to her Foster Home. Well if you know our HDM there was no way a basset was sitting in a vet clinic for the Christmas holiday. Also, the Foster Home just so happen to be a good friend of HDM's. So, I don't have to tell you what she did one afternoon 1 day before Christmas. So, Henry got his Christmas present and was delievered to his new Foster Dad (1st time Foster Dad for GABR). Of course HDM always takes pictures of every single transport she does. So here is Henry on his way to his Foster Dad and Foster fur-sister Blossom. Henry checking out the back seat before taking off from the vet clinic in Dwight. In about 15 minutes Henry decided to join me up front for some nice head pats and ear rubs. As you can see I was very good in the car. Sometimes it was getting really boring and this lady can take pictures and drive at the same time Oh, what did you say......We are almost to my foster dad's home. Lets check things out know that we are getting close. Oh, this place will be just fine......they have bones to chew on, basset friends to play with. Check out my foster sister Blossom. Can you tell how excited she is to have a house guest. Check out Henry on the GABR Website on the link to the left of page. HDM doesn't think I will last long so you better get there quick. Also, there are lots of other bassets that are needing there fur-ever home as well. Check us all out....Make 2010 a great year for basset rescue and us.


  1. Oh Henry looked like Martha! You have been so busy - we didn't realise we have missed so much.
    Over xmas our blog roll just disappeared and we have only just got it all sorted!
    Still that is no excuse - we must do better!!

  2. Glad to see you are back. Yes, HDM has been busy transporting and trying to keep us satisfied by blogging for us.


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