Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Day/Cold Day

Hey HDM, it looks like there is snow outside. Can we please go outside and play.
Snow...Snow...and more Snow....Also very cold but when you are running and playing it keeps you warm. Unless them long ears get wet.
What the heck are those girls doing over there. I don't see anything of interest.
Cleo come help there is something over here.
Game of tag anyone?
Know what the heck did you do that for HDM?
Things look so much better when you are on top of the picnic table. Plus you can eat the snow because it is not "yellow".
Snow Days are very exhausting.......
The Hounddogs,


  1. Wonderful snow pics guys - we know what you mean about the 'yellow snow' - best avoided.
    You looked cosy all snuggled up sleeping after your fun time!
    Can we come over and play?
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Oh, Martha/Bailey we would welcome you to our home. But we hear it is a long trip. :)


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