Friday, January 15, 2010

Trying out Picasa

We thought we would see what we could do with some pictures of ours through Picasa. We were able to crop and auto contrast these all by ourselves. HDM was right though, we can run circles around this computer while it tried to complete all this. Our goal is not eat any more remote controls, shoes, hats, etc, etc, etc.....This way maybe we can help save some money to get us a new computer that has just a little (okay a lot) more memory in it. We think our true colors are more exposed in these pictures. Oh, we also uploaded through Picasa, which took forever and a day on this computer. What do you think?
Posted by Picasa


  1. Those are great pics, we use Picasso a lot - it also brilliant for collages when you have lots of pics - none of which are great - it is amazing how good they look all together.
    You have captured the hound's expressive look which we just love.
    We are sometimes convinced they have been here before!

  2. You take great pics and your stories are great! Thanks for inviting over to your blog. If you ever have a fundraiser where you would like a photographer, please let me know. Renae


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