Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekend Activites

Cleo here,

This weekend was pretty relaxing, we got a few walkies in because it finally cooled down for a few days.  Or at least as HDM says the humidity was not like 150%.  Sunday was an even better day because our human brother came to visit us.  We get so so excited when he stops by to visit.  But this Sunday was a special day because he decided to redo our dogging ramp outside in our back yard.  HDD was working on his truck so he decided to tackle the ramp.  Of course we didn't get a picture before he started, you can probably look back and a find a few in some old blog posts.  Our old ramp was a mess it was falling apart and recently developed a small hole and HDM was so afraid one of us would get our little (big) paws stuck there.  Which could serious hurt our short little legs or get lots of splinters for sure.

I still think we have lots of work to do before we walk on that thing

Let me see if I can understand what is going on here

Oh, I see you need the drill, let me get that for you

 No Winston, I think this is a girl's job

Yikes, needs a little more work

Our human brother, making sure all the measurements are correct

A little saw action is needed to be just right

I wonder if he knows he left this open?


So I will go back the other way

It appears to be pretty steady

Smells like good wood

Come on try to get me off this ramp

We can still dig at the concrete, I see.

Winston giving me a little goose

Almost finished new dog ramp

Must have the sidewalls attached

One more piece to add
Our new dog ramp

The side version of our dog ramp

Thanks Human brother for coming out and making us a new dog ramp.  It is working really good.  I think I will post our random pictures from the weekend k  another blog, this post is pretty long with pictures and I just have such a time with blogger when my post gets really long.

Cleo and I guess (Winston and Amiee as well)


  1. That ramp is fantastic. Your brother did a great job. I am glad that you have a nice safe climb up now instead of that scary thing with holes in it.


  2. We popped over today to get 'links' and saw this post for the first time.
    Brilliant ramp! We are well impressed.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx


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