Monday, August 16, 2010

Amiee - Not a good dog

Amiee here,

I am so in the dog house after this weekend.  As you can see I ate HDM's sunglasses while she was out playing around and not paying attention to me this past weekend.

I must learn to hide the evidence the next time.

Anyone have any ideas on where I should hide the evidence the next time so I don't get busted?  I thought for sure Winston would get blamed but "NO", it was me Amiee.



  1. I usually hide the evidence in my insides but then momma poop detective finds them anyway. Sorry, not much help I suppose.


  2. Maybe you should try wearing them and claiming them as your own? Both of our pooches have eaten our sunglasses. I wonder why they're so delicious...

  3. Perhaps the best tactic is to just chew it past the point of recognition and then stuff it under the couch. By the time they find it, they'll have forgotten what was missing!


  4. Well Amiee, we suggest you admit to nothing and bury the sunglasses!
    How could HDM tell it was you? If she can find the sunglasses she will just think she has lost them.
    Our mum always does that!
    Don't be sad.....
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  5. Hi - just to say the link on our page was directing bloggers to your fundraising post. So hopefully you will meet lots of new friends!

  6. We just each perfect the innocence look. Thus, the remnants are in the middle of the room but we are each just looking innocent and confounding the human into figuring out who did what.


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