Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thanks for the tips - Hiding the Evidence of Destruction

Boy it sure was nice to get all the tips for hiding the evidence of destruction.  There were some pretty great ideas and I will take them all into consideration the next time I decide to be creative.  See I need help because I am still young and I don't know all the trick of the trades and usually get caught red handed with the evidence in my mouth.  Or I am so very proud to show it to Momma and bring it right to her.  Unfortunately, that doesn't earn me any brownie points either.  And Mango, we have poop patrol Daddy that reports everything back to Mom.  She tends to accept things a lot better than him, he has been pretty flipped out by colored objects in the backyard poop.  Mom usually says don't worry about it if it is not moving.  He really wasn't impressed with me stealing his wallet and taken 12 $100 bills out to the backyard either.  I thought, hey at least I didn't eat them just thought I would share with the neighbors.

We are getting lot more walkies in since the weather cooled, but the camera mom has left her camera at home the last few times so no great pictures of our butts this time.  And tonight we are getting to make some homemade treats so maybe we should post that for all our blogging doggies.  They are peanut butter and yummy yummy, we sit by the oven for them to come out.  But Winston sure learned the hard way to pick them up off the floor right away if they fall of the sheet, they are a little warmer than we like.

Well I better go I hear Mom calling from the kitchen.  Treats are on.



  1. Our hu-dad looked at us and put his wallet away. We have stuck to low denomination bills so far, but what a great move.

  2. TWELVE one hundred dollar bills?! Mom says she'll send Dad over to do poop patrol in the yard for you if you want! Seriously, if I snagged that kind of green, I'd head to the dog bakery!


  3. We can come help Bunny's Dad if you want.....!!!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  4. Boy it is so nice to have someone that actually wants to come pick up poop in our yard. HDD will be excited, but I don't think he likes to share his money. :) Our Dad keeps the wallet up at a 6 foot level know. :) Amiee


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