Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eating Habits

We have been reading a lot about how all these fur-kids seem to have an internal clock that goes off at a certain time.  Our internal clock goes off at about 6:00am and 4:45pm everyday.  The mornings are a little calmer for feeding but the evening feeding can get a little crazy.  We start the Basset 500 at around 4:45 just to let HDM know that she might have missed something in her daily routine.  It is not the best quality because HDM has a really hard time trying to catch us in action, but she tries hard and you get the idea of what the Basset 500 is all about.

This use to be Amiee's favorite spot to eat, but I taken over the foot stool.

I prefer the recliner with the foot rest out to hold my bowl.

I get what furniture is left and it appears it is the couch all the time.

What are your favorite eating habits that you have?  Do you get to eat on the furniture like us?

Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. I wonder why dogs' internal clocks need to go off so early? Our Miss M is convinced dinner is around 4:00. So prior to that she starts dancing around, staring at us and stomping her foot. Our pooches eat in their crates, so that Miss M doesn't have the chance to use her "hook for a hand" to grab Mr. B's food.

  2. We loved seeing the video - great action movie!
    We never to get to eat our food on the furniture!
    We have our breakfast biscuits in the garden if it is nice but other than that we eat in the kitchen.
    We will be bringing this matter up with our human slave as you guys looked so cosy - kinda like the humans eating whilst watching tv!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. I am jealous of your lux dining facilities.

    But goodness, such a fuss with the hound dog 500. I just thump my tail on the floor until the house shakes and howl.


  4. We each have a specific spot to eat in and will go to the spot to get dinner. But none of those spots are on the furniture.

  5. Hi puppers! Martha and Bailey said you could use some visitors so here I am to say hello. I get to eat off my special placemat with paw prints on it in the kitchen. I'm pretty sure I should be allowed to have dinner on the couch though.


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