Sunday, August 29, 2010

GABR Transport - (Gunner and Buddy) 8-21-2010

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to go pick-up two 2 year old basset brothers Gunner and Buddy.  If it wasn't for all the hounds that live at the house currently, these two boys would have been keepers for sure.  They were an owner surrender, who had them since they were puppies.  They found out several months ago that their newest baby was allergic to them, so they decided to give them a better life and place them with GABR in hopes they will find a new fur-ever home.  GABR will keep them together since they are very bonded pair for sure.

These boys had never rode in a car without being in a kennel, so we were not sure what we would see out of them.  They were the best gentlemen that we have had in the car for sure.  They laid right down and Buddy would lay his head on Gunner's back so he was close.  We never heard a whimper or a bark out of them for the whole 200 miles that we had them.  We picked them up in Springfield, IL and delivered them to their foster mom in Dwight, IL.  They then had a 2 hour road trip to their new foster home.  The boys had a very long day but were such a delight.  I had my husband top at the rest area just past Bloomington, just so I could get them out and make sure I had two hounds in the back seat.

Here are some pictures of the boys that were taken on their journey with us.

Buddy had the larger stripe between his eyes

Gunner had the smaller strip between his eyes

Bonded Brothers

Buddy waiting for his drink on his rest stop
Hard to tell the difference from the back

HoundDogMom and the boys Gunner and Buddy

We wish Gunner and Buddy all the best and we are sure they will find a fur-ever home real soon.  Watch for them on the GABR website.  If you don't get adopted by the waddle we hope to see you there. 

HoundDogMom and HoundDogDad


  1. They're such a cute pair! I hope they find their new home soon!

  2. They are adorable! I'm sure someone will snap them up quickly.

  3. They certainly look like brothers! Hope they can get new home soon. Found your blog through Blog Hop :)

    Bing&Ben's mum

  4. They are absolutely adorable! What a shame they are looking for a new home!
    If they were in the UK we would have them!!!
    Martha and Bailey xxx


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