Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Weekend Shots

Winston here,

HDM was trying out some new things with her camera.  Trying to learn how to focus better and use those little boxes inside the camera.  So you will see sometimes a blurry shot then a clear shot.  I just wish she would put that thing away.

Blurry vs. Clear

Cleo a heavy thinker

Living on the edge

I don't think this is what I thought it was

You seriously don't believe all those stories about me do you?

See I just chill all the time

This is Amiee chillin

Can you give a little more sad eye, please

Holy Crap, she still has that camera

Check out Cleo's "Love Handles".  Hee Hee

This definately shows her better side 

Okay, one last picture

Hope you enjoyed are random pictures.  We can't say we enjoyed posing for them all, but heck you got to please them Humans sometimes.

Sniff ya later,
Winston & The Girls (Cleo, Amiee)


  1. I did so much enjoy those photos. You are so expressive and excellent models. I am sure the love handles are just a trick of the camera.


  2. @Mango...You are way to nice on knowing it must have been the camera that produced my love handles. :) Cleo

  3. These are great shots - so glad your mom is getting some good pics with her new camera!
    Of course we bassets make for great models!
    We agree with Mango about the love handles Cleo - sometimes at a certain angle Martha has those.......!
    We have missed you!
    We will send an email about the Paw it Forward!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx


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