Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What We Didn't Get To Do This Past Weekend

Well I thought we could update everyone on what we didn't get to do this past weekend.

No Walks
No Sleeping With HDM & HDD
No Special Butt Rubs from HDD
No Camping

HDM and HDD took the new/used camper out this past weekend, without us.  All we have heard is how they bought this camper and we were going to start camping more.  Well we have found out how that whole thing works.  They went camping and left us home with our 2-legged brother, which is not a bad deal.  We still get feed twice a day, if we wake him up in the early morning.  We do get tummy rubs, lots and lots of treats.

Actually the plan was, before everything went haywire a few weeks ago, to allow myself (Cleo) to go camping for the first trip.  But HDM decided that since the three of us (Me, Winston, Amiee) were just getting back into the routine of things and starting to play more and not picking on each other.  She decided it was best to leave us all together instead of pulling me out of the pack.  See sometimes I can be a little moody when I get special one-on-one time with HDM and HDD, when I come back into the pack.  I have improved with this, but sometimes it is just hard to readjust.  Anyway, they went by themselves, HDM also said it was going to be like 90 degrees with 100% muggyness and possible rain 60% of the time.  I think staying home was a pretty good choice.  But here are a few pictures as to where they went on their camping trip.  This is also their wedding anniversary weekend (29), so we thought some alone time for them was okay.

Good Guys Nationals - Indianapolis, IN (June 11-13). 
HDD in the white shirt, and Freind

This is something HDM and HDD have done every year since they have gotten married.  We are so glad we stayed home because it was Hot, Muggy when it was not Rainy.  Plus they don't allow fur-kids into the car show or anything so we would have had to stay in the camper most of the day.  They promise a camping trip in the next week or so with all three of us.  We have to get in practice since the Waddle will be coming up in September and we always camp for that.  This year Winston is going and Mom says he needs to have some of his skills sharpened up on before we attend.

We promise to have a posting of just the new camper that we got.  We have some first shots of when it was brought home of us checking it out, but they are on the old computer and we can't get to them right know.  It is being very hard headed and doesn't seem to want to do what HDM wants.  All she wants is her pictures moved to the new computer.  She will be getting the camera out and getting new pictures uploaded on the new computer for sure know that we just realized she has none to share.

The Hounddogs
Cleo, Winston, Amiee


  1. We are glad the humans had a good time and we are kinda glad you stayed home too.
    We are not so keen on the hot weather - even here in Scotland we are going out later for our walks.
    We have a house on wheels - sometimes there is not a lot of room in it with the two of us but it is fun and you get to go to cool places.
    Not like where the humans went but with beaches and woods - you will love those trips.
    Great pics.
    Martha and Bailey xx

  2. Sometimes staying home is better. Sounds like party central with your two legger once you get him out of bed.



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