Friday, June 25, 2010

Air Conditioning

Oh, and finally we got something to benefit us.  HDM says she bought the air conditioner for us, but I really think it was more for HDD.  I know we are enjoying and getting some great sleep.

Finally we have arrived into the 21st Centry.  Air..................

Of course, Cleo still goes to the "Hot" Kitchen to lay down.  We only get to cool part of the house since we like to have our doggie door opened all day (which is off the kitchen)

Know I and Amiee prefer the nice cool hardwood floors.

Amiee and Winston

Cleo being silly (wanting a tummy rub)

Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. As long as there is one room with the cold box, you should be all set. I agree that the wooden floors are much better than the carpet on these hot days.


  2. We don't mind giving Cleo a tummy rub! You all look super cool with your smart new AC system.
    We only have a fan as there is usually not much call for these things in Scotland although we do have AC in the car.
    We agree the hard floors are better.
    Especially if you have a Martha in the house.........who sometimes forgets where she is supposed to pee.....!
    Enjoy staying cool guys.
    Martha and Bailey xxx


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