Monday, June 28, 2010

GABR Transport - Roscoe 6-18

Oh, then HDM and HDD went in and slipped in a basset transport on a Friday afternoon (6-18-10).  Of couse, she says that it was a perfect day to transport a basset.  It was 5 years ago on 6-18 that she lost her beloved 1st basset Precious.  Her first transport was actually done on Precious' 1st anniversary of her going to the RB, so what better way to honor her by doing another transport. 

Roscoe was at the local Humane Society and they took him to Dr. Lou in Dwight.  He checks all the new bassets in that come to GABR.  We didn't get to meet him but boy did we sure smell him when they got home.

As you can see Roscoe has a little trouble with his right foot/leg.  The local vets said it was nerological, his brain doesn't tell his foot exactly what to do.  HDM said it sure doesn't slow him down any.  We are hoping maybe after Dr. Lou looks at it maybe it is something that could be fixed for him.

They found out that all of Roscoe's excitement in car was because he had to pee.  Once we stopped he did his business he layed down and slept the rest of the way.

We wish Roscoe all the best in finding his Fur-ever home, soon!

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  1. Good luck Roscoe. Yuh, I know all about having to go potty and being stuck in the car with "no place to stop." Good for you for being a gentleman about the situation.



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