Monday, June 28, 2010

Lounging Outside Day - Finally

Finally a day that it didn't rain and wasn't 100 degrees outside.  We enjoyed a nice day this Friday just lounging and hanging outside.  You must pardon on concrete pad, haven't had a chance to fix it yet because of all the rain.  It just seems to be washing away.

Cleo being semi-photogenic.

Checking yard for snakes and toads.

Can we not do anything without a picture.

I had no idea that Amiee had her tongue sticking out at me.

Please stop taking pictures of me just doing nothing.

Let me know if you need some help out there, otherwise I am not moving.

This was Amiee's trick for the day, even though the doggie door is nothing new she thought it was fun that day.

Out the doogie door

In the doggie door

Out the doggie door

In the doggie door

Are we having fun yet, Mom?
Hope everyone has had a great weekend and we are so looking forward to no rain and 75 degree weather during the day this week.

Sniffers, The Hounddogs


  1. I think Amiee is just enjoying the pleasure of being able to go in and out without being baked alive or soaked.


  2. Nice to see somedoggie is getting some nice weather! We love all your pictures especially the one with Aimee sticking her tongue out!

    Lots of slobber,
    Droopy and Callie

  3. Hey HoundDog Momma and hound dog group!! Since you want to pawticipate in Paw It Forward please send us a pee-mail so we can get the ball rolling! Momma's pee-mail is

    sniff ya later
    Droopy and Callie


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