Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tabby - At the Rainbow Bridge

In Memory of Tabitha (Tabby)
1999 – 2010

My Dearest Tabby,

You came in to our lives when you were 10 months old in 1999 after being abused and passed to 4 different homes in your puppy year. We found you “FREE” in the paper and called immediately then drove almost 60 miles to be the first ones there to claim you. We brought you home to Precious and Elliot (who have since passed), you walked through the house out the back door and it took the next 48 hours to convenience you it was safe to come back inside. We had no idea that you suffered from threshold shyness. But after 48 hours of being told, the house is yours go wherever you want, you finally tried it and never looked back. You were so well behaved and loving and just want the love returned, which I hope we accomplished in the 11 years that we had you in our lives.

You suffered the loss of Precious, had to endure having Miss “Attitude” Cleo brought into your life. You then suffered the loss of your mate Elliott and finally developed a bond with Cleo. You then endured the addition of Winston who made every attempt to chew your ankles off at a puppy, but then you too became the best of friends. And then with the addition of Amiee, who kept you on your toes with all her “in your face” barking. You were truly the best big fur-sister they could have asked for.

I will miss your huge bellow of a bark when I came home every night, your sweet tender disposition that you carried with you through the end, our long walks or speed walks when Winston was walking us. We know in our hearts you were greeted with open paws by Precious and Elliott and are running and giving lots of slobber kisses to them for me. We were so blessed to have you “pick” us to be you’re fur-ever family after all you endured as a puppy. For you to trust us and open your heart to us was amazing and we will treasure every day that we had you in our lives.

Cleo, Winston and Amiee are doing okay but Winston and Amiee are looking for you. As they sat outside till late in the evening just looking into the stars. I hope you sent them a sign so they know that you are okay and that we will all be together again one day, a day that we all can run free in the flowers and the meadows.

You are gone but never forgotten and will always remain in our hearts forever.

Running Free At the Rainbow Bridge
Tabby - 1999 -2010

Tell we meet again.
Mommy, Daddy, Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. We are truly heart broken to hear that Tabby crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She is running free without pain with her buddies Precious and Elliot.

    Run free Tabby!! Run with Precious and Elliot!

    Sending you lots of love and slobber,
    Droopy and Callie

  2. So sad this morning to see your post title. What a lovely tribute to Tabby.
    Of course we dogs know nothing of all this life and death business.
    What is important is that you shared your home, your lives and your love with Tabby.
    Thank you for taking care of Tabby and sticking with her even when the going got tough.
    Tabby was a lucky dog and we are so glad you drove all those miles to rescue her all those years ago.
    Our mum has tears in her eyes this morning reading your post but we know Tabby is running free with her long ago pals Precious and Elliot.
    We reckon we can see our Harry too!
    Our thoughts are with you all.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. To my precious BFF---
    What a lovely tribute to Hound Dog Tabby. What a big beautiful hound she was! I know I only met here a couple of times but she made a deep impression on me, as you know. Just think of how you saved her life....a life so lost and full of abuse. You went out of your way, took a chance and saved one dog and gave her the most wonderful home ever! If only more people could do the same.... Well, know she is not alone..Elliott, Precious, Miss Reba, Wally and Little Whitle Dog Uncle Schroeder were all there to welcome her. Now they are all angels watching over us! I love you sister. You did right by Tabby. Never forget.

    Love Aunt Amy (and Minnie Moo too!)


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