Friday, June 25, 2010

Mom's New Computer

Mom finally got that new computer she has been wanting.  Of course it is not really new, but slightly used but she is just happy as a peacock.  We no longer here the pounding of that poor little thing they call a "mouse".  Heck I wouldn't work if someone was always jerking and slamming me around.  This wasn't one of her deals from Craigslist but a deal from the ads from her work.  They have a paper that everyone can post items for sale in and the day that her old one quit, someone had this new fancy one in the Alfi for sale at a very good price.  She asked the Human Kid what he thought and he said buy it before I do.  So here it is an HP 500GB hard drive 3meg memory (so it must be pretty smart).  And this awesome 22" widescreen monitor that she can't seem to take herself away from.  The thing is that she reads everyone else's blogs and comments but fails to update ours on a regular basis.  So today and this weekend we have her duct taped to the chair to make sure the blog gets updated.  So look for lots of new "outdated" posts from us.

She said that if you have never been on Craigslist you can get some heck of a deals, but must watch for them scammers.  We don't meet anyone at their house, always in a public place if possible.  HDM's Great Niece told her about this little website and oh my gosh, is she addicted to it.

HoundDogMom and The Hounddogs


  1. Google rocks! For sure!


  2. Congratulations! We hope HDM will be very happy!
    martha and bailey xxx


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