Friday, February 4, 2011

Winston's 4th Bark Day Celebration (1/30/2011)

We had a very low key celebration with Winston with the immediate family.  I made my very first attempt at making pup cakes for him.  The thing is I didn't have have a large muffin tin so I just arranged them in pie pan.  So he sort of had a pup cake pie.

Winston was served breakfast and dinner in the bowl that I won from Blueberry's auction.  It came with a story behind the "red" theme.

 Winston eating birthday breakfast, in the recliner

We waited till around Noon for them to try the famous peanut butter pup cake pie that mom made the day before.  She makes us treats all the time but this was the first attempt at pup cakes minus the muffin tin.

Pup cakes before being frosted

Winston sampled the frosting
 Orange Frosted Pup Cakes

HoundDogMom's creative decorating skills

More frosting sampling.  I guess different color must taste different

Finally, we get to taste these tasty treats.

Winston licked all the frosting off his before running into the other room

 Of course, he runs to the couch

Cleo also licked all the frosting off first

I think Cleo felt that maybe just a little bit to much Peanut Butter.  That stuff is sticky!

Amiee enjoyed the frosting first as well

Yum Yum

We have no pictures of the pressies that he got, because I failed to take pictures.  But overall, I think it was a great day we eat and lounged around and snuggled all day.  The pup cakes were a huge hit and were so easy to make.

Thanks for all the great birthday wishes that you sent my way.

Winston and Mom


  1. Happy Birthday! The pupcakes look amazing. Any leftovers?


  2. Winston
    I'm so glad you had such a wondewful celebwation..youw mom pawson made so many faboolous tweats fow all of you,,WooHooo..
    I am adding to youw many good wishes
    smoochie kisses

  3. We always would volunteer to help lick the frosting.

  4. (from ship)

    did someones say peanutty butters?? hu hu's

    HaPpY birfdays Winston!!!

    Anakin Man

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Winston! My (BRD) birthday was Feb.1st but my folks are postponing any celebration. Maybe I'll get some peanut butter flavored pupcakes like you. That would be yummers!! Hope your day was special.
    BabyRD & Hootie

  6. Happy belated birthday!

    Voted for you and Cleo in the costume contest!

  7. I wish I khould have khool kholoured tongue too!

    Happy Winston Day!!!!



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