Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Arrived at 10:30am In Bloomington, Illinois

They kept telling us it was a coming, and they were so right.  The snow started falling around 10:30am this morning very lightly.  I did coax the three of the bassets to go outside and get their business done.  I told them it wasn't going to get any better.  They did all go outside very quickly.

10:30AM when the snow began falling

Looking out front door

Amiee decided to be brave this morning

 Mom I am all snowy

Cleo being brave as well this morning

Winston so glad he braved the snow/cold to potty

 Snowy Winston

 The picture out the backdoor at 3:00pm today.  No different than this morning

This is what the hounds have been doing all day, not one has been outside since this morning snow started to fall.

Here are a few short videos I recorded this afternoon.

Winston was the only one that has gotten brave enough to go outside this afternoon.

Here is a video out our front door at 3:00pm this afternoon.  That is wind hollering in the background.

We will continue to try to get all three of the bassets outside at the same time, but for now they have developed some very big bladders.

HoundDogMom and The HoundDogs


  1. Stay safe!

    We've been watching The Weather Channel much of the afternoon - and saw it moving to its next targets -

    Please enjoy some of it fur me!


  2. Please be safe. We hear IL is gonna get hit hard!! Love the pics of your hounds sleeping in the chairs.. to cute

  3. Oh goodness, stay inside where it is warm & safe. With the winds blowing that hard, I think the hounds have the right idea; hold it until you HAVE to go :)

    Pauley James & Middy Sue

  4. The latest I heard was that we might get almost two feet now! Gah! I am praying the electricity stays on!

  5. The snow started a couple of hours ago (up here in Chicago), but the wind is the killer. Stay warm and safe.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. The snow is in Belvidere too. Not alot of snow yet but really windy and cold!! Schools and everything are cancelled. Mom works at Michaels and they even closed at 5 pm!! Guess we will all be home tomorrow with the munchkins!!


  7. Oh boy... hope they've been out by now and "...voided???" We hear that you are gonna get hit and hope you stay warm and dry!
    Thinking of all our east-of Miss. River pals
    Sammie, Avalon and Ozzie


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