Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surviving Snowpocalypse 2011 (2/2/2011)

Snowpocalypse 2011
(This appears to be the official name everyone has given this storm)

Just like all our other blogging friends in the MidWest we got SNOW. Not as much as some of our Illinois friends, but once you get more than a couple of inches it just all seems to blend together. In Bloomington, IL we got a reported 13 inches, but with 50mph winds we woke up to about 2 foot drifts in the backyard. Could not open either the front door or the back door and had no idea where the street began and where it ended. We finally got brave after HDD went out and sholved our paths for us. We played outside most of the day, but Mom made us come in and warm our toes up when she seen Cleo standing on 3 legs.

Looking out our backdoor

Looking out our side window from indoors, there is a road out there

This is a picture of the cat shelter for all the outside door cats eat and stay.  They are actually inside that topper and will come out of the small whole.  The other is their platform/cover that they get fed on.

Back yard pictures, and yes Winston has his own fire hydrant.

Amiee wishing Daddy would get busy shoveling.

Looking out front door, could hardly open it for the drift.

Amiee trying to get a little morale support.

I do believe she is having an "Insane Cracker Dog" momment here before the paths got made for them.

Amiee doing a little preliminary plowing


HDD shoveling the ramp to begin the paths

These paths are pretty much identical as what they run in the summer time amazing hey sniff it out

HDD beginning to shovel the paths 

This aeaa out here is pretty much the poop station, so it got dug out right away

Sunshine the outside cat

 HDD walking through the drifts of snow on our road.

Getting ready to dig out the 20inches in my father-in-laws driveway

Stupid driver

We also have a great video of the dogs being all crazy that we will post later.  This one was so long with pictures, we hope we didn't get bored.

The HoundDogs
Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. We've seen it called a lot of things -- Snowmageddon, Blizzardopolis, Snowapalooza and Snowpacolypse! It doesn't matter, it dumped a ton of snow on us and all the names make us giggle. We're glad to see that you are digging out and staying warm! We were glad to take the time to put boots on to go out this morning! I think the cold today is worse than the snow!


  2. I am with Bunny, the cold is definitely worse than the snow!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Hey
    That looks kinda like our snow LOL We got 14 inches. It was fun to play in but now comes the COLD!! I dont like that part!! Keep warm.


  4. I love seeing everyone's photos about just how crazy this was! We had our first day back to school today. The main streets were all basically clear, it's just the parking and covered cars that are a problem. I'm sure the pooches are just loving this.

  5. I wish I khould have been there to help go khrakhker with woo!



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