Friday, November 26, 2010

Pressies for Parents

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day and got lots and lots of Turkey and trimmings to eat.  I am sure we are all exhausted from reading all those great postings for everyone's "Story About Me". 

Today, we are pawticipating in Frankie's event called Pressies for Parents

So here are all things we think our Parents would need, want for Christmas.

  • A new wallet.  His seems to disappear from the little pick pocket we have in the family.  Usually the wallet does not fair well through these events.
  • A new pair of boots, his are falling apart and really don't taste well anymore.
  • A new cap. Again, something keeps happening to these things.

  • A new purse, because it has become the same fate as da wallet.
  • A new pair slippers, the ones from last year are no more.  And we all could use new slippers.

Mom/Dad together

  • A new king size bed because this little old queen one they make us sleep on with them is getting a little tight.

Well we hope you all had a great holiday and we look forward to moving on to next events.  Christmas Pressie Exchange and the Christmas Card Exchange.

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  1. We reckon your parents don't need any pressies at all - they are blessed with you!
    Martha and Bailey xx

  2. Sounds like a great list....

    Have a great day shopping for all that stuff...

  3. Great list, hopefully they will get them for Christmas!! Have fun today!



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