Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Other Fur-Friends

Since a few of our new blogging friends have the other fur-kid kind (cats/kittens).  We (or our human) thought it would be a good idea to show everyone that we love all fur-animals even if they go Meow.  We don't chase them as long as they stay in the front yard and don't jump the fence.  We hope our dog blogging friends won't take offense to these other fur-kids making an appearance on the "dog" blog.

This is just a few of the feline kind that hang with us (outside front yard), last time we counted we had 13 for breakfast and dinner all checking in at different times.

Feeding time with the herd.  HoundDogDad built this shelter so their food stays dry and they can eat without getting in the rain or snow.

This is the newest kitten Sunshine (he still needs to get fixed)

Sunshine posing for a picture

This one is.......let me think......Sissy.  We have several that look exactly a like.

This is the stray that showed up over the summer.  You would have thought this cat lived with us for ever.  Super friendly, loving, talker and won't leave the house.  This is one of the new plastic houses we got for free to help build the cat condos for the winter.  This is Bright Eyes and she has found her spot.

Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. Wow yall are such nice hounds to share with the ktties. Ummm we are not kitty friendly in our yard :) nom-nom.
    We are kitty friendly on the blog though :)
    That is very cool of yall to build the shelter so their food stays dry!! Thats alot of kitties!

  2. Oh we just love kitty cats! Well Martha especially is always trying to make friends with the cat up the road.
    In blogland some of our bestest friends are cats!
    That was very nice of you all to build that shelter and to feed all those kitties - 13 seems rather a lot!!!!
    Sunshine looks nice.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. That was rather nice to build the shelter. Mr. B now wishes he could come live with you; he absolutely loves kittys!


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