Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Park Walk On Friday

We normally just get to walk around our local pond for our walkies.  But last Friday since the weather has been so great here in Illinois HDM decided to take us to the park (not a dog park), just a park with lots of trees, mulch piles, water and good sniffs.

Here is a slide show we put together of us on our park walk.  Note:  HDM tried to do her best with Winston dragging her this way and that way.

Here is a video that I tired to capture of Winston has he got to the top of a mulch/dirt pile.  You have to look really close at the beginning of the video to see him at the top.  My first time adding music and notes so if it doesn't fit, sorry.  I just needed something to cover up the lens cover hitting the camera as I ran to try to capture his experience.

Up and Over Winston

Cleo, Winston and Amiee

Note from HDM:  I have been working this post for days trying to edit the video.  It was my first attempt at music and annotations, hopefully they will get better.


  1. Is that Miller Park you were walking at? We know it's really pretty there, and so is Constitution Trail! Winston, we weren't sure you were going to make it back over that mulch mountain. The video was great!


  2. We loved the slide show, all that sniffing and exploring - the mulch mountain was awesome - way to go Winston.
    Martha would have been right up there with you.
    We didn't get music but then again we are not getting it on our own beach video right now but others have commented on it so perhaps it is our computer!
    Good work mom
    Martha and Bailey xx

  3. What a nice park to be able to walk at...the trees are absolutely gorgeous with all of the fall colors exploding. Enjoy while you can...


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