Monday, November 29, 2010

GABR Double Transport - Foster and Walker T

Well instead of spending my day fighting the crazy crowds on Black Friday, which I have never done.  I took the opportunity to transport not one but two bassets for GABR.  It started out to be just one, then at the last minute a 10 year old needed some help so she came along.

May I present to you Foster and Walker T.

Foster - 2/3 yr Male (Black, White)

I really didn't get much of a story this guy.  He was a cutie, short legged, short body and solid as a tank.  I was informed he was a talker in the car, but as usual this did not prove to be the case.  He rode in the front seat and I petted him for a while and he finally settled in for a nice long nap.  Didn't hear a sound out of him the whole way there, still sleeping when we pulled in the parking lot at the vets.  He reminds me a lot of our Amiee and they almost look like they could have been litter mates or something.

Walker T - 10 yr Female (Red/White)

Her story is sad, that her owner passed away and the son is disabled and unable to care for her.  It would be interesting to know how she got her name though.  She didn't look like a Walker, more like a Princess.  She settled in the backseat and slept all the way there as well.

Heck they both even had baths so you could hardly even smell them in the car.  They were both gems and hopefully soon the will get a great foster home.

GABR currently is looking for foster homes at this time.  They have so many bassets in rescue right know it is hard to believe.  Some of the foster homes have 4-5 bassets in them.  So if you are in the Illinois or Indiana area and want to foster, click on their link on the sidebar and you can find all the necessary forms to complete to become a Foster Home.

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  1. Oh, Foster is such a cutie! Walker is, too. I'm betting she lived with some Chuck Norris fans! ;)

  2. You can tell Walker's personality right with these photos, she looks so shy and dainty. And I love how Foster looks so proud sitting in the car.


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